Casualty: Judgement calls

(Series 41, Ep.4) The word “judge” and variations thereof came up again and again in this episode. People were jumping to conclusions about people and situations, whether good or bad, and the message from old hands like Tess and Charlie was that judging is Not What We’re Here For.

Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren judged that newbie nurse Lloyd was a little bit too cocky and needed taking down a peg or several. A neat way to do this was to leave him to clear up an old man’s horribly abscessed leg. Tess was quite cross about that one when she found out, and Jay got a good telling off. This wasn’t before Lloyd had done a bit of judging himself (of a patient who seemed like a have-a-go-hero, but was actually a sad attention-seeker who’d shot himself with a nail gun – on several occasions), which ended up with him having a pair of scissors held to his neck and Jay having to bail him out.

Dr Zoe Hanna, meanwhile, was looking radiant despite looking like she should have gone to Specsavers – she was wearing nasty specs because she hadn’t had time to put her contact lenses in. It would be natural to assume this was because she’d been out on the lash and had dragged herself into work with a force 9 hangover, but actually she’d been sleeping in the on-call room and got disturbed for an emergency. We really shouldn’t judge Dr Zoe Hanna. The relationship between Zoe and Dr Dylan is coming along nicely. She likes a challenge, and she knows exactly how to play an arrogant and curmudgeonly man – Nick Jordan was excellent training for her in that respect.

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4 responses to “Casualty: Judgement calls

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    I’m annoyed with Casualty. There won’t be any more Lenny/Mads ’cause Mads has left. And Lenny loves her. I give up.
    At least there’s Zoe/Dylan now.

    • pauseliveaction

      Mads has left? Did this happen last week while I wasn’t watching? Do tell.

      • Tabithana

        All very bizarre, it’s like the character never existed especially with the strong attempted rape storyline/love story with Lenny. Apparently the actress who plays Mads will be appearing in a forthcoming ITV production.

      • .::Big.Bang::.

        Sorry for the late reply but yes, she has – tabithana has the details. According to Wiki and Hasina Haque, August 6 was her last day. I love Lenny/Mads as well. Lenny/Scarlet or chick from WR will be extremely stupid. As for Scarlet, her hair is really annoying me – tie it back! God.

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