Burn Notice (3.10): The one with Cagney AND Lacey…

So, the good news is that Fi is staying in Miami. The bad news is that whoever pushed Diego to his death last week now has Michael in his sights. (Not to mention that Operation Unburn Michael is now off the table again.) And with Fi still recovering from that gunshot wound, Michael has to take on one of her jobs – helping a woman being targeted by the insurance scammers who got her husband killed in a five-car pile-up.

In order to carry out the job however, Michael has to recruit his mother to get information out of the County Records Office. Not only is Maddy reluctant to lie to the woman who’s ‘her age, smokes her brand of cigarettes and shops in the same store’, when events require the turning of the screw, the already fractious mother-son relationship is pushed to breaking point.  

Highlights of A Dark Road:

  • Even sedated Fi can pack a punch. And that’s the thanks Michael gets for looking after her and putting her stitches back in…
  • If we weren’t already convinced that our new Big Bad Guy was, as Sam said, ‘a Grade A pyschopath’, firebombing a hotel room as a way to say hello certainly seals the deal.
  • There is a woman immune to Sam’s charms and it’s only Mary Beth Lacey! (Alright, her name’s Tina, but that’s still Tyne Daly on screen with Sharon Gless again. It’s magic to watch.) As Sam says: “She’s my kryptonite.”
  • Watching Maddy conjour up tears to persuade Tina to hand over the information Michael needs.
  • Ooh! Michael’s got his shirt off again. I do like it when he goes undercover as someone from the Deep South…
  • Sam’s understatement regarding Maddy being ‘unclear about the proper handling of intelligence assets’. Maddy and Tina are new best friends – going to the beach together, playing canasta while drinking and smoking of an evening.
  • There’s no point frisking Michael for weapons if you’re going to let him stand next to an acetylene torch afterwards.
  • You can judge Sam’s mood by his drinking. “What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you drink a beer so slowly?” In this case, he wants Michael to leave Diego’s murder well alone.
  • Not a highlight. I’m disappointed in you Burn Notice… The British guy is the psychopath. Really? Sigh. And he has to speak in that weird posh accent that you only hear from Brits in US drama. Double sigh.
  • Fi expressing her thanks to Michael for rescuing her last week. Not that he gets a kiss out of it – too much danger of getting solder on her transmitter…
  • When Tina tells Maddy how lucky she is to have a son who drops by so often, Maddy has an acid retort: “Yes, well he was gone for a couple of decades, he’s still making up for lost time…”
  • As if blackmailing her new friend Tina for for insurance records wasn’t going to be hard enough, Maddy has to sit opposite a woman who’s had her hair cut to match her friend’s…
  • That awful, painful conversation between Maddy and Michael. And Michael making sure Tina doesn’t lose her job by staging a break-in to the County Records Office.
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