Holby City: Standing in awe of Sahira’s balls

(Series 13, Ep.45) The vultures landed in Holby this week, in the form of a team from The Mythical St James’s. They wanted to see what they might be getting, in terms of surgical skills, when Holby’s CT department is shifted over to their Mythical Premises. I actually visualise it like Darkplace Hospital (of Garth Marenghi fame), with lightning flashes overhead and a standard-sized hellmouth beneath.

Not the sort of place Elliot Hope would be happy, and this was confirmed when he heard that they were offering him only one day of operating time a week. “The sheer joy of surgery – that’s what I’ll miss most,” Elliot reflected sadly, as it became clear that the master plan was actually to oust him altogether. It made me wonder why he didn’t cast his CV a little wider in search of a position where his talents would be more appreciated – after all, when his domestic arrangements were last discussed, he was living in his car with his dog, so it’s not like he’s not mobile. 

This (ie realism)  isn’t the point, though. The point is that CT is the heart of Holby, and this battle between Holby City and St James’s is, quite literally, a battle for hearts and minds. Everyone knew who’d come out of it well – Sahira Shah the Registrah. After all, she was Hanssen’s golden girl, and he’d set up the Cardiac Trauma Unit especially to help safeguard her future at Holby. “Unlike myself, who somehow managed to get by on surgical brilliance alone,” muttered Jac, echoing what we’ve been saying for weeks.

Sahira didn’t like everyone thinking it was only favouritism that got her to where she is now, so she decided the best thing was to be not where she is now, and resigned. “I, for one, stand in awe of your balls,” commented Jac, adding, “I’m less impressed with your brains, though.” Ouch! But accurate. And if Sahira thought her gesture would have Hanssen immediately on the phone to St James’s telling them the whole deal was off – well, he didn’t. He just pretended he’d filled her job, and then she unresigned. All a bit wet, really. As is Hanssen, these days, although it pains me to say it.

The episode’s general theme was coming to terms with loss. Specifically, Frieda’s recent loss of her father, which was mirrored by Ric temporarily losing Jess, who’s gone to live in Jamaica, and of course the CT staff losing their department. A rather surreal ending saw most of these people and a couple of patients and relatives out at the front of the hospital watching a lovely display of shooting stars. Via the medium of these glittering heavenly bodies they were each, in their own way, able to say goodbye. It was a bit obvious and mawkish, but quite sweet, too.

Next time: Lulu (what a bitch!) and Frieda compete for theatre time, which hopefully will keep them out of the way of Irish Dr Greg, who is “flirting his way through the female staff.”

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One response to “Holby City: Standing in awe of Sahira’s balls

  1. Nikki

    Meh. Dont know what to say! I’m upset CT is (still apparently) closing. Im VERY happy Jacs job is safe. Jac and Sahira working together is always a good scene, they banter alot, lots of witty lines and glaring looks between them, Im getting to like their friendship more now, seeing Sahira as less of a threat, if you know what I mean. They compliment each other, despite Sahira being as you say, a bit of a wet blanket. Did much enjoy Jacs ordering around of Olli. Shes such a legend.

    I felt really sorry for Frieda here. I sense a favouritism thing happening with Lulu and Michael (who should surely be out celebrating his Plastics victory, no?) and poor Freida getting sidelined, despite being the better doctor. Sacha was all a bit redundant this ep, sadly, cos I think he wouldve added a bit more realism to the play-off Michaels orchestrating between Lul and Frieda. Surely he should be promoting togetherness and unity as a team rather than theyre you’re enemy, go fight them.

    A better episode overall though, I think, in terms of writing and the balance of emotions, the themes emerging, etc.

    And again. We want Mary-Claire back! I’ll say it again, in the vain hope someone will bring her back sooner than November. You could even tweet her saying how much were missing her, if you like PLA! Lol. *hearts her*

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