Waterloo Road moving from Rochdale to Scotland – but how?

Waterloo Road is upping sticks from its current Rochdale home, and relocating to Scotland.  “Viewers will see a ‘dramatic and explosive’ storyline played out on screen in early 2012,” says the Manchester Evening News.  “It will result in a number of current teachers and pupils setting up a new school in Scotland, which will also adopt the Waterloo Road name.”

Relocating a school to a country with a completely different education system? It’s going to take more than an exploding caravan to pull this off. Here are some possible scenarios:

1. England and Wales are engulfed by a tidal wave. Luckily, a plucky young pupil in Waterloo Road’s science lab has worked this out well in advance and has persuaded an initially sceptical senior staff team to hire a string of amphibious vehicles to begin the evacuation to the high-and-dry Highlands of Scotland.

2. The Scottish Education Department are troubled by the news that the pass rates in the Highers have increased once again. “How can we ensure that our pupils don’t over-achieve?” they worry – and then hit on the perfect solution. Import a rubbish secondary school full of no-hopers like Kyle Stack and appallingly bad teachers like Grantly Budgen, and watch those exam results plummet.

3. The previous seven series were just a dream. The new series starts with Jack Rimmer in the shower (a girl can dream), trying to wake himself up from a nightmare in which Izzy Redpath was stabbed and he eventually resigned from his job, to be succeeded by various women who wore boots with skirts. Realising it was all, indeed, a dream, Jack slips into a rather fetching kilt and heads off through the heather for another day in charge of Scotland’s most prestigious and interesting school.

Now I’ve thought of number three, I’m confident that will be the option they go with. Unless you can think of anything else?

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12 responses to “Waterloo Road moving from Rochdale to Scotland – but how?

  1. remotecontrolled

    OK, this is the best I’ve got so far.

    The new head teacher is struggling to supress a new gang culture that is developing between WR and a neighbouring school. He calls Karen Fisher (who is prison for bludgeoning Richard Whitman to death and grand theft caravan) for advice. As her gender separation worked so well they decide segregation is the answer but decide to separate WR from the rest of England (just to be safe).

    Over the next series Tom Clarkson will individually save and sleep with the whole of Rochdale. He then decides he needs a new town and country to tackle and announces he is going to move to Scotland. All of the pupils are distraught and stage a massive protest on the roof. They come to the conclusion that they’ll just have to move the school with him as what would Waterloo Road be without Tom?

    • pauseliveaction

      Brilliant. And very, very plausible.

      • remotecontrolled

        Ooh! I’ve got it! It’s gonna emerge that all of the mysterious staff and pupil disappearances were not infact bad writing but part of a master plan of a yet to be cast Scottish super-head who has been collecting staff and pupils for his own project! A complete replica school that will then attack the Rochdale site and abduct the remaining staff and pupils. Just need to wait for the Doctor to turn up.

    • .::Big.Bang::.

      I love you so much for cheering me up. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Mischa

    Forgive me for reading into the WR script, but wasn’t the twins’ mum due to move to Scotland? It occurred to me when I read the news.

  3. JAL

    This IS a joke?

    • pauseliveaction

      No, it’s true. Waterloo Road really is moving to Scotland. Rose Kelly is looking up haggis recipes as we speak.

  4. Velocity Girl

    Interesting parallels with Grange Hill here. Do your stuff, Wikipedia:

    “Popular rumour suggests Grange Hill was forced to move between real schools so often because fans disrupted filming. In 1985, this problem was resolved when the BBC purchased the former ATV studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. The studios would become known as BBC Elstree Centre and from Series 8, some exterior filming was switched to the closed Elstree set. A 1960s office block, Neptune House, would double as Grange Hill’s “lower school”.

    The change was explained on screen with an elaborate storyline whereby Grange Hill merged with rival schools Brookdale and Rodney Bennett to form a new school, Grange Hill. In Series 8 the merger had taken place and Grange Hill operated as a split-site school; the former Rodney Bennett building (Neptune House) being the lower school and the original Grange Hill building (still Holborn College) the upper school.

    In Series 9, the Upper School building was condemned after a fire, allowing production of Grange Hill to fully move to Elstree including studio work.

    Early in 2002 it was announced that Grange Hill creator Phil Redmond had signed a deal for his production company Mersey TV to produce the next three series of the programme. Production moved to Mersey TV’s studios in Childwall, Liverpool, from Series 26 onwards and for the first time in many years, the appearance of Grange Hill School itself would change radically. On screen, an explosion ripped through the school at the end of Series 25 and during Series 26, tarpaulins covered most of the new “school” to mask the “fire damage”.”

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