Kick ass woman: Anna Chancellor

Fans of the BBC drama, The Hour, are spoilt for choice in terms of top-notch acting. It marks the moment Dominic West has finally broken free of The Wire (it was the same with Idris Elba in The Big C – I think they both needed an interim ‘rebound’ part to help get me past the brain-searingly strong characterisations of McNulty and Stringer Bell).

I’m loving the general aesthetic of The Hour, as well as watching the beautiful Romola Garai in action. But my favourite character is the excellently named Lix Storm, played by Anna Chancellor. You may know her from that Boddington’s advert, or as Donna Lathaby in Tipping the Velvet (described as ‘amoral, capricious and predatory’, someone who introduces another, Nan, into a world of ‘luxury and debauchery’ – which is pretty much a description of my favourite kind of woman). She was a superb as the snooty bitch, Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice and is preposterously famous (because she’s so attractive) for being Duckface in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

But she’s a legend in her own trousers in The Hour. The character of Lix Storm is that of a rare (especially for its time) female war correspondent. Apparently tough as boots, she has a sharp sardonic wit, one suspects, a cupboard full of messed-upness masked by a heavy whisky and Gauloises habit. But spot-on in her judgement in terms of news. And very cool, smart and beautiful.

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  1. Corumba Love

    You’re right of course, Inks, The Hour is graced with some of the best and understated acting I’ve seen from the BBC in a long time (though Juliet “Truly Madly Weepy” Stevenson is something of a dishonourable exception).

    It’s not just the acting, the characters are all so well drawn and have been given depth. Anna Chancellor seems to be popping up in a few interviews about the place at the moment and she says that, unlike Judi Dench, she’s not a good enough actress to turn a bad script from “poo into a silk purse,” which is a compliment to the writing in The Hour. Abi Morgan, apparently, is working on another series.

    For my part I sat on the leatherback – my customary form of transport when I have a diminished need for speed – to watch the first episode with, I must admit, jaundiced anticipation following the BBC’s shameless Mad Men ripping publicity. I’m glad I’ve stayed with the story. So good.

  2. inkface

    I almost never watch telly, only i Player, so I missed all the publicity. It means my expectations weren’t raised, but also probably means I miss some good programmes unfortunately. But glad I caught this one.

  3. Corumba Love

    Though it may not seem the case from my other contributions on PLA, my TV watching often comes as a surprise to me; that is a series has often been on for a few weeks before I become aware of it such is the lack of regular viewing (Holby aside). That’s when iPlayer and other means of catching up come into play. These have their own advantages in that I really do enjoy ploughing through a whole series over a few nights (in the case of The Sopranos me ‘n Old Girl managed six seasons over the course of two winter months).

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