Casualty: And now relax, with a quiet game of Charlie bingo

(Series 26, Ep.2) Anyone looking forward to seeing how last week’s new paramedics, Omar and Tamzin, were getting on will have been disappointed. There was no sign of them, and instead we got to meet two new nurses.

Like Omar and Tamzin, Lloyd and Scarlett are both pretty, because Casualty only employs pretty staff these days (Big Mac is lucky he got his job when he did). Scarlett is, in fact, so pretty that people ask her out on dates and tell her she’s fit every five minutes, which must be terribly draining. As a nurse, she’s one of these not terribly good with a cannula but marvellous at working out people’s inner feelings types. Lloyd, on the other hand, likes nothing better than to fling himself into resus and be on the front line when things are going beep, but he somewhat misjudges situations.

It’s nothing Charlie hasn’t seen before, of course. He’s done more staff inductions than you can shake a stick at. So many that Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren can recite his various motivational speeches word for word. Ticking them off as they occur forms the classic pub game “Charlie Bingo,” which is the perfect spirit-enlivener following a hard day among the bedpans.

Scarlett, after a shaky start, rescued her reputation with Dr Ruth Winters by spotting that her patient, the daughter of Holby’s premier plastic surgeon, was simply in need of a bit of paternal affection. All very well, but I was left spluttering, “Who is this Professor Michael Fitch? Who is he?” Anyone who watches Holby City knows that the entire plastics department currently consists of Michael Spence and Plastic Bhatti. They’ve never even mentioned a Prof Fitch. Sometimes I wish Casualty and Holby would get their heads together a bit more, or else quit pretending that it’s all the same hospital.

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3 responses to “Casualty: And now relax, with a quiet game of Charlie bingo

  1. Oh dear, oh dear. I found this quite the most tedious episode I’ve seen for a time. Holby writers are doing far better in terms of assuming a modicum of viewer intelligence rather than battering us repeatedly – each time in plainer terms – with their ‘patient psychology’. How many times did we need to be told that the ‘kid’ smashing up the school (he looked about 24 to me, as did all the other students in that classroom) needed to be listened to? And while I’m on the subject, how unlikely that the teacher would slap the boy in what was a fairly unprovoked moment, considering she’s spent the past fifteen years being kicked, punched and generally smacked around in far worse situations without retaliating. (Was that old Pooky, btw?) And the moment we heard that the father of the girl with the chin was in plastics and she was wanting to be noticed by daddy, we knew exactly how it was going to pan out, although I wasn’t expecting the psychologically insightful speech by ‘big hair’ nurse to be quite as nauseatingly over-simplistic as it was. The whole script felt like it had been put together from a rudimentary meccano set. There are more beautiful structures to be built than this, and I wish the writers would show more imagination and subtlety on the drawing board.

  2. Tabithana

    Slightly underwhelmed by the new nurses as by the appearance of the paramedics last week. Nick knowing their names, as if. Pretty Scarlett’s hair needed tying back, baby birds could nest undisturbed and in the olden not so golden days when nurses had to wear hats she wouldn’t have lasted five minutes on the ward. Episode redeemed by the lovely Lee Mead proving he is more than a (talented) reality star.

  3. Nikki

    Hmm. Seems funny with all the cut-backs and redundancies that ED employs four new members of staff in two weeks. And why do new staff always come in pairs? (Eddi and Chantelle, as well). And they always make them so darned opposite. Big Hair is a girl and therefore the only thing she wants out of life is to bag herself a consultant, cos flirting with doctors is all that shes there for, clearly. And Lloyd had to learn his lesson the hard way, somewhat akin to Malick in Holby, that its not all about beeping machines and medicine, but being nice to patients too.

    And lol! Thats a good point PLA! Whose this Fitch character when we dont a have a full Plastics department – only Spence moonlighting and Plastic Bhatti every so often. Good point.

    I did like the banter with Charlie and all the nurses though, that was really cute and heart-warming. *hugs Charlie*

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