Burn Notice (3.8): A sting in the tale

You’d be forgiven for thinking that halfway through it’s third series, Burn Notice might be getting a little jaded. After all, every week the ex-spy helps someone who can’t turn to the police (with the assistance of his friends) and tries to get his old life back. Reader, you would be wrong to subscribe to this train of thought. Wronger than the people who voted The Only Way is Essex for the viewer’s TV Bafta.

This week the writers are really piling the pressure on Michael. Fi’s increasingly unhappy about Michael working with Strickler (“he’s a weasel”), the team are having to improvise (more than usual) to pull off job of the week (helping Barry get back his ‘little black book’ of money laundering stuff), he needs to carry out the job for Strickler, and the consequences of all this are painful.

Highlights of Friends Like These:

  • Sam packing for his romantic getway with Miss Reynolds – he ‘even’ has new underwear… (which is just as garish as those shirts) and is apparently a little OCD about how his socks are paired. And let’s all agree to forget about that thong.
  • Maddy doing surveillance at the bingo hall – if Christine Cagney could see her now…
  • Fi’s glee at demonstrating the ‘trembler switch’ on Barry’s girlfriend’s car.
  • Michael’s method for breaking in through a window with a drill, insulation tape and a coathanger.
  • Sam’s sigh of exasperation when Michael changes the plan to include confronting the blackmailer who has Barry’s ledger. (I’ve mentioned before how much I love Bruce Campbell, right?) Plus his response to Mike asking for some pillowcases: “Headbags? Oh, goody…”
  • Sam also gets to sum up the whole episode with the one line: “You know Mike, sometimes it’s hard to be your friend.” when he has to give up his ‘love-capade’ with Miss Reynolds.
  • Mike to Sam (at the villa, when Sam bemoans the nine types of rum behind the bar – Miss Reynolds likes rum): “I’m sorry we’re using your love nest as a holding cell Sam…” Sam: “Well, I just didn’t expect to be wearing pants here…”
  • Fi’s not inaccurate assessment of the situation: “You’re looking to me for softer? You two are desperate.”
  • Seeing Sam’s scary side in the cellar with Milovan. Any thoughts that he’s ‘soft’ have been well and truly dispelled by the look on his face after he fires those shots.
  • The truly well-hidden twist revealed after the shoot-out in the store – Natalie’s the psychopath boss, not an innocent victim (perhaps the fact that she was pretending to be an estate agent should have been a clue…)
  • The dash to reach Fi before Natalie kills her and the shock of seeing Michael hit Fi (albeit as part of the cover). His whispered apology is sincere and heartfelt, but I’m totally with Fi in not being able to shrug off that slap.
  • The heartbreak of watching Fi walk away from Michael because she can’t watch him do what he’s got to do if it involves working for Strickler. The happy call from Diego to say there’s movement on Michael’s burn notice is no consolation at all.

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