Holby City: I did wonder when she took her clothes off

(Series 13, Ep.44) I really think the Holby scriptwriters should have gone with my idea (and – hello? I am available, and ready to respond to the call whenever it comes) – that Henrik Hanssen and Sahira Shah the Registrah were secretly married. That would have been a very interesting dynamic indeed. As it is, he’s besotted with the world’s weepiest CT surgeon and I’m going to start calling him Hankering Hanssen if he doesn’t shape up quickly.

Possibly those lovely scriptwriters have got something up their sleeves which will turn this whole situation around – after all, we’ve never met Mr Shah, we know nothing of Hanssen’s home life and very little about their shared past, so skeletons may well tumble out of cupboards. Just pray they do it soon, because it’s a waste of a tall, arrogant man otherwise. 

Flirting, apparently

Though it did lead to the best lines of the episode. A patient (who was the ex-wife of that Cunningham bloke who swans in occasionally and annoys people, but more of him later) was majorly flirting with Holby’s tallest Swedish surgeon. It took Sahira to point this out. “She was flirting with you, Henrik,” she pouted. “You do know what flirting is, don’t you?” Hanssen looked bashful. “I did wonder, when she took her clothes off,” he said. She had taken her clothes off, as well, revealing that her bra exactly matched her blouse, both being a lovely shade of teal. I used to very much admire Fallon in Dynasty, who always seemed to be wearing a bra that was the same colour as her outer clothing. She must have had a vast suite of bras.

But I digress. Back to that nasty Mr Cunningham, who informed Hanssen at the end that Holby’s CT department is going to close. Close! Altogether! The legacy of Anton Meyer, Nick Jordan, Connie Beauchamp, Joseph Byrne, Elliott Hope, Jac Naylor… Closing! Altogether! (You can tell I’m upset). Anyone with a dodgy heart in Holby will, in future, be directed to The Mythical St James’s. I think we should get a petition up.

Meanwhile… it was Sacha’s turn this week to get over-involved with a patient, when he mishandled a case. This gave Eddi the opportunity to pull some of her “disapproving” faces at him and tell him off for not being professional. There was no sign of Lulu or Frieda, so Eddi had time on her hands to do this, not being busy winding up Lulu and pulling her vast range of “amused” faces.

Malick had a busy shift as well. Ric was going to let him assist with a kidney transplant, but it was just Malick’s luck that, after weeks of not being allowed near an operating theatre, he was also called upon to do a bowel resection for a nervous patient, in the same afternoon. There was a lot of running around, the bowel resection man’s mother died in the relatives’ room, the nervous man legged it but Malick spotted him through the Window of Regret and legged it after him and… well, it all boils down to Lessons Learned about compassion and caring about your patient for Malick. Via this type of trial the eager, volatile young apprentice will eventually become as wise and omniscient as the Sainted Ric.

We saw the merest glimpse of Irish Dr Greg, who is reacting to his recent upsets by going out with Young Dr Oliver Valentine and getting hammered, in the proud tradition of Donna, Maria and Maddy. And FLNT smiled! She turned that frown upside down and actually seemed slightly happier this week. It can’t last.

Next time: Elliott’s back! Hurrah! But he’s up for a job at The Mythical St james’s. Nooooo!!!!! Someone send for Connie – she could be back in a couple of hours on the Eurostar!

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12 responses to “Holby City: I did wonder when she took her clothes off

  1. .::Big.Bang::.

    Awww, you left out the rose/blight metaphor/simile/whatever. *pouts*

    • pauseliveaction

      Sorry .::Big.Bang::. (see how hard I tried to get your name right, to make up for missing the rose metaphor?).

  2. WaterlooVamps

    Noooooo! CT can’t shut down! That means losing Sahira, Jac, Greg, Oliver, Elliot and the best part of the show! Malick gets on my nerves a bit and I don’t know why. I think Cullingham’s ex, or whoever she was, had very good taste in tops and underwear. She was quite pretty. It was nice to see a bit of emotion with Hanssen this week. Ok Jac HAS to come back sometime before they all get transferred to the mythical St. James. Wait, didn’t that Cullingham bloke say it was almost certain, not completely certain? Well, if they do get transferred to St. James do you think we’ll see them at all? I suppose not. I want to see CT going out with a bang – plenty of gore! Big surgery! I watched Casualty last Saturday (for a change) and they work at Holby hospital, which proves that Holby is by far the superior show. In my opinion. 😀

  3. Nikki

    DISASTER! Darwin Must Not Shut! What the eff are the writers thinking?!

    Like you said PLA (youve clearly watched as long as I have) – The Magical Mr Meyer, Tom Campbell-Gore, Connie, Elliott, Nick, Dan Clifford even (although yes okay he was more of a keller man, but considering he was jacs mentor i still reckon he had something to do with the making of Darwin) all would be turning their collective noses up and quite rightly at all of this closing down business. What are they gonna do with the copius numbers of surgeons – Jac, Sahira, Elliot, Greg, Olli, (thats more docs than any other department in holby I hasten to add) ?? Even Michaels got bored of plastics recently as flits around on AAU doing cystoscopys. It just makes no sense. In the canon universe of the show, or for TV purposes. Theres so much they can play with, the different relationships between the characters are possibly the more interesting of all the wards. Jac/Sahira, Jac/Olli, Greg/Olli (remember all that potter stuff they had between them before?) Greg/Sahira, and of course Hanssen/Sahira. Its intense, its interesting, and theyre great characters. Not to mention for the joe bloggs viewer, cardiac surgery is sexy! Hearts stopping/bleeding/bursting machines going bing! everywhere and people rushing around. Makes more entertaining tv for the average joe than malicks bowel resections (sorry but bowel surgery = so not as sexy). I just hope the writers know what theyre doing. And I do have faith. Ive stuck with them so far so I’m not losing faith now. Something will happen, someone will save the day. But I am clinging on by my fingers.

    (And me too PLA, Im available for freelance scriptwriting and/or medical consult should the Holby producers need me … *hints*)

    Malick is having trial after trial with patients isnt he, poor guy. They run off, they stab themselves, their relatives die, hes not having a good few weeks of it. Ric on hand to dish out (years worth of) advice as always. FLNT has made a miraculous turn around (both with frowns and general wellbeing) from last week, can scarcely believe its the same person! Sacha broke my heart this week, hes such a lovely guy, he tries so hard, and he really gets affected by stuff. I wanna give him a big hug and a warm cuppa.

    Well, re: your Eurostar comment, Jac is on leave isnt she, Greg said so last week. Here’s hoping shes gone to find Connie, bring her back to sort out all this mess. Like you said, she could be back in a few hours on Eurostar. Who wouldnt welcome that gorgeous woman back with open arms? She’d sort out the Board and Hanssen with a click of her fingers. Give Jac some more lessons on shoes. She does have excellent taste in shoes after all. I mean come on! *sighs* Its not gonna happen is it? 😦

    • pauseliveaction

      I think the key point that should give us comfort, Nikki, is that you’re completely correct about CT being the sexiest branch of surgery. I have no idea whether it is in real life, but it certainly is on medical soaps. I suppose obstetrics has a sort of aah factor, which worked nicely in the days of Mubbs and Owen, but there’s nothing like that (literally) heart-stopping moment when the machines go bleep, someone yells “We’ve got a bleed!” and Jac rolls her beautiful eyes heavenwards, sighs “How tiresome,” and reaches for the 4-0 Vicryl.

      Of course Darwin won’t close. It might be tediously all thanks to Hankering Hanssen and His Perfect Registrah, but the roster of CT surgeons in that place is too long and too darn gorgeous to lose.

      Otherwise, I shall be picketing their gates. You’ll probably be able to see me when someone looks out of the Window of Regret.

    • Corumba Love


      Brilliant. Not the time or coherence for my own views yet (too many hours in Pizza Express on Peroni Gran Riserva with Old Girl prevents that) but ‘brillbo’ should suffice for yours.

      More soon


  4. Jen

    As long as we lose Sa-Drear-A Shah I’m happy. And Hanssen doing sad-puppy face isn’t pleasant. Right puts me off my dinner!

    Jac must remain. Obviously!

  5. WaterlooVamps

    Ok, I agree Darwin will not, I repeat will NOT shut own, it must stay! It is the best part of the show and even I am wishing Jac will just hurry up and come back to sort it all out. What’s wrong with Sahira?! She’s sooooo cool, why does everyone hate her?! I HATE St. James. 😦

  6. tabithakitten

    What’s wrong with Sahira? How long have you got? No, being fair – she’s featured far too much, she’s apparently so perfect she can act well above her registrah status and worst of all she’s turning the emperor of brusque sarcasm into a nauseating puddle of simpering goo. If she has to stick around (and it would seem that’s a given) then will the writers please cop her off with Irish Greg asap so that Hanssen can at least get his sarcastic knives out for that gentleman. I’m with the majority here – Darwin will not close; the writers can not be so congenitally stupid as to let that happen.

    Annoyed with Eddi. Mainly because she upset the reassuringly lovable bear that is Sacha but also because she seemed to step in a relieve an upsetting situation, only to ruin things by whinging about it. “Don’t even put me in the situation again” – well excuse me Ms Stroppy Knickers but didn’t you jump in and volunteer? I didn’t hear Sacha lamenting that he couldn’t possibly deliver the news and could the Sainted Eddi save the day and do it for him, I saw Sacha visibly upset and Eddi volunteering to be the bearer of terrible tidings instead. And good on her, I thought until the worm decided to turn and throw its toys out of the pram.

    • pauseliveaction

      “She’s turning the emperor of brusque sarcasm into a nauseating puddle of simpering goo.” Perfectly put, tk. And don’t forget how Passionate she is (ie she cries before and after, and especially during, most operations).

  7. Bri

    Deffo not a Sahira fan, because of the same reeasons as everyone else really. She is just so super duper perfect she can do what she wants when she wants and cy and pout and get Hanssen (who up untill recently was my hero and role model on sarcastic wit) to do whatever she wants. Not only that but she has an attitude thats above her station. Sad thing is she started off cool but I’m not a fan any longer, unless she goes back to being cool.

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