Casualty: You know it’s a bad day when a rabid dog eats your sandwich

(Series 26, Ep.1) Hurrah! A new series of Casualty! It’s been so long since the end of the last series – a whole seven days. The waiting has been dreadful. So what’s new in Series 26? Well, Adam and his god complex have gone, and I have to say it’s something of a relief. Poor Adam has been nothing but angsty since he lost baby Harry. I couldn’t help thinking it must have been as draining for Tristan Gemmill to play him as it was for us to watch – the lad never had any fun (unless you count torturing Chris Mead from Waterloo Road fun, and there’s probably a few who do). And Maverick Nurse Kirsty preceded him across the Clifton Suspension Bridge Into A Bright New Future.

Replacing Les Miserables, we have two perky newcomers in the forms of paramedics Omar and Tamzin (Dhafer L’Abidine and Gemma Atkinson). Omar is huggy and Tamzin is clumsy (she broke Jeff’s A Team mug!), but they’re both pretty, and pretty keen, and it’s left Dixie and Jeff feeling insecure. This is good news, as a bit of paramedic rivalry is always enjoyable. 

As well as Jeff suffering the breakage of his favourite mug, he also suffered a bite from a possibly rabid dog, incurred when he and Dixie were called to a farmhouse-slash-drugs factory in the wilds of the Holby countryside. Worse again (it really wasn’t Jeff’s day), the dog got into the ambulance and ate his sandwiches. A shift really doesn’t get any worse than that.

Barricaded into a room with a snarling beast on one side and a dying drugs baron on the other, Jeff told Dixie he loved her and wouldn’t let any harm come to her, but as she was the only one who hadn’t been bitten by an Alsatian it was up to her to hurtle through the house screaming her head off, to get the dogs to chase her and then trap them in the ambulance. It was a heroic deed, worthy of the A Team themselves. And it turned out that the dogs weren’t rabid at all, merely protecting a littler of lovely puppies. Awww.

In what was actually rather a marvellous episode, there was a moving guest appearance from Eva Pope, as a police officer whose son died in a drug-fuelled car crash. We were led to believe she’d washed her hands of him some years earlier, and her grief when she went to the mortuary to see him was really heart-wrenchingly played. We really need to see Eva Pope in a starring role again soon.

And finally, Nick Jordan got a nosebleed. Not really headline news, unless you’ve previously suffered from a brain tumour. Alarm bells started ringing, and he quickly arranged for a scan. To the intense relief of Casualty fans everywhere, he was told he is fine. Phew. He looked so happy when he heard the news, bless him.

Next time: New nurses Lloyd and Scarlett join the team. One is confident and one is nervous. It’s the Holby way.

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4 responses to “Casualty: You know it’s a bad day when a rabid dog eats your sandwich

  1. Jen

    Eva Pope really was tip-top. Dhafer whatsisface has a splendid name! Hurrah! And how they couldn’t manage a couple of dogs is frankly a worry to me.

  2. Bri

    Scary dogs = my worst nightmare! Jeff was adorable with his ‘I wont let them get to you’. awwww!

  3. axceld6

    Staff Nurse Waters doesn’t get much of a role these days. She’s better than Linda Andrews…

    Shame that Staff Nurse Waters hasn’t had a storyline – but Jeff, Zoe, Linda, Nick, Henrik, Dixie, Adam all did… and Jac has had no appearance either in Casualty!

    She is wasted being in the background… seen the actress in a 2008 Doctor Who episode!

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