Burn Notice (3.7): Team Westen takes on the brothers grim

Grab a mojito and get comfy, this week’s Burn Notice is another doozy of an episode. We have discussed before that Michael, and frankly the whole of Team Westen, are classic Friends To All Children. This week shows just how far the team will go to help kids being abused by a parent.

When Michael and Fi find 13-year-old Joey trying to steal a gun from Fi’s house so he can shoot his step-dad it isn’t long before they have a new client. Joey’s stepdad, pretty boy businessman and local politician Erik Luna, is about to get custody of Joey and his young half-brother, to punish their mum who has had the audacity to want to get away from his physical abuse of her and the kids. Regular Burn Notice viewers will know exactly how this pushes Michael’s buttons and that this is not going to end well for Erik.

The burn notice arc also inches along this week as Strickler claims to be able to help Michael get his job back, Michael irritates Diego by asking him to investigate Strickler’s claims and finally Michael makes a decision about working with Strickler.  

Highlights of Shot in the Dark:

  • The woman who’s waiting to give Michael the ‘rejuvenating body lotion’ has no idea how much peril she’s in when she offers to apply it as well. Who knew Fi could practise such restraint? Look the woman is walking back to Strickler without a scratch on her!
  • I don’t like Strickler, but I love the idea that the lotion is 40 per cent aloe vera and good for burns…
  • Fi’s classic line (regarding Strickler): “Well in my experience, if something seems too good to be true it’s best to shoot it just in case.”
  • Also, that Fi keeps a spare, loaded, handgun in her umbrella stand.
  • Sam having voiced concern about Mikey taking on the job, concedes “Little kid, abusive dad. Kinda hits home, so I’ll give you that one… but when the time comes to rescue a bunch of rich women trapped in a brewery, you’d better step up.”
  • We already know Erik’s brothers a bad ‘un – a gangster and smuggler – but holy cow he used to be Krychek in the X-Files (Nicholas Lea), so he’s triply bad right?
  • Erik and Quinn are going to be tough to break, but is Sam up for it? “Absolutely. He’s smacking his wife and kids around. I’ll plant a five iron in his freaking skull if it’ll help.”
  • Maddy not just taking in the boys and their mum, but insisting on it. And answering the question as to whether there is really anything that can be done: “For two little boys who are being knocked around by their father, Michael would take on the Chinese army.”
  • Going in to meet Erik for the first time, Michael’s voiceover explains that “when you’re undercover you often fight your emotions. If the operation demands you be a target’s best friend, you do it, no matter what you’re feeling. But there are times emotions can help sell a cover ID. If hitting a guy reinforces your cover, then give it all you’ve got.”You can feel the catharsis every time Michael hurts the slimebag.
  • Michael responds to Fi complaining about not being allowed to blow Erik and his car up, with”We need him running not bleeding.” Fi: “Well, technically you can run and bleed.”
  • Now I (nearly) know how to fake my own death at the hand of a sniper – I just need a bottle cap, some plastic explosive and a sachet of fake blood (plus remote charges for the sound of gunfire)… It’s certainly effective.
  • See also the team’s critiquing of each other’s death throes…
  • The team topping the fake bloodbath with a superquick switch of scenery and a priest’s shirt for Michael. Watching Erik descend into a frothing incoherency was a very sweet moment.
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