Holby City: “Unhelpable” – is that even a word?

It’s amazing how the presence of Goth Dr Frieda lightens proceedings, which may or may not be ironic depending on how you feel about Goths. Her bullshit detector set as usual to 11, it wasn’t long before she was busily winding up Lulu, and she found a willing ally in Eddi, a woman who similarly had a low tolerance for spoiled brats. Winding up Lulu proved to be all too easy.

Having a more difficult time was Funny Little Nurse Tait, who was busy trying to pretend that her mother didn’t have a psychiatric problem. This meant that we had to endure a great deal of FLNT looking mildly put-upon and getting a bit snappy with Chantelle (which is like stamping on a fairy, really). It’s got to the stage now where, as soon as FLNT’s troubled visage appears on the screen, I start staring out of the window or try to engage the cat in a blinking contest, anything to lift the monotony.

Irish Dr Greg was still being bothered by his old mate Andy. Greg didn’t want to face up to whatever it was that was The Dark Secret, but eventually it turned out that the old football coach had been sexually abusing those in his charge, which had led Andy to a lifetime of turmoil and a prison sentence for downloading child porn. Greg may or may not have been a victim of the football coach himself – it was a bit vague but I think he had been, though had clearly dealt with it better than Andy. Unusually for Holby, when Andy wanted to end it all he headed for the hospital roof. It’s usually the basement (it’s Casualty where people end up on the roof).

Wherever Greg is, Sahira is not far behind, looking annoyingly caring. Wherever Sahira is, Hanssen is not far behind, being sarcastic about anyone male and attractive whom Sahira might be looking annoyingly caring about. Greg found this so irritating that he actually dared to shout at The Swedish Scalpel. Yikes.

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8 responses to “Holby City: “Unhelpable” – is that even a word?

  1. WaterlooVamps

    I accidentally LOLed when Greg shouted at Hanssen, because it was, you have to admit, quite hilarious. I am getting sooooo bored of FLNT her, even though she has mental problems and you can’t blame her for that, extremely annoying mother (sorry). It’s always the same with her. I am glad to finally know what happened between Greg and Andy and their, errr, coach. Sahira was pretty cool in this episode, but, I never thought I’d say it, I miss Jac a bit. I’m so relieved Frieda’s back, she looked ice cool when she walked in wearing her gothic blacks, she and Eddi make a brilliant team (I hate Lulu). OK, where has Elliot gone, and Malick, Oliver and Sacha? Dull Dan and Chrissie didn’t get a bit in this episode, I hope they enjoyed their trip and Chrissie took off her shoes before she ha an awful accident. I’m sad, no pictures! I know, it’s on an iPhone. Anyway, fab post, keep up the good work, 😀

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    Totally agree on all points! My dislike for Tait has gotten so bad that I wanted strangle her through the damn TV! As for Greg, I can’t feel an ounce of sympathy for him or Andy – and I was in a similar situation 9 years ago when I was 11. God! Freida and Eddi – loved them! Spence/Freida/Eddi/Sacha – much more fun to watch these days.
    Chantelle – annoys me. FLNT – bores me. Lulu – bitchslap her to hell.

    Anyway, enjoy your holidays away from all the rioting here!

  3. Barry

    I want to like the FLNT storyline but I cannot stand the mother. Maybe FLNT will now develop mental problems herself as it would be interesting to see a series regular face this problem, rather than a patient although it might echo Stacey Slater a bit too much. I did enjoy her laying into Chantelle though.

    Am I alone in thinking Lulu is a potentially classic villain? She is manipulative, clever, attractive, takes short cuts and is able to handle those around her and get her way eventually. So not at all like Jac…

    As for Frieda – great to have her back and she and Edie (for whom I also have the love) will be a great comedy combination, the Waldorf and Statler of AAU (and I’m thinking Sasha would make a great Fozzie Bear).

    • Nikki

      Oh totally. Lulu is gonna be a baddie. She thinks too much of herself and doesnt care about the patients, just in manipulating her way into Michael Spences pants. She doesnt need her daddys help cos she can be a supervillain all by herself.

      (No matter the similarities in adjectives with Jac, she always, always does the best for her patients even if they dont like it that much. Even if it doesnt seem like she is. Shes logical and medical and does right by them procedure wise.)

  4. Nikki

    Seemingly agreeing with all above comments when it comes to FLNT. Theres an audible groan throughout my living room when she comes on. Its predictable, and boring. And not all that well handled either. FLNT would never be allowed to nurse her own mother. Her mother has a right to privacy and confidentialty FROM her family if she so wants it, which it seems she does! No-ones listening to HER in all of this. But it still makes me groan and stare out the window.

    Greg was clearly suffering a little more than last week. Angsty-shower scenes (much appreciated in this household I tell you) but I thought he did remarkably well in holding it all together, having his old friend there must bring up some demons for him hes fought hard to control/deny/recover from and anyone would flap a little bit. So I think yelling at Hanssen was warranted. As much as we love the Swedish Scalpel, maybe being unflappable isnt the best quality when dealing with an Irishmans emotions. *hugs Greg*

    Eddi and Frieda are gonna be a new favourite methinks. Comedy gold from them and an immediete rapport with each other, which was awesome. No fighting, no b*tching, just go on with the job and had excellent patient care while winding up Lulu a treat! I wouldnt put it past them setting up booby traps and whoopi cushions on her chair …

    Me too. Missed Jac greatly this week.


  5. WaterlooVamps

    OK, to be honest I didn’t even notice Mary-Claire was gone, I hardly even notice her, she’s pretty, I guess, but really she just seems like another nurse who gets a few lines once in a while, sorry. But I agree with everything else you said, Nikki. 😀 ;D ❤

    • Nikki

      Dont worry WaterlooVamp, Mary-Claire doesnt have the biggest fanbase compared to other characters, or as many lines, youre quite right. Shes supporting cast not regular cast, but still.

      I just have a thing for cute redheads 😉

  6. WaterlooVamps

    Yeah, they’re very pretty ;D

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