Casualty: An explosion at Holby Airport!

An explosion at Holby Airport, and the casualties included (a) a heavily pregnant woman, (b) the man who almost raped Mads and (c) lots of other people we don’t need to worry our pretty little heads about, but let’s just say A&E was heaving.

Clinical Nurse Manager Linda proved to be far more effective at wrangling the press than she’d ever been at wrangling her staff. She left that side of things to Tess, who is a beacon of Organisational Skills when the going gets tough. Though where was Charlie? It’s not like him to miss a Major Incident.

Linda realised that, apart from organising tea for the press, the thing she liked best about nursing was… well, nursing. She even got to help deliver the heavily pregnant woman’s baby! Mind you, so did Tess, with no detrimental effect on her legendary organisational skills, but Linda decided that being Clinical Nurse Manager was not what she wanted from her career, and Tess was welcome to have her old job back. I think she was forgetting that it had been Tess’s decision to stop doing the job in the first place, but still…

Meanwhile, Mads had saved the life of the man who tried to rape her, but he was caught out by karma when it was found he had syphilis. This was enough to persuade his wife to stop giving him an alibi for the night of the attack, so with luck he’ll soon be Behind Bars. Mads’s temporary flirtation with wearing a headscarf now apparently over, she looked sufficiently approachable for Lennie to be able to tell her he loves her – news she greeted with her trademark wide-eyed stare.

Adam got the chance to atone for his recent god complex by not accidentally-on-purpose killing, torturing or illegally medicating the rapist bloke, which was nice. It looks as though we’ve seen the last of Adam, though, as he walked out of the ED in that looking-back way that lets you know we won’t be seeing him for a while.

Posted by PLA, on holiday at Lake Fernando’s and typing on an iPhone, hence all mistakes can be blamed on predictive text.


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2 responses to “Casualty: An explosion at Holby Airport!

  1. Nikki

    Aww PLA youre so dedicated! Kudos for keeping up-to-date on your iphone. Hurrah for 3G wi-fi and everything else!

    Least this ep was more interesting than recent ones. Adams God Complex has been rubbing off on Lennie, and encouraged him even! So it was interesting seeing Adam be the bigger man and say no, and treat the man anyway. Make amends with Nick too. Shame he couldnt make amends with Kirsty. They went through a lot together, if you think about it.

    I wish that taxi-driver would GO AWAY already he cant legitimately be in SO many storylines and accidents! Silly.

    Funny too how, Mads does a thump to get the patients heart going and is accused of hitting someone, and Jac does it in the opening credits every week! Even Malick did it the other week!

    Anyway. Looking forward to more moody Greg on tuesday. Laters PLA! xx

  2. tillmaster500

    Missed this episode and watched it last night. Little bit confusing with people talking while I was watching it, and my internet was playing up but I got the gist of the episode. Not enough Jay for my liking, and Charlieshould have been there, and now I think about it, Ruth should have been there too.
    Pleased that Mads is better now and the evil man is going to jail, after trying to leave the country on his brother’s passport. sigh. Only in Holby… Pleased Lenny told Mads he lved her but I think it was left in a bit of a daft place. Mads looked at him with big rabbit-in-the-headlights eyes and move on to Adam leaving. Boo. Hiss.
    Yay! No more Adam! Watching old episodes every morning has made me realise that Adam went wacko around when Heather died, at the start of series 24 and it really flared up when Harry died and Jessica left him. but thankfully, no more of that until someone else goes off the rails.
    Can’t wait till next week: Start of series 26! Yay! No boring wait in which I spend my saturday nights with Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream, looking at pictures of Ben Turner and watching old episodes. On Saturday I will be restless until 8:30, when it’s on. can’t wait!

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