Casualty: This isn’t who you are

(Series 25, Ep.45 & 46) Belatedly catching up on two weeks’ worth of Casualty, and we find the spotlight still very much on Adam and his “god complex.”

If Adam really was a god, and had the power to smite his enemies, he would reserve quite a bit of smiting power for paedophiles. Now, no-one in their right mind likes paedophiles, but Adam really, really doesn’t like them. He dislikes them so much that, even if they bear a stunning resemblance to lovely Chris Mead off of Waterloo Road, he has no qualms about torturing them a bit to get them to ‘fess up. Honestly, that’s what he was doing last week – torturing poor old Chris Mead, who turned out not to be a paedophile (apart from in a strictly technical sense, but let’s not go into that) and ended up having to have his leg amputated.

This week, the patient Adam had previously dosed up with a mythical urge-dampening drug was back in the ED, after taking too many of the pills and passing out. This meant Adam had to do some urgent track-covering so no-one found out about his illicit trip to the pharmacy. This was made more difficult because Kirsty was following him around like Inspector Clouseau and wanting Answers.

One of the answers that Kirsty got was from a patient with a terminal condition, who advised her to live life like she was writing her very own self-help book – parachute jumping and all that. Kirsty was bored with trying to get Adam to behave like a mere mortal instead of Zeus in scrubs, and fed up with everyone going quiet when she approaches since they found out Warren used to beat her up. So she bundled some belongings in the car, added Little Miss Glum, and threw her wedding ring out of the car window on the Clifton Suspension Bridge on her way to a new life. It didn’t even smash another car’s windscreen and cause a multiple pile-up, which must be a first for Casualty.

Next time: An explosion at Holby Airport – it’s been a while since we had one of those – and Adam has the chance to “atone for his sins.”

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5 responses to “Casualty: This isn’t who you are

  1. Nikki

    Haha! I was wondering when these reviews were going to appear. 🙂

    I have to say, and I never thought I’d say it, I actually liked Kirsty this episode. She had right on her side (for once) and wasnt being all pushy and shovy about it, she was airing on the right side of caution, knew something was up and wasnt prepared to let Adam walk all over her (like other men in her life). Felt kinda bad too when everyone was acting funny around her, going quiet, treating her like a bit of an outsider. She was right in her little speech, they were meant to be her friends. But when things got tough no-one gave a crap. And Dylan was the only one with the balls to admit it. Yeah, her husband beat the crap out of her, and yeah he was a horrible person (those old episodes really chilled me, I hated them) but that doesnt give them the right to treat HER badly. They should be around her supporting her! I dont blame her for packing up and leaving.

    The complicted-genetic-disease girl was kinda cool too. She provided one of those metaphorical mirrors for Kirsty, cos she was jumping all at domestic violence when the girl was being shifty giving answers, when really Kirsty was just seeing herself, wanting to save herself. As if it had been her walking in that ED, and was waiting for someone to ask her. You know? The girl was kinda jovial about it all too which makes a refreshing change from all the glum, I mean she even kissed Kirsty! Now if thats not enough for Kirsty to change her life, nothing is. (P.S Hurrah for some prime-time saturday night visibility while im on the subject.)

    Anywhos. Hopefully Casualty will on from being The Adam Show soon.

    And oh, have you seen the Holby website? Next weeks ep looks like a confusing one. Greg being moody. Greg being angry. Greg in denial. You’ll be happy anyway PLA 😉

    • pauseliveaction

      I was disappointed that Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren wasn’t a bit more sensitive to Kirsty, given that he’s only recently been worried that people would be talking about him after his delicate bit of surgery. I love the way Dylan just says what everyone else us thinking.

  2. .::Big.Bang::.

    I thought you’d forgotten about Casualty but yay, you reviewed!

    I really, really, really hate Adam, @TM – he just pisses me off! And when he had William Ash’ character’s leg amputated – he crossed the line. BTW, the teen actress in that episode was also in Waterloo Road and the plotline in Casualty was extremely similar to WR.

    And finally when I started liking Kirsty – she’s off. At least there won’t be anymore annoying Adam/Kirsty tripe. Thank God!

  3. helen

    Hmm pretty certain it was the second severn crossing not the suspension bridge…

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