Holby City: When is a dark secret not a dark secret?

(Series 13, Ep.42) I was all excited about this episode, because we were promised that we would find out a “dark secret” about Irish Dr Greg, when an old friend turned up. Since the loss of The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon, Joseph Byrne, to the wilds of Cumbria, I’ve been warming to Greg, with his beautiful nose and lovely accent. So the thought of a dark secret was most bracing.

So what was it, then? Has he maybe falsified his exam results so he’s not a doctor at all? No, that’s someone else I’m thinking of. Has he been snogging other male doctors in the locker room? Nope, that’s definitely not him. It wasn’t anything as exciting as that, and indeed seemed to amount to Greggy and his old mate used to play football together and probably got into a fight at some point. Frankly, I wasn’t really concentrating once I realised Greg wasn’t going to turn out to be the long lost love child of Anton Meyer.

He did go to pieces in the operating theatre, though, which was a neat turnaround as it was Sahira who had to be calm, controlled and not screaming, “Oh my GOD! I’m covered in BLOOD and STICKY BITS and that!” like she usually does. Well done, Sahira.

Meanwhile, on Keller… “Everyone’s acting weird!” says Chrissie. And she’s surprised why? The reason they were acting weird was that Dull Dan was hatching a not-so-secret plan to whisk her off somewhere fabulous for the weekend. Chrissie doesn’t like men organising her life for her, so she got all stubborn and even let her stubbornness cloud her usually acute clinical judgement. So, in another neat turnaround, Dan was right about a patient this week. All was well that ended well, and Chrissie popped into a pair of mentally high heels – just as well she had an orthopaedic surgeon on hand – and off they went for their weekend of – well, I don’t really want to dwell on it if you don’t mind.

Michael Spence paid a flying visit to AAU, just to check in on what the little people were up to, and spotted the attractive form of Dr Lulu Hutchison. This triggered his “flirt” reflex, and pretty soon he had her practising suturing bananas. As you do. The phallic nature of this exercise was not lost on Sacha, who advised Mr 70’s Trousers that Lulu was Sir Fraser’s daughter, so he’d Best Not Go There.

Next time: Frieda’s back! Yay! And she’s bonding with Eddi over their shared dislike of Lulu! Double yay! And we aren’t done with the unravelling of Greg’s dark secrets – triple yay! And Funny Little Nurse Tait is… well, she just is.

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9 responses to “Holby City: When is a dark secret not a dark secret?

  1. Jen

    “Man, that accent isn’t for real, surely?!”

    I think that student might be a ‘mystery patient’. Hope he’ll go to Casualty next and be rude to Noel.

  2. inkface

    I liked the ‘wee on the shoes’ of Mr Spence moment. Fine woman, Eddi.

  3. Dismay for all Hanssen’s ladies on Facebook and Twitter who, failing to look in advance at the cast list for the episode on the Holby website/Radio Times etc., got all feverish in anticipation of He who Looms. The great man was taking a week’s holiday. How pleased he’d have been to see Sahira Shah the registrah finally doing him proud and Greg turn into a gibbering idiot. Ah, well. I see he’s back next week, so opportunities maybe for him to leer at Sahira and kick a man while he’s down. Fine man, Henrik.

  4. Helen

    ^^ poor spence, the suit got baby vomit and the shoes got wee. maybe they are working their way up to something unspeakable on his shirt so he has to spend the rest of the episode shirtless (please)

    found the greg and mal from hollyoaks secret thing very confusing. hoping that will get better next week.

    dan and chrissy are still pretty rubbish. no wonder chrissie has been gossiped about for ten years, maybe she should try not dating a doctor for once

    no henrick, ric, frieda or elliot and hardly any jac
    too much lulu, eddi, dull dan and chrissy

    • pauseliveaction

      maybe they are working their way up to something unspeakable on his shirt so he has to spend the rest of the episode shirtless (please)

      Helen, I like the way you think.

  5. Nikki

    Found myself biting my lip in confusion a bit this week. I too, PLA have found myself warming to Irish Dr Gregs charms (and I’m gay!) so much so I was coo-ing when he came on screen and he got all melodramatic and moody. Oh dear. *runs in search of Jac*

    I was hoping for a bit more, I dont know, grit, with his deep dark secret. He beat up his friend, and feels bad. By the sounds of it, they were both little terrors, and although they only very alluded to it, I think theres more too this. Friend was getting himself in a state at one point, saying its always in his head, he can always see it. etc. Maybe they did something bad together? Or as a consequence of something they did, someone died? To have that level of burdening guilt and/or anger. You know? Hmm.

    Dan made me mad again this week. He tried the whole secre-holiday thing before, and SHE DIDNT LIKE IT. Why do it again? Men on Holby seem intent on organising things for the girls, like the girls are totall incapable. (Remeber Joseph and his “I’ve book us a walking holiday!” to Jac and her looking far from amused. And then he does it again for Faye and Jacs all “He tried that with me too.”) Now Dans doing it. And Chrissie should have learnt by now. Dating doctors, married men, and men somehow linked to Connie Beauchamp, is always a bad idea. (Sam Strachan Saga, case in point.) Sacha is so lovely and always there with a cup of tea and shoulder to lean on, often in stairwells it seems, am I alone in wanting them back together? Sacha is like, the perfect guy.

    Oh I so cant wait for Frieda. Her and Eddi together will be AWESOME. And for the record, I totally think Eddi has it right. Theres more to Little Miss Lulu that she lets on. She quietly manipulative. I dont trust her. I think Eddi’s instinct are serving her well. Even though she helped hire her in the first place for the sake of an easy life.

    Lets hope for the return of some normality next week. (Sahira is just not the saving-the-day type. Thats why she needs Jac.)

    Thanks for the review as always PLA! *hugs*

    • pauseliveaction

      All hugs gratefully received, Nikki. As to the lovely Greg (do you see what I mean about his nose in that top photo? It’s a thing of beauty), his dark secret is going to reveal itself properly next week, apparently. This week was just to ease us into it, as it were.

      I’m so looking forward to a Frieda and Eddi double act. Hopefully it will counterbalance the sense of ennui I feel at the very idea of Funny Little Nurse Tait.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, yes, that episode was confusing, as soon as it was over I thought, well, I didn’t understand a bit of that, then thought about it in more detail. I’ve decided I very much dislike Lulu, and I think Chrissie looked lovely at the end, even if she did have an accident in those shoes. I can’t wait for Frieda to come back, I’ve missed Holby’s vampire. I do like Oirish Doctor Greg and I hope next week I will understand his “dark secret” a little bit more. Sahira acted well this episode I think, because, even though she’s my favourite, maybe she does need to stop getting her emotions in the way of her. And finally, what was Oliver Valentine doing today, trying to get rubber pencil right?

  7. Corumba Love

    “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a chap in possession of a TV remote must be in want of a life.” That’s one of just two literary quotations known to me so it’s essential that I deploy it with accuracy and care. Especially here because Holby is making me want one, you know, a life. This last few weeks have washed me up on a wan settee. In short, Holbs needs to up its game.

    And now you tell me we’ve got that wet nurse back next week, Funny Little Nurse Teat. Hah! And sorry.

    Oh, and since you ask, the other literary gem in my armoury is: “TV or not TV, I think I need a pint.” That Shakespeare cuts to the heart of the human condition, doesn’t he? HC could do worse than recruit the old boy.

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