Burn Notice (3.6): If you go down to the woods today, you’d better take some C4

I’ve yet to see a pedestrian episode of Burn Notice, and this is about as far removed from pedestrianism as Jeremy Clarkson is.

It’s got a sweaty Fi giving an equally sweaty Michael a damn good pummelling, it’s got excellent jokes, it’s got Bruce Campbell on an airboat and it shows us where Michael gets his kick-assness from – Maddy’s interrogation techniques are simply awesome.

So, if you haven’t already watched The Hunter, go and do it now. The rest of us will be over here recapping the fun…

We begin with Fi ‘dealing with’ her feelings about Michael reaching out to the intelligence community – I sure as hell wouldn’t volunteer to hold a punchbag for that woman on a good day, let alone having pissed her off the way Michael has. The words ‘glutton’ ‘for’ and ‘punishment’ spring to mind.

Michael is saved from more bruises by a surprise delivery of a yoghurt hamper – two days’ worth apparently – from a ‘friend’ who wants to meet. I love the neat twists that Burn Notice keeps pulling on us – as Michael is scoping the view and his voiceover is explaining the techniques you use to make sure you stay safe when meeting someone new (arrive early, check your escape routes etc), the man sitting behind him declares that he thought Michael would “run surveillance from the bistro because the sight lines are better, but you’re the spy, and this place is better…”

The man is Tom Strickler an ‘agent’ for spies – or as Michael describes him to Sam, a parasite. Strickler brings the news that some Ukrainian Michael upset in the ’90s is in Miami looking for revenge. If Michael can get to him first there’s money in it for him (with Strickler taking ten per cent) – though as Michael points out, he’s not a killer for hire.

As Strickler can’t (or won’t) name the Ukrainian, Michael is forced to use one of Fi’s contacts, Beck – except he can’t use Fi to smooth first contact because she intercepted a couple of Beck’s arms deliveries in the past (“Sparkling new P90s Michael. [dreamy look] They deserved a good  home…”)

The meeting with Beck (The Guy With Connections) doesn’t go well. Not even before the Ukrainians throw flash bang grenades into the restaurant, stun Michael with a taser and drive him and Beck into the Everglades to meet the boss, Chechik. Apparently there are people immune to Michael’s charms and despite Michael’s best efforts to keep them both alive, Beck is for the vast majority of this episode, one of them.

As always, we know Michael will come out on top, but equally, it’s always fun to see exactly how he’s going to get there…

Highlights of The Hunter:

  • Michael to Strickler: “I was always taught never to take yoghurt from strangers…”
  • Strickler to Michael: “We’ll talk soon – unless the Ukrainian cuts your tongue out, right?”
  • Maddy, to Sam, after Strickler sends her new curtains: “No one else gave me a house rewarming present. Not even the guy who blew up my house…”
  • Michael totally keeping his cool as the restaurant is stormed – taking a picture of the bad guy on his phone, dialling Fi and then hiding the phone underneath his sunglasses in a pot plant.
  • Fi turning on the tears in an instant to get past the police and into the restaurant, and turning them off again just as fast.
  • That Fi has her ‘teeth-kicking heels on’…
  • Maddy refusing to let Sam out of the house until he tells her what’s really going on (she’s not buying the going to the movies line): “Really, I’m in the mood for a matinee. Shall I bring a gun too?”
  • Also: “Oh look, there’s Fiona. She never turns up when there’s trouble.”
  • Finally, after Fi tells her the truth: “The second you find anything, I expect you to call me. Sam may I remind you, you’re staying in my guest room. You call me, or as God is my witness I will smother you in your sleep…” [Exit Sam looking perturbed]
  • Apparently Fi can do subtle – “I don’t like to, but I can”. In this case, it’s wandering up to a drunk pilot with a gun stuck in his trousers, flirting for a milisecond before flicking off the gun’s safety (in situ) and saying “Come with me, or say goodbye to your two closest friends…”
  • Maddy succeeding in extracting the location of Chechik from the pilot with a fine line in implied violence and finally making him more afraid of Sam and Fi than of Chechik: “You sure you don’t want a cigarette? … It’s not like you have to worry about getting cancer anymore.”
  • Sam expecting ‘some serious memory loss’ from the airboat rental guy in return for his cash. Not to mention as the bad guys go off to an unpleasant fate and Beck reminds Fi about those P90s: “You know, one day I think we’re going to look back on this as a nice day out in nature.”
  • Finally, Maddy wanting to put Michael in toddler reins and instructing him not to wrinkle her new curtains when he’s sweeping them for bugs left by Strickler’s people.

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One response to “Burn Notice (3.6): If you go down to the woods today, you’d better take some C4

  1. marzillk

    Maddy is so kick-ass. In an S4 episode I watched recently she told Michael if he didn’t do something (won’t say what – spoilers, sweetie) she would put her cigarette out in his eye. Closest I’ve seen Michael come to scared…

    Loved this episode too – for all the reasons you cite above!

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