Burn Notice (3.5): Rocking the boat and hunting ‘aliens’

After last week’s decidedly downbeat ending (Fi disappointed and sorrowful at Michael’s continued determination to get his old job back), we open with Michael and Sam staking out the airport looking for an active field operative ‘who can’t hang up on you’. Well, Michael’s looking, Sam’s having the “most amazing dream … all these beautiful nachos were coming right at me…”

The typically twisty tale leads us to Diego Garza – a (seemingly) straightforward agent who doesn’t want his record sullied by contact with a burned spy. Unhappily for him, Michael isn’t going to take no for an answer…

This week’s client on the other hand is Spencer Wachowski (played by Michael Weston – yes, really) – a paranoid, schizophrenic mathematician who’s off his meds and thinks aliens are killing people. He finds Michael (twice). First by analysing the patterns of explosions and crime rates in Miami and working out which gun range our spy uses, and second by hacking the DMV computer and tracing his address from a parking ticket. Spencer’s incredibly difficult to work with, but underneath the paranoid delusions sharp as a knife.

And, he is of course right that Shannon Park (a VP at the defense firm where Spencer works) is selling government secrets and having people killed. Helping Spencer is not only the right thing to do, it might just help Michael’s cause with the CIA.

Highlights of Signals and Codes:

  • Fi’s comment that Michael’s fake ID photo looks a prom picture. Michael: “I think it makes me look … trustworthy.”
  • Who can blame Linda for falling under Michael’s spell. I’d check a restricted file out for him any day of the week. Twice when he’s using that Southern drawl…
  • Barry charging a $1,000 “annoyance tax” for running an errand that takes him to Tallahassee (where his mother lives, who is still annoyed with Barry for dropping out of podiatry school…).
  • Sam’s subtle hint that Mike needs to buy him a drink after range practice – shooting a cocktail-glass shape in the target (complete with olive).
  • The idea that the modern equivalent of medieval spies posing as lepers and plague victims in order to poke around unnoticed is pretending to be in IT.
  • Charles Finley’s newest torture method – a powerpoint presentation on teamwork (and no ice-cream cake).
  • Michael’s by turns tender and tough treatment of Spencer to keep them both alive and get the evidence to have Shannon arrested, despite Spencer trying his patience to the limit.
  • Sam in best big brother mode (“I actually am kind of a sweetheart”) – hooking Spencer up with a cryptology job (and getting him back on his meds). I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him – Michael’s bound to need his skills before long.

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