Burn Notice (3.4): Greyhounds, C4 and fuzzy navels

Detective Paxson’s newest move on Michael – giving him a highly visible 24-hr police tail – is a neat device.

Not only does it backfire on her when Michael turns up to speak to her while she’s undercover, but it’s also the catalyst for Michael trying a new way to get her off his back – by solving a troublesome case for her.

Thus Paxson, unwittingly, becomes this week’s client as Michael decides to help her clear up an 8-month-old case  by gift-wrapping Rick Matheson (a man who rips off drug dealers and leaves a trail of bodies behind) for her.

Highlights of Fearless Leader:

  • Michael explaining to Paxson why he’s hanging around in the street: “I’m collecting a friend from a poker game. She consumed an alcoholic beverage and I volunteered to be her designated driver… [Fi throws a chair through a window to escape from some thugs.] … she may have consumed two alcoholic beverages.”
  • Sam’s tax audit – prompted by him ‘deducting mojitos’ – and his plan to make the IRS go away, ie seducing Stacey the IRS auditor. This would work better if Stacey wasn’t a) a man and b) the son of someone Sam dated a long time ago.
  • Michael’s grey beach cardigan. I want one. And I want Jeffrey Donovan in my back garden wearing one too.
  • Michael – off to make first contact with Matheson’s middle manager Tommy and seeing the police outside his loft: “I gotta take the over the roof and down the rain gutter exit. Mind keeping ’em busy for me?”
  • Jeffrey Donovan’s versatility – watch how well he mirrors Tommy at the dog track. Not to mention how scarily convincing he and Gabrielle Anwar are at playing dumb, low-rent South Carolina criminals. Reminiscent of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies…
  • Sam explaining to Stacey his ‘documentation’ for the Middle East – a handgun that is neither stolen or a gift. “There was this thing … and then the gun didn’t have an owner anymore.”
  • Sam, after Stacey asks him to estimate the value of food, travel etc from his ladyfriends, by quarters for three years: “I have a headache in my eye.”
  • Michael saving Tommy’s terrible plan for raiding a launderette, and the look on Fi and Sam’s faces as they deploy about 10 per cent of their skills on the job.
  • The neat switch where Tommy tries to protect the gang from Matheson’s frankly fatal plan for them, and Michael comes clean about his plan too.
  • Paxson finally stepping back and giving Michael some breathing room after he hands Matheson to her (not to mention framing him with some of Fi’s C4).
  • Sam ultimately charming Stacey (though not using his usual tactics) and starting him drinking with a fuzzy navel (I love a fuzzy navel if you’re passing Hat Towers with some Archers and orange juice btw.)
  • Fi feels the same way about getting rid of spare C4 that mums feel about food being wasted.

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