Holby City: It’s emergency medicine – deal with it

(Series 13, Ep.40)  It pains me to admit it, it really does, but my overriding feeling watching last night’s Holby was… irritation. Even the glorious Sacha was annoying, though he wasn’t the worst offender.

The Worst Offender prize goes to Sahira Shah the Registrah. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we get the “passionate” thing. We do not need to see her cry, sweat and scream her way through a shift just to prove how much she cares. If that’s what a caring doctor behaves like, I’d much rather have the cool Jac Naylor  – a little less emoting and a little more action, as Elvis Presley didn’t say.

The start of the episode had a weird atmosphere, like it was all going to turn out to be a dream or something. The camera angles were odd, the colours looked washed-out and there was a strange cast of non-speaking extras. These were Sahira’s new team members in her £50,000 Cardiac Trauma Unit. “Why could she not just ask Hanssen for a pony?” muttered Jac between clenched teeth, and that nicely summed the whole, unfair situation up. The CTU had a lovely new telephone that was supposed to ring to let Sahira know a patient was on the way, but when a woman was wheeled in with a lump of metal sticking out of her chest and bleeding profusely, Sahira flapped. The phone hadn’t rung! She didn’t have any notes! Oh, woe! “It’s emergency medicine,” said Jac. “Deal with it.”

Eventually – very eventually, and after a lot of histrionics – Sahira knuckled down, and even managed to save the patient when Jac had completely written her off. Was I alone in wishing the patient would die just to prove Jac right and Sahira wrong? She didn’t die, Jac was wrong, Sahira was right, and we were supposed to admire her tenacity, skills and that bloody passion. Jac, being a better woman than me, did admire those things. I just felt cross and irritated.

Elsewhere, Chrissie was all sulky with Malick for punching Dull Dan, and Malick was sulky with Hanssen for not letting him do operations. So Hanssen said he would let him in on a particularly juicy operation. You know that when a junior doctor is offered this kind of opportunity, something will happen to stop them getting to the theatre on time, and thus it turned out. Malick badly mishandled a mentally ill patient, who managed to get his hands on one of the many sharp objects that they’re fond of leaving around the hospital. So while he was meant to be helping Hanssen, Malick was busy stitching up bread-knife-inflicted wounds on his patient.

To complete a trilogy of tedious tales, Sacha had to decide between two junior doctors who both wanted Dr Penny Valentine’s job. One of them was brainy but with no people skills, and the other one was the daughter of Sir Fraser and had a pashmina. It was all a fine opportunity for Nurse Eddi McKee to practise her gurning skills and for Sacha to be sweet, accidentally offensive and inept. He chose the pashmina woman, though I was past caring by then.

Next time: Oh, deep joy. Funny Little Nurse Tait is back. And Sahira has to put work ahead of family. I can’t wait.

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16 responses to “Holby City: It’s emergency medicine – deal with it

  1. inkface

    Spot on. This episode had irksome written right through it like a stick of rock.

  2. thirtyninthyear

    I live for Hanssen moments. Too few in this one.

    • pauseliveaction

      Indeed. And I worry that his allegiance to Sahira Shah the Registrah may eventually undermine his general magnificence.

  3. Helen

    wow your description of next weeks episode really makes me not want to watch it.

  4. Nikki

    Hello PLA!! Advance apologies for the over-tired over-caffienated response that follows.

    Firstly, *squishes Jac in joy* Shes back!!! Oh I’m so happy. And on FINE FORM. Some gorgeous close ups this week. *flaps excitedly*

    Okay, storyline. Sahira should treasure her Worst Offender prize cos its the only one shes going to get, unless Hanssen gets her a little plaque to put in her non-existant office to publicise CTU. The fancy red phones didnt work. They didnt co-ordinate anything – 3 patients in one theatre? And going between patients with the same set of gloves? Infection control would be fitting in the corner if they saw. Mind you, I think cross-infection was the last of their problems considering the blood squirting everywhere and the blooming great pole sticking out the patients chest (thanks for pointing that out Jac, Sahira did seem to have other things on her mind, like chest x-rays and waiting for the children to arrive) If we’d all listened to Jac in the first place, everything wouldve been fine. But as she rightly said, its supposedly Sahiras team. Womans gotta learn to lead the team if she wants the CTU to succeed. Though at the end there, it did seem they’d overcome their multiple professional differences and decided to be a “team”. I think Jacs lip almost curled in excitement. Emergency Cardiac Medicine. Its like, the Marines of Cardiac Surgery. Its hard-core. And I think Jac likes that.

    And also, seeing Michael jumping out the way cursing everytime a trolley came careering down the hall was WIN. Retrieving his potted plants and everything!

    They do like leaving sharp implements around. You can almost see it waiting to happen. You see the camera focus in on it, and sigh, thinking, hear we go. Malick did admirably overall I think, considering. Even if he was hurrying to get into Hanssens Happy Surgery. And I think, Chrissie turned a corner too. She was quietly lurking, and listening, and I think respected Malick for his patience, his attempts at talking to him. You could see her smiling to herself. Maybe shes learning Malicks not the big bad guy Dan makes him out to be.

    AAU Doctor Idol was a little laughable, even I have to admit that. Take the two furthest opposite people and make them flounce about being Penny for the day, neither of whom measured up to her in my mind. Penny, was a brillaint doctor. Neither of these are. One had serious personality disorder going on, and the other, was a bit of a barbie doll. What on EARTH is Frieda going to think when she gets back? Not only does she have Chantelle to deal with, (Imagine Frieda and Chantelle arguing … LOL) but now Lulu. *eyes roll* AAU will never be the same again.

    Oh well. Jac had some cracking one-liners and anti-cupcake target matches with the bin, and imo, generally owned the episodes awesomeness. Thanks for the review as always PLA!!


  5. .::Big.Bang::.

    I’m pretty sure Michael Spence said this: ‘“Why could she not just ask Hanssen for a pony?”’

    And really, yesterday’s episode was shit.

    • pauseliveaction

      Nope, it was Jac http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mhd6 04:10. Just after her beautiful work with the cupcake.

      • .::Big.Bang::.

        Now I feel ashamed, oh so ashamed… I think I’ll go in a corner and cry. 😦
        BTW, do the HC dudes read this blog…? It’s rather funny.

      • pauseliveaction

        Please don’t cry, BB. It gave me an excuse to look at that cupcake moment again. Poetry in motion, that Jac Naylor.

        Yes, some HC people read the blog. James Anderson does, and I think also Niamh McGrady (Mary-Claire).

  6. Corumba Love

    Agree totally; this episode was – you chose the exact word for it – irritating from start to finish. After quite some weeks of characters being consistent to themselves, this time around the bulk of the cast were shoehorned into a plot that had them acting the very definition of ‘out of character.’

    One example of many: since when has Malick taken any sort of crap from a patient? And why was he left all alone to deal with every aspect of him (Chrissie-Wissy’s self righteous sulk notwithstanding)?

    Only Jac and Hanssen managed to rise above it and remain anything like close to their normal characters. I like to think that each actor cares deeply about who he/she plays (after all nobody else on the crew has that single responsibility) because that is the career on show. So when an episode like this mess comes along I’d hope that there is a lot of angry shouting during rehearsals.

    As for the competing F1s, Pasha and Gnasher, it was embarrassing to see them having to play 2D single issue cartoons like that.

    Quite often HC will pull something out of the bag by the end of a poor episode. Not this time and, like you, I was past caring. The only pleasure was reading this review and the comments to find that I am not alone (although Old Girl says I should be – and that’s my one lame attempt at humour this week). Oh, and also the fact that you picked up on Eddi Bob’s facial t(r)ickery.

  7. Rich

    Come on guys it was worth it for this bit alone.

    Malick: “You don’t have anyone like me!”

    Hansen: “A stastic I’m satisfied with”

    • Paul

      Hmm – but surely that was a repeat from quite a long time ago? Ie – Malick’s initial “You’ve hit a consultant – but now this is your final chance” moment that introduced the character.

  8. I agree, Rich. This was the only decent line the scriptwriters came up with in the whole stinking episode, and of course they gave it to Hanssen. So shines a good deed in a weary world.

  9. missingLindenCullen

    I thought that the whole point of the CTU was that the doctors travelled in the ambulance so that they were able to start treating the patient earlier. Or am I just confused by Sahira’s bewildering pitch?

    Off topic but … does anyone else follow Duncan Pow (aka the late Mr Linden Cullen) on Twitter? The guy is such a tool.!

  10. Tess

    I will only say this…

    ‘Luuuuuuuulu’……gotta love He-Who-Looms.

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