Casualty: You’ve got to have faith

(Series 25, Ep.44) This Casualty and Holby concept of using the patients to illuminate the inner psyches of the regular cast (which loyal readers will by now know I call “Speak Your Brains“) is getting ridiculous. This week, top-of-the-range guest artistes Andrew Sachs and Anita Dobson were made to suffer as a bullied and beleaguered Jewish couple, basically to give Mads the oomph she needed to report her assault to the police. Rachel and Mendel Lan (Dobson and Sachs) were pharmacists who’d been bothered by a nasty, heroin-addicted thug for years, so Rachel took it upon herself to add a little something extra to the methadone he was forcing her to give him, but not before her husband had been seriously injured.

It didn’t end well – the old man had a stroke and Rachel was arrested, but not before pouring out her woes to Mads, and her regrets that the thug hadn’t been stopped earlier. Mads gave it that wide-eyed stare and nodded a bit, and then told Lenny (whom she’d earlier told about the attack) that she was now ready to talk to the police. Credit here to Ashley Artus, who played DI Berkeley. It’s not often that an actor with a bit-part as a policeman in Casualty manages to exhibit any personality, but DI Berkeley was quirky and realistically patronising (he talked very s-l-o-w-l-y to Rachel, who was both getting on a bit and had an accent).

The episode was called Pascal’s Wager, a term which I confess I had to look up. It apparently means that, in the absence of any proof either way as to the existence of God, it makes more sense to live life as if he/she/it does exist, because you’ll be happier. Something like that, anyway. I’m not quite sure how that related to the episode, apart from the Lans were Jewish and Mads is Muslim, but still…

In other news, Dr Dylan Keogh slept in his car so the homeless girl from last week could sleep in his houseboat, but when he found her collapsed, and found out she was only 15, he was in big trouble. Thanks to his ninja-level diagnostic skills he managed to get out of the fine mess he was in, and save her life, but not before a short period of being unemployed, when Nick Jordan told him to resign. He’s now been reinstated, again, which is good news because he fancies Dr Zoe Hanna, and it’s been too long since we’ve seen the old Dr Zoe Hanna magic in full force. After a spot of after-work flirtatious banter, she sauntered off. “Stop waggling!” said Dr Dylan. “Stop looking!” she threw back at him. But of course he won’t. Ah, those trademark Dr Zoe Hanna pencil skirts. Fabulous.

Next time: Oh, look out. Adam’s fabled “god complex” is back.

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5 responses to “Casualty: You’ve got to have faith

  1. Nikki

    Dr Dylan is something of a medical genius isnt he, which would be great if his name were House and he ran a Diagnostics department (he does like CDU doesnt he) but hes not. He has to be a teamplayer. Talk to colleagues. Accept help. But he doesnt! And his problems are all his own doing. So Ive got no sympathy. But seeing him arguing with Zoe and then bantering later made me giggle. They’d be the most hilarious couple.

    I nice reprieve from Adam and Kirsty, which looks like its back next week.

    And for the record Im glad Mads has done the right thing. She was having little to no interaction with the rest of the cast, even Lennie she was shutting out. And it was making her a boring character. So hopefully she’ll intigrate more now as it plays out.

    Holby tomorrow PLA! 🙂

  2. Tillmaster

    Ok so this episode was better because of the absence of Adam and Kirsty, who are unfortunately back next week. It was less about Adam and his apparent God Complex, and more about my new favourite, Dylan. Loved the stuff with Zoe!
    I’ve also heard that next series because of 25 years of Casualty, there’s going to be a big storyline and stuff between Zoe and Dylan and Ruth and Jay. Yay!
    Sad that Zoe and Jordan aren’t getting back together, as it says but we can always hope…

    • inkface

      This is a dangerous question Pause, but in that Jane Horrocks quotation you tweeted about botox & characters in Holby & Casualty, who do you think she was referring to? The first person who popped into my head was Adam!

  3. Nita

    I love casualty and I have for about 4 years now
    Nita kirsty Adam and Warren rock most though

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