Burn Notice (3.3): No good deed goes unpunished

This week sees the return of Michael’s sweet but slightly useless brother Nate. Poor Nate is being pressured by Detective Paxson to flip on his brother, but more worryingly he’s an unwitting hostage to Brennan, the nasty arms dealer who straps bombs to kids and who was bested by Michael in a previous episode. Which means Michael and Sam’s plan to get Paxson off their case goes on hold while Michael runs errands for Brennan to keep Nate alive.

Luckily Brennan seems to have learned little from his first encounter with Michael and underestimates our burned spy. Again.

Michael, sent into a building to steal some classified hardware, demonstrates his inventiveness at making a antenna to boost a mobile phone Bluetooth signal (using a coat hanger, some washers, pencils and a Pringles tube), and sends everything on Brennan’s phone to Sam – who proceeds (with Barry’s help) to comb the information for something useful.

Also, we learn to sell our innocence with an injury. Though I don’t think I’d be prepared to slash my own arm with a piece of glass. (This is probably why I’m not employed by any intelligence agencies…)

Michael’s next job is to get a man called Jonathan Carver to say his name and the numbers 0 to 10 near  a hidden voice recorder, so that Brennan can make a voice key. A quickly staged car accident secures all but the number 8. You have to adore Michael’s technique and persistence for getting the last digit…

Having stolen the hardware that Brennan wants, Michael uses everything he’s learned from Sam (plus some C4 from Fi and a nifty British accent from Barry) to find Brennan’s weak spot – his daughter Annabell – to get revenge for the arms dealer shooting Nate in the arm and send him away without his prize.

End Run highlights:

  • Barry – always good value, this week he gets to make insinuations about Sam living with Madelaine, tell us that his salon is in the neighbourhood of the Westen family home and introduce Michael’s mum to eucalyptus-infused hair gel. Oh and he’s hired an ‘intern’ called Fabien. It almost makes you want a metrosexual money-launderer in your life.
  • Sam’s almost as good at building things as he is at destroying them.
  • Fi’s technique for leaving the car park when Michael’s in trouble…
  • Brennan’s lie that “an hour from now I’m just a guy who sends you [Michael] mean-spirited Christmas cards.”
  • Sam deducing that they’ve only just missed Nate (who he and Fi are trying to rescue) because the beer’s still cold.
  • Mike [to Sam] “Does Fi have any C4?”. Sam “Well, it’s Fi Mike. You gotta ask?”

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