Holby City: Malick’s got form, but Dan’s got the guilty conscience

(Series 13, Ep.39) We picked up where we left off last week, with Malick having just punched Dull Dan. And bravo to the makeup department for making Dan’s nose look particularly gory and horrible. Gushing blood like the proverbial stuck pig, Dan staggered down several corridors leaving a messy trail behind him. He wasn’t bothered about hygiene or the poor person who’d have to clean up after him. He was mainly bothered about what Chrissie would say when she saw him all busted up, and how he would explain it, without mentioning the “I kissed a boy and I liked it” bit. What Malick didn’t want was to be sacked from yet another job for punching yet another consultant.

Dan’s first attempt at an explanation went along the lines of, “I got in the middle of a fight between a father and a son.” Chrissie is no fool, and she knew that wasn’t true, otherwise it would have been the talk of the hospital coffee bar and Dan would be filling out incident report forms in triplicate. She also spotted that Dan was acting very weirdly around Malick – though he’s been doing that for about a month now without her noticing anything. “It was Malick, wasn’t it?” she said, and Dan fell to his knees sobbing, “It’s always been Malick! He has something you can’t give me, Chrissie!” Actually no, he didn’t say that. What he said was that he’d tried to hit Malick first, and missed.

For reasons best known to herself, Chrissie marched off to Hanssen with this information, and he in return produced possibly the finest loom of his entire career so far when he materialised in a corridor to summon Dan to a meeting in his office at four o’clock. Never have the words “four” and “o’clock” sounded so ominous. So four o’clock was Dan’s High Noon, and he took Malick along too, so they could both pretend they knew nothing and hadn’t done anything and were both somewhere else when Dan fell and hit his face on a… thing. Hanssen’s even less of a fool than Chrissie, but what can you do when people close rank?  

Chrissie was still dissatisfied with Dan’s explanations, so he said he’d been winding Malick up with some homophobic comments. This was plausible, because he’s said a few unsavoury things in the past.  Chrissie accepted it and let him off with A Look of Grave Disappointment, and they left the hospital arm-in-arm, leaving Malick pondering them from the Window of Regret.

Meanwhile, Michael Spence and Plastic Bhatti argued over who should be the Face of Plasticity in their shiny new brochure. Plastic Bhatti thinks it should be him, because people are willing to pay a premium for a bit of Bhatti magic, and he’s terribly photogenic (he thinks). Michael had to do some reconstructive surgery on a girl who also had a heart problem. Miss Naylor being unavailable (boo!), Sahira Shah the Registrah was bleeped over, and she advised a postponement of the surgery, on the sensible grounds that the patient might die. When it all went tits-up (quite literally), Plastic Bhatti kind of saved the day with a spot of advice, but it was really Sahira and her proper medical skills that were impressing Michael. I’m thinking just give him a few weeks and we’ll be able to woo him away from plastics, no problem.

Sacha appeared to be moving on emotionally this week. He removed Chrissie from a photo of her and Daniel that was in his locker, so it looks like he’s given up all hope there. Then he went all flirtatious with an elderly  patient’s daughter. Well, flirtatious Sacha-style, which is only one step up the socially awkward yet sweet ladder from Elliott Hope. It was all going wonderfully, until he had to talk to the woman about her father’s medical problem. As a side-effect of his medication, he (the old man, not Sacha) had a permanent and painful erection. She was far too grown-up to stick her fingers in her ears and shout “Blah blah blah!” but you could tell she wanted to, rather than hearing that her old man was having trouble with his old man. That, and the arrival of her husband, spelled the end of Sacha’s ambitions in the romance department. Eddi did warn him.

Next time: Jac and Sahira lock horns; Malick has to prove himself to Hanssen; and Sacha has to make a choice.

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6 responses to “Holby City: Malick’s got form, but Dan’s got the guilty conscience

  1. Nikki

    *gives Chrissie a shake* WAKE UP GIRL!!! Ugh, this is taking its toll on me, this storyline. If they said Chrissies not stupid once, they said it a hundred times this episode, and yet, she doesnt see whats right in front of her. And thats what, lets count, 3 times now Macho-macho Malick and Exceedingly Dull Dan have had fisticuffs? They have some serious make-up snogging to do. Either Dan needs to face facts, and do the right thing (which Im thinking isnt gonna happen) or Malick needs to speak to Chrissie. Theyre friends right? YET he had his oppurtunity to tell her, and instead lies (well, its truth but its covering a bigger truth) saying only that Dan swung at him first. And what does she do? SHE DOESNT BELEIVE HIM!! Meaning, even if he had said about The Big Bad Kiss, she wouldnt have beleived that either. MEANING, Dan in essense, totally had Malick. If he’d been any less in denial and actually realised the situation, he’d have seen he could stitch up Malick big time – report Malick hit him, deny the kiss ever happened, Malick would be put up on disciplinary and he’d have Chrissie all to himself to use and abuse with no-one there to stop him. But no.

    Darwin-drama squicked me out a bit. When in the history of time has a Consultant bought a patient a bra?? In the words of Frieda, weird no? And not being funny, those “horris hospital ones” have to be worn for 3 months post-op. 3 months girl! So she better get used to the idea. Good to see Michaels building frustration with Plastic Bhatti, and the fact he cant do real surgery anymore. I liked Michaels constant disapproving face, he must have got awful tired pulling it every scene! Bhatti does annoy me though. Hes like Michael at the height of his charm offence but amplified x 100, and smarm like that just doesnt get him anywhere in my books. Added to which, his prescence on screen has in recent weeks, pushed Mary-Claire off screen! WHERES MARY-CLAIRE?!

    Added to which, WHERES JAC? She would have *loved* the oppurtunity to thwart a high-profile plastics case. (In my books, she was totally off visiting Connie. Getting some world class ninja surgery time, Connie taking her to all the nicest restuarants, generally being treated like a princess …. *slaps self* Oh sorry mind running away again ….) . Anyway! Sahira did a fine job of being replacement!Jac, even pulled her back like her and everything, swaggered around a bit and acted all argumentative with Spence & Bhatti Inc – and rightly so I mean, VSD people. Not everyday you come across that. But better written than Keller!Drama.

    And down we trundle to AAU where Sacha, bless his heart, is having to face facts. Mind I was shouting at him on telly like “Dont give up hope Sacha!” and somewhere a butterfly died when he folded that picture over. Nearly broke my heart he did. *hugs him* But he has to, man up, move on, and straight into swooning after Unobtainable Rosalind (bit like Romeo, isnt he. He lamented after a Rosalind. Ooh metaphor.) and wittering about minotaurs and such. Hes such a goof, but so adorable!! I’d work with him. He’d cheer everyone up when theyre having a bad day. He even cheered Old Mr Timms up so much he almost bought him a dirty mag! Which made me giggle endlessly. But where Sacha fell flat in being able to deal with it, Eddi excelled. Her banter with Old Mr Timms was really lovely, and calming down an otherwise awkward situation. Shes clever is our Eddi. She like, can see situations and react, not neccaserily how you or I would, but it works. And her and Sacha are cute as buttons together. Pefect casting!

    Looking forward to the girl!fighting next week. Jac return from her three-day trip to Connies ….

    • pauseliveaction

      In that scene at the end with the old man, Eddi behaved like a real nurse, didn’t she? A real good nurse, like my dear old mum. So kind and sensitive, with a little bit of beautifully-judged banter to make him feel less embarrassed. Sarah-Jane Potts has the potential to be a classic Holby nurse, as long as they give her scenes like this and don’t force the poor woman to a lifetime of pulling wry faces at end-of-scene reaction shots.

      In an interview with Digital Spy, the Holby series producer Myar Craig-Brown made some interesting comments about the Dan/Malick situation:

      “It really isn’t a ‘coming out’ storyline. The focus really is on Dan’s character. Dan is Mr Conventional – he wants Chrissie, he wants the wife, the house, the career and 2.4 children. It won’t be about him coming out and coming to terms with his sexuality. If anything, the kiss with Malick has made him even more determined to try to have a conventional life – because that’s what he wants the most.”

      What do you think? To me that’s not at all how it’s coming across. The locker-room kiss with Malick looked far more real than any scene Dan’s had with Chrissie.

  2. Nikki

    I’m sure I’ve read a snippet of that interview before, and I’m with you. Its not how its coming across at all – more like, hes always wanted The Conventional Life, thats how he was brought up, what hes always expected to want and not worked out why up till now, things havent fallen into place. And that, since the kiss hes really struggling with his identity. Who is he really? What does he want from life? Its not even like it was a drunken snog (which girls can pull off, but guys not so much) it was heated, it came from somewhere. And it scares him. Thats why he acts out to the degree he does, lies and manipulates Chrissie to try and confirm his pre-existing self-belief. Im straight. Look how straight I am kissing my girlfriend. See. Like he trying to convince himself; not Malick, or us.

    Thats why I worry about Chrissie. The more he tries to act “conventional” the more hes going to be pressuring her.

    And its not just that, its storyline. How the writers are handling this whole thing. Cos one day soon it’ll move on and they’ll all act like it never happened. That Chrissie was never in danger from a potentially abusive man – I mean what if she found out the extent of their fighting? That all that time shes had him round her house, hes been this potentially whole other person and she couldnt see it? That would mess with your head big time. And that Malick had never thought farther than his own backyard. Hes meant to have a thing about domestic violence right? His mother and all that? He knows Dan. And hes Chrissies friend. Come on! I’m not saying Dans violent. Im just saying theres potential. And the gravity of that is so far being ignored. I reackon, anyway.

    I mean remember back in, oh, season 9 ish? After Lord Byrnes funeral and that? Joseph hits Jac. Twice. He punches her to the ground. She gets up. He does it again. To the point her nose is bleeding and shes bruised her cheek from hitting a bench as she fell. BAD. Yet everyone, a few months later, was all swooning how cute Jac and Jospeh are, oh everyone wants them to get back together. WTF! He beat her up! They made his exit all big and emotional and made it come across like she was the cold-hearted one for picking her career over him. What crap! You dont just forget someone doing that to you. Joseph, and Dan, are both being made out to be sympathetic characters, which I just dont like.

    Sorry for the ramble. Weve had a number of heated debates in the house on this issue! But Im glad youre noticing the weirdness too. 🙂

    • pauseliveaction

      I’m in a state of shock and may need to reach for the smelling salts (or gin). Joseph hit Jac? How come I don’t remember that? I honestly don’t. Clearly my mind could not compute my very adored World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon doing something so awful. Thanks to the marvels of YouTube, I find you’re quite correct http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q6Y8hjD7jY How upsetting.

      I think your analysis of how Dan’s feeling is correct.

  3. Corumba Love

    I didn’t pick up that Jac was getting a masterclass in being Beauchamp. In fact I didn’t really notice much at all of the important stuff this week. This being the case, it’s all inconsequential obs from here on in.

    Fiirst of all, has Sah the Shah been at the botox, drunk a little less beer than usual before filming or simply changed her make-up? Couldn’t work out whether she looked better or worse; she certainly looked different.

    Then there’s Nurse Bob, Eddi. I do like the cheeky face and cheekier barnet, but I can’t help thinking that all her acting is for the camera. Now I know that sounds daft, it is a TV show after all, but much as Michael Spence’s shiny suits are at odds with an essentially decent character, so Sarah-Jane Potts’ obsession with facial ticks, clicks and whirrs is distracting and gets in the way of her building a decent performance. It’s as if she’s taken that soapy lingering close-up at the end of each scene to a new level by getting down and dirty with the camera throughout. Perhaps when she gets her own storyline things’ll get better: getting plastered on Thunderbird wine would require anything but a perked fizzog backed up by not very much at all.

    As a nurse, however, Eddi is the bee’s. I enjoyed her sorting out poor old Mr Timms (You could almost see the veins throbbing all over his, ooh, forehead) when Sacha found himself caught between the daughter, almost but not quite a rock, and a hard place. I know, I know, sorry – just parcel me up and label as smut.

    However, it’s a rum old hospital canteen that has the lad mags next to the latte, top shelf fayre nuzzling up against the fresh fruit. Oops. Soz again, bye now.

  4. I know I’m late, but I love this review Sue. Brings it all back with absolute clarity. Hanssen’s first incarnation. Dan and Malick’s thing. Sigh. So glad Hanssen’s back, and his looming is better than ever.

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