Casualty: Adam knows best

(Series 25, Ep.44) Last week, we were informed that Adam has a “god complex.” Frankly I’m not seeing it, myself. What I’m seeing is a doctor who’s trying to do the best for his patients and grappling with moral dilemmas. He doesn’t always choose the path through the moral dilemma that others would, but that’s the nature of moral dilemmas and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve got a god complex.

Maverick Nurse Kirsty disagrees with me, because Adam is way more maverick than she is at the moment, and she’s not happy. This is the woman who used to enjoy testing rules to breaking point. Anyway, the moral maze in which Adam found himself this week concerned a man who was dying of mesothelioma, which he’d got by being in contact with asbestos from his father’s factory. He was about to testify in a law suit against the company, currently owned by his brother, Gary Kemp out of Spandau Ballet. Gary really needed the brother out of the way so he didn’t testify, and tried to persuade Adam that his patient didn’t want to be resuscitated. Adam saw through the handiness of this scheme, however, so Gary resorted to a spot of cyanide poisoning. This unlikely eventuality was spotted by Dr Dylan Keogh, and Gary ended up in the police station, and the brother lived just long enough to do his testimony via video link. Maverick Nurse Kirsty was cross that Adam chose to tell the brother that Gary had tried to kill him. “It wasn’t your call, Adam,” she told him. Technically, maybe not – but Adam’s actions seemed fairly sound to me.  

Charlie had brought adorable granddaughter Megan in to work, because the crèche was closed due to a bug. Of course, Charlie was busy, because he’s always busy, so he handed the care of Megan to Noel. Noel is always busy, mainly pretending to be busy, so he tried to palm the infant on to Dr Zoe Hanna. “Do you know me?” she asked him, rating herself at the bottom of the Holby maternal instinct ladder (has she met Jac Naylor?). One rung up is the lovely Dr Ruth Winters, but  since she’s on water jug-filling and pen-pushing duties for the time being, she volunteered to take care of Megan.

Dr Dylan overheard her singing to the baby to stop her crying. “I could sedate it,” he offered. “If you were singing to me, sedation’s the very least I would expect.” For the first time, I actually liked Dr Dylan in this episode. He and Ruth made an unlikely but amusing pair. He’s probably the one person in the hospital with fewer social skills than Ruth, and she’s probably the only person who doesn’t make any demands on him to be friendly, warm or indeed human. Dylan’s best – and only – friend is his dog, Dervla, and she’s much more sociable. At the end of the episode she’d invited a homeless girl to come and stay at Keogh Towers. I just hope Dylan isn’t going to get all friendly and caring just when I was starting to like him.

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4 responses to “Casualty: Adam knows best

  1. Nikki

    A much more amusing Casualty this week, restoring at least a little faith. It does seem to move slower than Holby though, maybe thats why. Its one department y’know? Least on Holby we can zip back and for between AAU, Keller and Darwin (not Gynae anymore tho like back in the old days). Maybe thats why it seems more stagnant. Just a thought.

    Adam and his moral dilemmas do get more and more complicated. And I hate to be the bearer of reality, but it wouldnt have been much of a dilemma if we knew a few more details. Like was there a copy of his DNR form in his notes? The Oncologist would know if a decision had been made even if the form was lost from his notes. And what was the date? I seem to remember Adam commenting it was like 6 monhts old, making it void anyway. They need to be reviewed every 6 months. So really, Brother Gary’s attempts at thwarting werent all that good if you go beneath the surface tension. But still, dilemma none the less. You wouldnt exactly want to discount the family’s opinion and that, so Adam still wouldve been in some murky water. Great acting on the Mesothelioma Guy’s part, just to say. He had a hard job and acted it so well.

    Maverick Nurse Kirsty was being Adam’s external conscience wasnt she? Which makes a change. Maybe shes grown up a bit after all the chaos of her former storyline.

    And yeah me too! Dr Dylan is kinda hilarious. Cos hes so abrupt and hands off, but hes adorable because hes not doing it on purpose! He just doesnt understand folk. You know? Ruth was making valuable use of her time delivering water jugs (werent any NA’s around obviously) so at least she was doing her bit to keep patients hyrdated! Though knowing her she’d probably give it to someone nil by mouth or what have you.

    And actually PLA I’ll have you know, Jacs more maternal than you think! Just because her own mother abandoned her and she wants to stay as far away from commitment and children as she can (Dr Zoes probably with her on that front) doesnt mean she cant calm a distressed infant. She even delivered Jess’s baby if you recall! Perfect person to have in a crisis.

    Case in point:

    Fast forward to 9:26 mins.

    • pauseliveaction

      Awww, so cute! I’d completely forgotten that little scene. I’m sure Jac would say it was just a lapse of concentration, though.

      And thank you for mentioning mesothelioma guy’s acting. It was Pete Lee-Wilson, whom I recognised from loads of stuff when he was younger (and he’s been in Casualty five times in different roles). It can’t have been easy acting all that coughing and gasping for breath, but he was totally convincing – quite painful to watch.

      Loving your comments, as always.

  2. Tillmaster500

    Dylan’s always been one of my favourites, and I really liked the stuff up in CDU, cos it just made me laugh! Everyone else who was watching were all like “Shhh!” and I was like “lol!”.
    Also, where’s the old Kirsty gone? I think she’s been replaced by Linda, if you ask me. I hate her even more now she’s not breaking the rules Maverick Nurse Kirsty (Which I have started calling her, much to the annoyance of my family) anymore.
    Still standing by my earlier comment: Adam should be left out of an episode or two, and they can move on. Ever since Jessica left him LAST SERIES he’s gone wacko. then he had a sane moment and now hes back punching things and being grumpy.

    • pauseliveaction

      I so agree about Adam. Enough of the wacko, and enough of the flippin’ “god complex” nonsense. Nick Jordan is deity enough for one department.

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