Burn Notice (3.2): Another week, another nemesis

So with Carla, Michael’s season 2 nemesis, finally despatched by Fi, we clearly need a new source of trouble for our Miami-bound ex-spy. Welcome Detective Paxson (played by Moon Bloodgood) – a stalker with a badge, according to Sam, who has noticed that a lot of things have been blowing up since Michael arrived in town and who, despite being ‘progressive’ is certain a woman didn’t do it…

Which leaves Michael trying to complete this week’s job (a referral from one of Fi’s bail jump clients) and rescue a stash of C4 (which Fi points out wouldn’t now be a problem if he’d let make some of her past explosions bigger) while avoiding Dt Paxson.

Job of the week turns out to be rescuing a young boy who’s been kidnapped. Along the way we learn how to conduct surveillance (don’t jump to the rescue when your client gets a good kicking from the bad guy) and the art of reverse interrogation (be prepared to let Sam Axe – or rather Chuck Finley – punch you a lot and draw information from your interrogator).

And let’s not forget than Madelaine is trying to arrange a birthday tea for Michael (“We’re celebrating birthdays now?… Okay, where are we getting takeout from?” Love the way Sharon Gless hides the takeaway menus from us, even though she’s arranging dinner over the phone. “Who said anything about takeout…?”)

Question and Answer highlights:

  • Michael’s unique way of bringing Howard (the boy’s father) down – with a moving car and an open driver’s door.
  • Fi’s idea of a relaxation exercise for the boy’s mum: “I want you to close your eyes and breathe deep … picture a peaceful mountain stream … picture yourself drowning the kidnapper in the stream … you’re taking a rock from the stream … raising it above your head and with tremendous force you’re bringing [it down on his head].”
  • Bruce Campbell’s hot even just licking a spoon.
  • Promoting the notion that torture doesn’t get you reliable information. Are you listening CIA waterboarders?
  • Santora the kidnapper to Michael (pretending to be Chuck Finley’s junkie snitch): “I want you to tell me who is trying to rip me off!”. Michael: “And I want a house on Star Island filled with strippers and bikinis, but wishing just doesn’t make it so man!”
  • Sam turning a Mexican standoff into a bloodbath with a smile and a single gunshot into the lawn.
  • Sam’s birthday present to Sam – a five-pack of imported Belgian beer – and Fi’s present  – a bayonet. Happy birthday Michael!

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2 responses to “Burn Notice (3.2): Another week, another nemesis

  1. marzillk

    I’m so pleased you’re reviewing Burn Notice S3! Finally ordered S4 – don’t think I can wait for 5* to show it!

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