Waterloo Road: Long live WR!

(Series 7, Ep.10) Whenever I think of Chris Mead, I shall picture him bounding like a young gazelle across Formby sands in pursuit of Finn and Amy. It was a magnificent feat of athleticism, and one which he reprised in the final episode of this term, as he jogged gamely along the platform at Manchester Piccadilly Station to save Scout and Our Little Liam from evil drug dealer types. Not a hair out of place. Breathtaking. Scout, however, was less impressed. She didn’t want to go into “curr.” She curred so much about not going into curr that she made Denzil swurr not to tell anyone that she was planning to take Liam, a fistful of drugs money and a packed lunch to That London on a train. But Denzil is a curring type of lad and he’s seen the documentaries, so he told Chris what was going on.

Chris’s hasty departure from the school premises in pursuit was badly timed for Karen, who was busy trying to impress school inspector Alison (Tracy-Ann Obermann). Throw in Finn, Josh, Amy and Lauren taking a turn around the school car park in Tom Clarkson’s car, via the cycling proficiency class helmed by nervous cyclist Daniel Chalk, and you have all the makings of what most school inspectors would term “failure.” “Your deputy head just seriously undermined your authority, minutes after four of your pupils were caught joyriding,” summed up Inspector Alison. Put that way, it didn’t sound good.  

The TWOCing of a teacher’s car was only a side issue, though (it was Finn’s way of expressing his grief over Sam, you know). Inspector Alison was most disturbed by the news about Chris Mead allowing Scout and Liam to use his lovely home as a B&B. She got on the phone to The Authorities, and Slimeball wasted no time in ordering Karen to pack her belongings and get the heck out of Waterloo Road.

So while Chris was busy rescuing Scout from a hideous fate on the Euston-bound platform, Karen was sadly carrying her little box of desk accessories out of the school. But while she’d been packing, the rest of the school had been getting busy, and the entire cast and assorted extras had assembled on the roof and the front steps with badly-drawn placards. They were not going to let Waterloo Road go without a fight. Karen’s face as she realised what was going on was an absolute picture – it takes a good actress to maintain that perfect balance between smiling and crying, and the absolute believability of Karen even when all around her is getting pretty ludicrous is why Amanda Burton will be so much missed from the show.

Eleanor Chaudery came good in the end by rounding up her press contacts to give the protest maximum publicity. Kyle Stack came very good by throwing an egg at Slimeball. With such a display of solidarity (and throwing accuracy), Inspector Alison had no option but to award the school a positive review, although Karen’s future hangs in the balance as she has to wait for a formal meeting to decide if she stays or goes. She ended the episode happily enough, though, in cosy coupledom with newly-qualified teacher Robson Green.

One person who’s definitely going is Chris Mead, who admitted to Karen that he’ll always be a bit of a renegade and would never learn to play by the rules. He doesn’t know what he’s going to be doing next, but it could well involve a spot of light jogging.

As well as Eleanor, Aiden also decided to come good. Rattled by the news of Vicki losing her (his) baby, he told Jess he wanted to be a sensible and supportive father for her (his) baby. So they went  hand in hand into the Rochdale sunset, and I suppose that’s the last we’ll see of them. When Waterloo Road returns in the autumn, there are going to be a lot of new faces.

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13 responses to “Waterloo Road: Long live WR!

  1. remotecontrolled

    World class acting from Burton there. Such a shame she’s going and in the ridiculous way I dreaded she would of a wishy washy ending so she can disappear and they can half drop it in in conversation in the staff room next series, if they even bother to do that. I think I kind of prefer Eleanor as a goody, I don’t like annoying villains and they couldn’t have kept her past this series if they hadn’t had her redeem herself. WIll miss Chris a lot and Jess but glad to see the back of Aiden, couldn’t stand him – still guess they have to go raise their real life baby too seeing as they’re both in their mid twenties. Hope next series has a good revamp as frankly pretty disappointed with this one – all bar Rob/Karen storyline and Sam’s. Obviously gutted about lack of caravan/bludgeoning/cake vandalism/pigs but eggs will have to do! Hooray for turn of Matt as well! Hope Steph drops in when he’s back as loved their chemistry! Do wish though he’d popped up during the Sam storyline but I guess Tom had to have the Replacement Dad position.

  2. pauseliveaction

    I loved Steph and Matt’s double act, too. I miss Steph – it would be great to have her popping back again. I’d forgotten about Matt and Sam, until PLA Jr mentioned it the other day when I told her Matt was coming back.

    I thought it was an ok series. Obviously the Sam story was a huge highlight, and there were other things like the boy who wanted to be a girl. There were also some fairly weak moments and episodes. I agree with you I’m glad to see the back of Aiden. Horrible character.

    • remotecontrolled

      True, there were some gems espeically at the beginning, think just round about the Evie storyline went a bit downhill. Still love it though! 😀

  3. remotecontrolled

    and her stare was really creepy! Almost had the look of a kille…..oh hang on.

  4. ellie

    I love this blog, only just stumbled across it but it’s very entertaining, well done!
    I’m going to miss many of the characters leaving, especially Rob and Chris (I may have a bit of a crush on them), I find it unfair that when Steph took Maxine in and allowed her to stay the night, she’s a saint, when Chris does it the entire school fails an inspection and he’s forced to give up teaching.

  5. BigBossyBoots

    No more ‘Waterloo Road’ until the autumn to entertain my household on a Wednesday evening. No PLA summaries to chuckle over on a Thursday afternoon…
    I assume that Ronan, Vicky and the junior Fishers will also all be gone next term? Ronan was like Ruby, both hilariously funny for 90% of the time, and then suddenly they were as complex as a Josh or a Karen. (I miss Ruby!)
    Scout stood out for me this series – wonderful. How did the scriptwriter’s resist having Chris foster her and her little brother?! That would have been too soppy and unrealistic even for WR, I suppose…

    • ellie

      Ronan’s still there thank god and I’m presuming Vicki is too so they can carry on the Ronan Vicki getting back together storyline

      • pauseliveaction

        That’s excellent news. Waterloo Road wouldn’t be the same without Ronan. When he leaves school, he needs to get a job there so he can stay, like Janeece did. I’m thinking he’d be rather good at pastoral care. Better than Pious Kim Campbell, anyway.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    How brilliant! I think Waterloo Road will live for a long time.

  7. Nita

    sad sam died glad finn was joyriding

  8. Valerian

    Could anyone say why it is a problem that a teacher took sb (Scout and Liam) in his home for one night when she and his brother had nowhere to go? Is it illeagal or …?

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