Holby City: I simply can’t let you go

(Series 13, Ep.38) Ooh, these buttoned-up, ice cool, intellectual types. Under a beautifully-ironed shirt, a suit and a sensible tie there’s all sorts of passion absolutely seething away, and there’s no moment more sexually charged than the one in which a bit of seethe is allowed to escape.

So we have Henrik Hanssen: Swedish, solid, sensible – like IKEA furniture but more scary. A man who would not be moved, apart from the fact that he is deeply in love with Sahira Shah the Registrah. She’s his physical and emotional opposite, the sun to his moon, the yang to his yin etc etc.

Miss Shah does not want the CT service on Darwin to go down the pan. We’re all with her on that one, and so are Jac, Elliott and Irish Dr Greg. Sahira, however, is the only one that Hanssen listens to.  “What has she got that we haven’t?” muses Jac, as the three of them eavesdrop on Hanssen and Shah slugging it out in his office. “Breasts?” hazards Greg, quickly adding, “Not that yours aren’t spectacular.” I loved the way Jac quickly readjusted her top just in case she was showing any unprofessional cleavage. She wasn’t.  

Such is the grip that Sahira has on Hanssen’s soul that she almost literally gets away with murder. Gets away with keeping critically ill patients who shouldn’t be there in the first place in the basement, and not noticing when they’ve been stabbed, anyway. Not a whiff of disciplinary proceedings followed this mad episode. Indeed it only made Sahira rave on even more about being passionate (we get it, love, you don’t have to tell us every five minutes), and threaten to take her passion elsewhere (Newcastle, in fact) if her talents weren’t going to be appreciated in Holby.

And it worked. Hanssen followed her into the corridor, and in a voice loaded with emotion told her, “Even though I know it’s not what’s best for this hospital, or for me, I… I simply can’t let you go!”

So it looks like Hanssen will now pull out all the stops to save Darwin from the evil clutches of Sir Fraser. Never mind that Jac and Elliott do ninja-level work week in and week out, and Connie had built up a reputation of excellence for the department – it’s obvious that the driving force in Holby is passion, of the romantic as well as the medical sort.

Which brings us neatly to Dull Dan, who should really stay away from that locker room, because every time he goes in there he’s faced with a topless Malick, who taunts him rather marvellously. Dan is still pretending that he doesn’t fancy Malick, and he’s mainly doing this by trying to avoid working with him. Once again this backfired spectacularly and caused his patient extra pain and suffering, but once again Dan has escaped without any consequences. He’s the poorest doctor to stalk the corridors of Holby since the tiny Mr Geddes.

Was it just me, or is sexual chemistry also brewing between Jac Naylor and Young Dr Oliver Valentine? I know they’ve got previous, but this week she had him jumping through performance-related hoops (he asked for her to be his mentor, so she had him practising suturing inside plastic cups), and he seems to like it. And she seems to like him liking it.

Another cute partnership, but certainly not a sexual one, was Eddi and Sacha. Eddi was bored of hearing Sacha droning on about Chrissie (I can so relate) and told him to man up. So he did! He actually told Chrissie he wouldn’t switch the weekends that he sees Daniel just for her convenience. You can see why cynical, jaded types like Eddi and Jac like Sacha. You can be as sarcastic and snippy as you like with him, and you get sunshine in return. He’s a joy-spreader, that’s what he is, and even when he’s putting his foot down, it seems to only make people love him more. Chrissie looked like she’d gained a new level of respect for him, anyway, but sadly still not enough to prise her from the arms of Dull Dan. Not yet, anyway.

Next time: More Dan & Malick, more Sacha & Eddi and some Michael Spence & Plastic Bhatti.

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21 responses to “Holby City: I simply can’t let you go

  1. K.A.R

    Sadly the only way he’ll stand a chance is if her husband has an affair or dies.

  2. nikki

    SEE!! SEE PLA!!! This is what Jac has to put up with. Sexual nepotism from Sahira, and a passion for things other than surgery. What hope does she have of anything, when Sahira is so clearly Hanssens favourite toy? Makes me so cross! Anyway. Besides some ninja-level eavesdropping (Elliot lagged behind rather) and some superiority boosts (Oh I do love it when shes got her God-complex thing going on, authority is so Hot.) from ordering Young Dr V around, she was on fine form. And yes, dont even begin to contemplate such heresy as romantic sparks between them. Dont even …

    Desperately Gay Dan (seems more appropriate these days) is getting more and more worrying by the week isnt he? Did he not notice the patients fingers going blue when they were skateboarding? Because I did from my living room!! He was much closer and didnt notice. Hes so wrapped up in himself, its like patients are an inconvenience in his life, getting in the way of stealing Chrissie off to the nearest cupboard (thank god that didnt happen again) and a lurking Malick around every corner ready to take his top off! Which does make me giggle. He’s the perfect anti-Dan, cos hes so sure of himself, and Dans just doesnt have a clue who he is. Consultant? Old Boys Club? Boyfriend? Straight? We could debate all of these points.

    And yes PLA, Eddi/Sacha are just made of cutes. And Iagree with the Eddi/Jac similaritites, the dry sarcasm and general cynicism about life, bounce of Sachas shiny happy exterior he can dispel even the fiercest of Jacs mood. I wouldnt mind seeing Eddi up on Darwin, see how her and Jac would bounce off each other. Would they get on? Or would they have a Sarcasm Idol and fight it to the death? Interesting telly none the less.

    Great review! And some great eps coming up too I think with the conclusion of these two big storylines happening, probably in the same episode knowing Holby.

    (And PS I love you forever for mentioning Connie. *hugs you*)

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you muchly for the hug – very Sacha-like of you! I knew you would be upset that the old sexual nepotism has apparently succeeded and good old-fashioned skill seems to count for less, but Jac will rise above it, don’t you worry. And if she wants to amuse herself in the locker room with her blue-eyed mentee, who are we to ruin her fun?

  3. Corumba Love

    God stuff again, P

    I can forgive hours of HC stupidity if they’re punctuated by moments like the eavesdropping scene. Old Girl nearly wore out the Sky+ doofer replaying the bit where where Elliott’s left crouching by the keyhole after Jac & Irish Dr Greg have stepped away to gaze at two entirely independent points of interest on the corridor wall.

    • pauseliveaction

      I tried to put that clip on the blog last week as a preview, but I encountered “technical difficulties.” Probably just as well, otherwise none of us would have gotten any work done.

  4. Bri

    So basically, Sahira throws a tantrum and breaks the rules and gets rewarded for it?! I was kinda hoping that Hanssen wasn’t in love with her because I think it would be far more interesting if their ‘connection’ wsn’t an unrequited love based one because it’s a little cliche, you know: ‘The stuffy, serious guy is in love with the pretty young thing and therefore lets her do whatever she likes but she doesn’t like him that way/ is married/ is in love with someone else (Greg)’. For soem reaso I’m just really against him being in love with her and letting her do whatever. I think Hanssen is far too cool to moon after Sahira BUT that said, ‘I simply can’t let you go.’ was awesome!
    Add me to the list of those loving Elliot still stood there hehe!

    • Oh, but that’s the beauty of the Hanssen character: he’s outwardly cool as ice, but inside his heart’s beating like the clappers. I love him for that, and Guy for having the skill to show both sides at once. I’m impressed by nikki’s passion for Jac: s/he deserves to be sent a bagful of apostrophes for the energy contained in this week’s comment. Great stuff all round.

      • Bri

        He is super awesome isn’t he? I just hope it stays this good and doesn’t descend into him letting her do what she likes because of his crush or him just becoming overly pathetic when it comes to her (Talking to you writers!)

      • nikki

        For the record, you can use the pronoun ‘she’. Yes, I’m a girl. Mystery over!

      • Corumba Love

        Contrary to earlier claims, I am also a girl and when unhappy I am consoled by tubs of ice cream.

        Henceforth you may call me Priscilla, queen of the desserts.

  5. pauseliveaction

    Behave yourself, Corumba Love. Pretending to be a girl is not the key to the Pauseliveaction snack cupboard and won’t get you ice cream or wine gums.

    • Nikki

      Does that mean I can have wine gums? I’m not pretending! I swear!

      I’ll throw in a Sacha-hug for good measure …?

      • Velocity Girl

        As PLA’s token yoot member, I alas can only dream of such exotic delights *churlishly demolished a sherbet fountain*

    • inkface

      So what *is* the key to the snack cupboard PLA? You’ve always kept it rather too well hidden.

      • pauseliveaction

        The snack cupboard is guarded by a small team of ninjas. It’s the only way, otherwise there’d be wine gum anarchy around this place.

      • inkface

        It’s true that. I, for one, would be drunk on wine gums.

    • Corumba Love

      That’s ***Miss*** Love to you, girlfriend.

      • Really, Caramba. You’re a BLOKE. And what’s more, a blokey bloke. It’s one of the things I like about you. The other being that you can write. And two things should be enough for anyone. But… I’ve been wondering about the name. Corumba Love. Corumba, Love? Is there a particular type of love peculiar to Corumba? Of the type that dare not speak its name or somesuch. Whereof are you coming peculiarly? Oh, and to keep PLA happy, Holby is currently in a different league from Causality, which is barely worth watching these days, IMHO.

  6. helen

    just had a look at the ‘previous’ with jac and ollie – wow i can’t believe that was 18 months ago!
    poor ollie hasn’t made much progress since then and can probably contend with dull dan for being holbys worst doctor.

    agree with everyone else that the 1st 5 minutes had me in stitches. from jac lamenting her lack of cleavage to elliot alone at the door

    • pauseliveaction

      To be fair to Ollie, he only became rubbish fairly recently. As I keep saying (probably boringly, but that’s me for you), when he was first in Holby he was rather fab. In Jac’s expert mentoring hands, he’ll get his mojo back.

  7. Ilovehenrik

    OMG!! Not even kidding best episode yet!! My heart melted when he said ‘I simply cant let you go’. Things are really hotting up between the two of them! From when she said ‘you gave me my passion’ or something along those lines I reckon he taught her medicine or something and they fell in love. Maybe he did something wrong?? Who knows!! They should totally make out or something!! X

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