Casualty: What’s in the green bag, Adam?

(Series 25, Ep.42) Big Mac wasn’t a happy man when he was asked to add “deep cleaning of trolleys” to his already burdensome list of duties – doing the crossword, some impromptu gambling, joshing with Noel and a little light portering. It didn’t take long before you could see his point, though – resus was literally awash with gore, after a man threw up more blood than a man has a right to do and most of it ended up on the floor. You wouldn’t want to be the person deep cleaning that particular trolley.

The deep cleaning thing was part of yet another initiative designed by Henry to make life for casualty staff so much more difficult. Poor Lush Linda was struggling to cope with the added admin and mutinous staff, but she found an ally in Nick Jordan’s new PA, Emily (catchphrase: “I’m helpin’!”). Emily left at the end of the episode intent on becoming a nurse, and I hope that when she finishes her training – which will probably take three weeks in Holby time – she’ll be back at Holby (either upstairs in Holby City or downstairs in Casualty), because she was lovely.

Meanwhile, the programme information told us that “Adam’s God complex continues.” Continues? When did it start? Have I missed something? Anyway, this God complex was signalled in NICE BIG LETTERS by a recurring motif of Adam’s big, godlike eye peering through a glass at a little fly, over which he had the power of life or death. Subtle, huh? The patient over which he wielded this power was a paedophile, beaten up within an inch of his life by the father of one of his victims (this father was the man who was heaving up blood all over the floor in resus – so often we get two for the price of one with Casualty patients).

The paedophile’s mother was played by the radiantly gorgeous Denise Welch, but frankly that’s all he had going for him (and she didn’t like him either). He told Adam he couldn’t cope with the horrible impulses that made him behave the way he did, and said he wanted a way out. The power was in Adam’s hands – an ethical dilemma indeed.

Lennie wanted to be Adam’s wing man (“I’m your boss, not your friend,” said the ever-chirpy Adam), but he was a little concerned when Adam visited the pharmacy and obtained a small green bag of something or other. Was Adam planning to despatch the sex offender to the hereafter with a hypodermic? Well, no, he wasn’t. His God complex doesn’t go quite that far. Instead he provided the man with something hormonal to (hopefully) curb his urges, and released him back into the wilds of Holby. Let’s just hope we don’t hear of him again.

And, in case we missed the fly metaphor the first time, and the second, the episode closed with Adam’s big eye looking at the fly, and then Adam releasing it into the air. That’s just what Big Mac doesn’t need – a department crawling with flies while he’s trying to deep clean.

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5 responses to “Casualty: What’s in the green bag, Adam?

  1. nikki

    Adam was all doom and gloom this week wasnt he. Then did some under the counter prescription procurement and looked to be doing the right thing, of a sorts …

    Kirsty was confused as ever. Lennie was investigative as ever. Linda had possibly a little less ligloss than usual, but with all banter intact it didnt seem to matter. Tess exasperated as ever.

    You know Ive only been watching Casualty as an extension of Holby, PLA, but it does seem a bit lacklustre drama wise compared to the fabulous-Holby. Maybe Im being Holby-biased. Like, during the Kirsty-Adam arc there was more drama on Casualty and idk, it just seems to have clamed down recently. I do miss Polly mind.

    Sorry for the lack of in-depth analysis like I usually give on Holby. I dont know this show as well, even though it is medical. Holby has my heart.

    • pauseliveaction

      I agree, Casualty is in a bit of a “meh” phase at the moment. but it sounds like they’re planning some good stuff for the 25th anniversary in September. Some new characters are coming into it before that, too, so it may well perk up. Like you, I still find I love Holby more.

  2. So todally agree. I find I don’t care about any of the characters in Causality at the moment, whereas Holby is on fire since Hanssen and the newer characters joined. I found the ‘fly under the glass’ metaphor nauseatingly clunky… Jeez, who’s writing this stuff? I really hope it does pick up, as it’s Yawnsville Arizona right now.

  3. Tillmaster500

    I’m getting really annoyed with the storylines too. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Casualty, but I wish they could just give Adam a bit of time to calm down, leave him out of an episode, and move on. It’s really boring, seeing him punch mirrors and be all grumpy.
    I miss Polly too. I’ve been watching some of the older episodes (series 22/23) and she was in some recently, and I near cried!
    Can’t wait for the new characters, lets hope they’re better than some we have now (Kirsty, Adam, Linda…)!

    • Tabithaana

      I love Casualty too but series 25 has been a bit hit and miss with the story lines and characters. Hope the anniversary season and new characters will bring its vitality back.

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