Casualty: I’m so proud of you, Mr Collier/Dr Winters/Nurse Andrews

(Series 25, Ep.41) The broad theme of this episode was acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses. Paramedic Jeff, Lush Linda and Dr Ruth Winters all learned valuable life lessons over the course of fifty minutes.

Jeff first, and he was still fretting about Karl, the cousin of the College Shooter. Remember last week, when Karl’s new girlfriend came a cropper on a railway line, and Karl went off in an angsty strop? Jeff was convinced that Karl was off to Do Something Stupid. “It’s not your responsibility,” Dixie told her troubled colleague. He ignored this advice because he was getting his instructions from Polly. She may be dead, but her handy book of quotations was still around to lend a spot of guidance when needed, and it was currently falling open at a page that said: “When the call comes, the great man always answers or chooses to live with a lifetime of regret.” Deep, huh? Not wanting to live with a lifetime of regret, Jeff decided to track Karl down, and, as expected, he was roaming the corridors of Holby College with his hood up and a rucksack over his shoulder, looking for all the world like he was trying to find a good vantage point to do a spot of shooting.

Only he wasn’t. He was replacing mobile phones he nicked earlier, because he’s turned over a new leaf and he’s a good boy now, such is the power of Polly, even posthumously. Heck, he even diagnosed a girl who was having a TIA. We’ll make a paramedic of him yet! There were a couple of niggles to iron out, such as him trying to dangle the girl’s boyfriend over a balcony  in A&E, and the fact that he’d known that his cousin had a gun but hadn’t told anyone, but that was all easily sorted out. And Jeffrey was left with a good feeling. He’d helped Karl out, and no longer felt the need to be Polly’s emissary on Planet Earth. The book of quotations went into the bin. “I’m so proud of you, Mr Collier,” said Dixie.  

Dr Ruth Winters had an assessment with host of Stars In Their Eyes Matthew Kelly to find out if she was well enough to be fully reinstated in her job. She most definitely was, she assured him. Yes, even taking into account the blip where she’d almost operated on the wrong person. A mere administrative error. It wouldn’t happen again. So she was cleared to be in charge of resus on her own again, but when the girl with the stroke needed a spot of thrombolysing, Ruth felt neither steady nor ready. She handed off the task to Dr Dylan, and put herself on administrative duties until she feels like she’s back to match-fitness. Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren was impressed by this new self-awareness and willingness to admit vulnerability, and gave her hand a little squeeze. “I’m so proud of you, Dr Winters,” said Jay.

Tess and Lush Linda disagreed over a patient who was a regular fit-faker and general time-waster. Linda had a hangover and viewed him as simply a nuisance, whereas Tess, with her superior reserves of compassion, insight and sobriety, spotted his underlying sadness and psychological troubles. Of course Tess was right and Linda was wrong, but just when I was thinking Linda was a right cow and I possibly liked her even less than I like Maverick Nurse Kirsty, she realised the error of her ways and started being really nice. She even admitted to Tess that she was terrified by the pressures of office and didn’t feel capable of doing her job. Tess merely twinkled at her in a motherly way and invited her out for a drink with her and Charlie. She didn’t actually say “I’m so proud of you, Nurse Andrews,” but I’m sure that’s what she was thinking.

Next time: Adam has a disturbing patient.

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6 responses to “Casualty: I’m so proud of you, Mr Collier/Dr Winters/Nurse Andrews

  1. Corumba Love

    I say Pause

    Good stuff as ever.

    I’m wondering if it would be at all possible for you to give us a regular heads-up on Henrik Hanssen’s upcoming appearances in Cazh? I understand he’s been doing that unsettling thing of his behind Nick bloke and underlings rather frequently.

    One of the grooviest bits about being God must be beetling about the fabric of a universe in an immortal-invisible manner (it explains why you never see Him on a Ryanair flight). This higher state is one you appear to share with Henrik – so if you could oblige during your Holby C musings … well that’d be a good thing.

    A Supplicant

    • pauseliveaction

      If I get wind of an upcoming HH appearance I will let you know. He’s not in it next week, but I tell you who is – only* the glorious Denise Welch, AKA Steph Haydock off of Waterloo Road. Hurrah!

      *(I don’t mean “only” in the sense of she’s the only person in it. There’s still the usual French, Bardock, Gemmill et al).

      • Tabithaana

        This was the episode DW was filming when she was appearing in Dancing on Ice, hopefully without her real hubby and the Loose Women this time.

  2. Caramba, the BBC website for both Causality and Holby Sh… both give details of the next episode to be broadcast, together with a cast list in case the synopsis omits anyone. Alternatively, there is an august publication entitled ‘Radio Times’, which I’ve discovered to be a surprisingly useful resource in discovering the contents of future programming. And published in other months too.

    • pauseliveaction

      I find the BBC Casualty site gives out just a nice amount of information, but sometimes the Holby one goes into wa-ay too much detail and gives away the whole episode before you’ve even seen it. I know there’s them that like their spoilers, but I’d rather not know too much. Same goes for Waterloo Road these days.

  3. Tillmaster500

    I’m starting to think that Linda’s catchphrase is “I don’t understand” because I think she’s been saying that rather a lot lately.
    Wishing Ruth and Jay would just get back together now. we all know you like each other, so GET ON WITH IT!
    Right, Rant over.

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