Lustbox: Jason Isaacs

A vast swathe of the nation appears to have come together for a collective swoon in the past three weeks. The object of our desire? Ladies and gents, may I present the simply lovely Jason Isaacs.

He’s been turning in many excellent acting performances over the years, but it’s his portrayal of Kate Atkinson’s private investigator Jackson Brodie that has got pulses racing.

You can’t fault his acting as Lucius Malfoy, but I can’t fancy him in, what he calls, his “Paris Hilton wig”. As Jackson in Case Histories (reviewed by Inkface) there is much to enjoy.

There’s the purely physical of course – a brawny, chiselled sexiness reminiscent of Daniel Craig, combined with tear-filled eyes and a gravelly voice that would produce goosebumps if you heard it your kitchen (or any other room in the house…).

It’s easy to see why women like Jackson – he’s damaged goods but not in a bad way, despite an imposing physical presence he’s clearly vulnerable, he’s a good man trying to do the right thing – and projecting that on to the aforementioned brawny canvas produces an irresistible object of desire. And getting him to take his shirt off a lot helps too.

As do the interviews Mr Isaacs gives which dismiss being a sex symbol as nonsense and show him to be a big softy as far as his kids are concerned.

I can only hope we get more Case Histories before too long. (Although after the BBC declined to give us more of the fabulous Zen, I’m not holding my breath).

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6 responses to “Lustbox: Jason Isaacs

  1. Holly

    Yum! I was going to ask if there was a Lustbox on Jason Isaacs, having seen Case Histories. You also don’t get to see enough of him in Harry Potter (both in terms of screen time and with him wearing cloaks all of the time). I had no idea he had such a good body!! And by the sounds of it a lovely guy, I’m glad he’s getting leads in mainstream series now. Thanks again!

  2. inkface

    It must have been a terrible job, picking out the photos Ms Hat…

    • marzillk

      Oh, I expect the photo selection was a real chore – I don’t know how she coped, Inkface… 🙂

      Nice to see Jason Isaacs having a chance to be a good guy for once, after being an excellent baddie (not “caddie”, thanks, iPhone spellcheck) in The Patriot and Harry Potter. Don’t think the Case Histories adaptations have quite lived up to the books, but Mr Isaacs is a much better-looking Jackson than I have ever imagined him, and he’s managed to convey that combination of strength and vulnerability which makes Jackson so likeable. Although he really must stop getting beaten up all the time (provided they can manufacture another excuse for him to take off his shirt, of course!).

      • I’m just about recovered now, thanks ladies. Summoning my powers to concentrate on the loveliness that is Paterson Joseph next. (Fickle, moi?)

  3. Angel Tavington

    I love him as Jackson Brodie…more Case Histories, please!


  4. Tabithaana

    I too felt the Jackson Brodie novels were better than the adaptations, though Jason Isaacs was compellingly gorgeous in the title role. Unfortunately, only one more novel so far, the lyrically brilliant Started Early, Took My Dog and I hope the Beeb televise that too.

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