Game of Thrones: You should get some sleep. It’s going to be a long war

(Series 1, Ep.10) So that’s Game of Thrones over for a while. Like the book, it ended (literally) in a blaze of glory. Also, like the book, it left you wanting more. Rather than tying up loose ends and resolving plot issues, the ending of this particular story leaves everything in a state of flux, so you’re still desperate to know what happens next.

The episode began with the aftershocks of Ned’s death – yes, he really is dead, and his head is on a stick on the castle wall just in case we were in any doubt. A travelling troubadour who made up an amusing song about it, incorporating some witty lyrics about King Joffrey’s parentage, soon discovered that Joffrey is a far harsher judge than Simon Cowell when he was given a choice of losing his fingers or his tongue. Of course, Joffrey didn’t carry out the punishment himself. Joffrey likes to keep his hands clean, and this also applies to getting other people to give his girlfriend a slap when she gets out of hand.

Luckily a bit of sanity is on its way to Kings Landing in the form of Tyrion, whom Tywin has appointed King’s Hand. Tyrion is rebelling and taking his girlfriend, Shae, which is strictly against his father’s orders, what with Shae being a whore and so on. “Everyone, everywhere, always has to do exactly what my father says,” moaned Tyrion. “He’s always been a c**t.”

In the north, meanwhile, Robb Stark has been annointed “King of the North,” and is going into battle against the combined Lannister armies of Joffrey and his uncles Stannis and Renly, who all have a claim to be King on the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow and his comrades in the Night’s Watch are ignoring all this civil war business and are heading north, to look for Benjen Stark and find out exactly why spooks and undead types are getting restless.

Oblivious to all of this, Daenerys has had traumas of her own, with the death of her unborn child and her sun-and-stars Khal Drogo left in a persistent vegetative state. We’ve seen over the weeks that Daenerys is made of strong stuff, and she wasn’t about to let her proud warrior husband eke out his days in that manner, so she smothered him with a cushion and had a funeral pyre built, to which she added the double-crossing mystic Mirri Maz Duur and the dragon eggs. Then she walked into the flames herself.

In the morning, when the faithful Ser Jorah and Rakharo went to the site of the fire, they were met by an enduring image. Daenerys, naked, slightly singed-looking – and nursing three baby dragons.

Look out, Westeros – the Targaryens have got their dragons back.

Posted by PLA          (more Game of Thrones here, and if you want to know what happens next you’ll have to wait till next year or read the book)


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6 responses to “Game of Thrones: You should get some sleep. It’s going to be a long war

  1. Corumba Love

    Hey Hey PLA

    Have avoided GOT since the first episode but will do a full catch up of the series (best way to watch densely plotted stuff, I think).

    Anyway, just in case you guys don’t monitor the PLA email account continuously, there’s a scribbling there for you from meself.

    HC tonight. Yay.

    • pauseliveaction

      Have emailed you, CL, and am very much looking forward to your Mildred.

      • Corumba Love

        Well now, did the whole series over a few nights thing and have to say it was entirely worth it.

        Couple of memories to take into the books (yep, going to dive in). First of all, was rather taken with the reliably de-kitting Dragongirl D – Old Girl not the jealous type fortunately. Then, on top of the various mentions on here of Jamie Lannister looking and sounding like Shrek’s Prince Charming – complete with Rupert Everett campery, I struggled to exorcise the ghost of Richard Wilson whenever Tyrion opened his mouth. I picture a dialogue coach handing over the box set of “One Foot in the Grave” to Peter Dinklage because his collected works of Dick Van Dyke had worn out.

        All in all a good recommendation and much appreciated.

      • pauseliveaction

        Do you know what? I thought Peter Dinklage was British. He had me fooled – seriously. I’m steadily reading through the books and am currently a third of the way through the combined book 3 A Storm of Swords (it comes in two halves, but they’re bundled together for the Kindle). If they carry on adapting the whole series for TV, I can safely say that you’ll very much approve of some of Dragongirl D’s outfits in book 3.

  2. Tim

    Fantastic stuff – arguably the finest opening season to a show since The Sopranos. Do we really have to wait until next spring for season two. I guess I will just have to head over to Amazon and buy the first four books. (And, ooh, the fifth one is out on July 12th …)

    A few random thoughts looking back over the whole season, scratched together while trying to ignore the screams of the slightly toasty maegi:

    Incidentally, you’ve got to figure Daenerys probably doesn’t have much need for ultra-high protection sun-block, eh?

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