TV News – Torchwood: Death to death

“Where do you go after Children of Earth?” Eve Myles asks in a BBC interview. Apparently one place you go is Los Angeles, as the forthcoming series of Torchwood is partly filmed there.

Where you go conceptually is a mind-blowing idea – what happens if death stops? Russell T Davies has got ten episodes to explore the social and economic consequences. “We’re built on a world that’s destined to die,” he says. “We’re supposed to have three score years and ten and then pop off. Our culture and our economy is based around that.” He says he’s “very, very proud” of the series, which has all the Torchwood trademark elements of running around, shouting, shooting, drama and humour. And everything will be resolved at the end of the ten episodes and not left dangling, promises Russell T.

John Barrowman loves playing Captain Jack Harkness because “He’s a hero, but he’s been a bad guy in his time. People like to see characters who are a little flawed.” Maybe not quite as flawed as the baddie of the series, who is played by Bill Pullman. His character is a convicted child killer – who survives his own execution. With preview photos showing Gwen’s father on his deathbed, the stage is set for some huge moral and emotional themes to be played out.

Torchwood: Miracle Day airs in July in the US and later in the summer in the UK.

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