Casualty: Violence or death

(Series 25, Ep.40) Sometimes Casualty can be so hard to watch. I don’t mean the close-up shots of broken glass being picked out of a bloodied hand – I’m kind of hardened to that now. It’s the emotional, human stuff that they do really well, like this episode’s story of an old man (Godfrey Jackman) seriously ill with cancer who just wanted to die peacefully in his own home. Adam stuck his neck out, defying Nick Jordan and a pig of a consultant to get the man sent back home. But they didn’t leave us with a comforting vision of him dying in a nice clean bed with the sun streaming through the net curtains. Instead he fell on the floor, and we last saw him lying on the floor in his wife’s arms, in awful pain.

Away from that story, and away from Mads deciding to wear a hijab for work (very nice she looked in it, too – it exactly matched her scrubs), the main storyline was about Jeff trying to befriend an Angry Young Man. Since Polly died, Jeff has taken on Polly’s do-good persona (or his own brusque, Jeff version of it, anyway). This Karl was the cousin of the person who did the college shooting, but Jeff recognised a more noble spirit in him and took him out for the day on the ambulance. I’m not sure this is strictly within ambulance rules, and Dixie wasn’t thrilled, but Jeff was convinced that Karl had the makings of a top-notch paramedic.

Then Karl came under the influence of one Vix, a spoiled rich girl with an unhealthy obsession with death and danger. Instead of having posters of My Chemical Romance and Jedward (for example) on her wall, she had lots of press cuttings about the college shooting, which should have given Karl the clue to run very fast in the opposite direction. But Vix appealed to his insecurity and vanity, and pretty soon she had him playing chicken on the railway line. He managed to save her from being squashed by a train, but instead she got herself a massive electric shock and subsequently died.

So Karl will now meekly go back to being mentored by Jeff and become a staunch, upright citizen will he? I’m guessing not, as this episode was the first part of a two-parter (always an ominous sign), and when last seen Karl was in a bit of a strop and had taken to heart Vix’s theory that the only worthwhile acts are death and violence. Stay away from Holby College is my advice.

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