Waterloo Road: That boy needs neutering

(Series 7, Ep.7) Sambuca Kelly’s time at Waterloo Road will not be forgotten, as she’s been given a beautiful memorial of a little tree with a tupperware box of pens buried beneath it. They were her pens. Sniff. Poor little Denzil has taken to carrying her bright pink hoodie around in his bag (it smells of her), but it was appropriated by a new girl, Scout (Katie McGlynn). We know Scout is trouble because she has greasy hair and she’s good at maths. Both of these attributes make her stick out a mile in a school where you can slump glassy-eyed in front of Grantly Budgen all day long, but you must have shiny hair while you do it.

In a scenario which would have Jeremy Kyle frothing at the mouth and spitting out the words “Why didn’t you put something on the end of it?” every five minutes, Aiden Scotcher has succeeded in getting not one, but two of his fellow classmates pregnant, apparently in the same week. It’s not the first time he’s done it, either – we’re led to believe that this is why he left his previous school.

He may be firing on all cylinders in the reproductive department, but as a person he’s a cringeing, oily little worm who runs crying to his mummy when he messes up. When Vicki told him she was pregnant, his first question was “Is it mine?” Her reply was that she and Ronan were “always careful,” which I think sums up the contrast between Aiden and Ronan nicely. Not only is Ronan always careful, but even though Vicki has broken his heart he was still willing to take the fall for her when Aiden stole an exam paper so she wouldn’t fail it. 

Robson Green thinks that Aiden’s lack of spine mainly comes from his mother, who runs away whenever there’s a problem. She ran away again, horrified by the idea that she could be about to become a double granny. Robson Green thought this meant he could get back together with Karen, but Karen had other things on her mind. She could possibly be about to become a granny herself, as daughter Jess is also in the family way. Karen didn’t take this news terribly sympathetically: “Crying won’t fix it!” she snapped at her whimpering daughter, who’d taken the sensible step of using waterproof mascara. If only she’d been as well-prepared contraceptively as she is make-up-wise.

I did miss a week of Waterloo Road, so I’m now wondering whether I missed Karen messing up most heinously. The man from the local authority has deemed WR to be a failing school, and Karen to be a failing head – but what, specifically, has she done? Was it just about the murderer who was allowed to semi-strangle Finn Sharkey? Surely in the very long list of Waterloo Road cock-ups, that’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened? It’s all seeming a bit like a clumsy exit storyline for Amanda Burton. We don’t want her hounded out for being incompetent. We want her to go in a blaze of glory in an exploding caravan. Well I do, anyway.

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4 responses to “Waterloo Road: That boy needs neutering

  1. remotecontrolled

    Sam stuff was beautifully handled. Also especially liked Rose giving Tom some time with Josh, shows how much she’s come on as a character. Great exit to a brilliant storyline.

    In terms of other exits which are not so well being handled completely agree, what looks to be Karen’s exit storyline is ridiculous, they’ve had so much to play with and they’re going for the pussiest “this school’s doing terrible and it’s your fault” storyline that they’ve ever had – for once they had a beautiful opportunity to have one of the climatic storylines (that WR does so well) causing a dramatic exit (which they rarely get to do as the actor usually isn’t leaving) but they’ve gone for the wishy washy badman LEA one. Not happy with the WR writers with this one, it’s as bad as one of the unresolved exits that’s befallen so many of the class characters – I’m hoping for a massive twist coming that’s all I can say.

    Oh and Aiden Scotcher breeding is a horrific thought (unless Rob’s genes skip a generation) though find Jess getting pregnant far-fetched considering how careful she’s been proven to be in the past, hard to believe she’d get lax with her boyfriend when usually her encounters are with seedy men in clubs. By thw way loved the scene with Jess and Karen, sad to lose Amanda Burton!

    Right rant over, sorry!

  2. pauseliveaction

    That Scotcher sperm is powerful stuff, obviously.

    I’m *very* sad to be losing Amanda Burton, though Karen has been a bit more drippy and Rachel Mason-like in this series. She was much more feisty and focused when she first arrived, but I suppose Waterloo Road has that effect on its staff.

  3. Paul

    I thought Amanda Burton was great too.

    Karen, I believe, has not done anything specific wrong (though she does have a tendency to steamroller her staff and not listen to any objections – see the single sex experiment last year, which supposedly was such a success that… they’ve immediately dropped it and never talk about it again this term (clearly, having boys and girls in the same class usually has much greater potential for drama))

    I think the idea is that this Local Authority bod has it in for Karen, and seems to think Eleanor Chaudry is the face of the future, which is why he tried to make her into his little spy. I presume, in the end it will come down to Karen sacrificing herself for the good of the school, because it’s the only way to get the Authority to keep it open.

    I did wonder whether Karen had taken leave of her senses, though, trusting this Richard guy to honestly fight her corner for her at a meeting to which she herself was apparently not invited – surely even the most naive of head-teachers would smell a rat when the guy who has always been gunning for you suddenly starts pretending to be your new best friend?

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