Glee: Farewell to arms

It's over, okay?

The arms I’m bidding farewell to are the many arms that embraced people in this episode: Santana’s round Britney, Kurt’s round Rachel, Rachel’s round Sunshine, everyones’ round Mr Shue. It was the exact opposite of Seinfeld’s ‘no hugging, no learning’ mantra. There was nothing but hugging and learning, in fact. And so, sad as it is to say ta-ta to a show one has followed from the start, I won’t be looking for a consoling hug from anyone. Unless Puck’s available. We’ve grown apart, Glee and I. It would be undignified for me to follow it slavishly into the next season by purchasing a Sky package or, more realistically, downloading it from some dodgy site. No, it’s time to let it go. If for no other reason that my credulity that these seasoned hoofers are school-kids is already stretched to screaming point.

This last episode was a microcosm of everything that makes Glee so great and so terrible. And alas, as with most episodes, the latter outweighed to former.

There were some terrific moments. The show being set in New York, it was inevitable that the score would be Gershwin and lifted straight from Manhattan, but hey, it worked. And how nice to hear the gorgeous opening bars of Rhapsody in Blue without having to listen to Woody whinging about his seventeen year-old girlfriend.

I made it! I'm Audrey! Except with a better voice.

Rachel, who looked positively luminous throughout, started proceedings off strongly when she admitted that the tout she’d bought out-of-date Cats tickets from was a little odd (‘he swiped my credit card through his bum crack’). She also had a lovely screen kiss with Finn – ‘I’m calling it The Kiss of The Century’ he crowed – and an enjoyable encounter with the superb Patti LuPone, who I mainly know as Frank’s mother on 30 Rock. Rachel and Kurt looked gorgeous when they had their Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. Britney’s awful song at the start was so funny: ‘Are you singing about a cup?’ ‘Yes.’ Also splendid was Quinn assuming that Santana and Britney would cheer her up by having a lesbian three-way – ‘I’m flattered but I’m not into that’ – though imagine the ratings! Unfortunately this ended in Quinn getting a very boring haircut instead. And Blaine and Kurt’s scene at the end was natural and charming and not all that sickly. I’ve rather warmed to Blaine.

Less terrific were all the songs (entirely unmemorable); the predictable plot; Quinn going from being so angry she’d scupper their chances of winning, to greeting Finn and Rachel with a smile twenty minutes later; Jesse behaving ever more like a panto baddie; Rachel’s vomitous bathroom scene with Sunshine; the  continuity error when Rachel said she and Kurt should sing something from ‘one of the greatest musicals of all time’ and then they plunged into a dirge from Wicked. And most of all, the effing hugs and learning.

So here’s what I won’t miss about Glee:

  • Some truly terrible songs
  • Some great songs made anodyne
  • Mike Chang’s dancing
  • Finn’s auto-tune
  • The predictability of most storylines
  • Sue whenever she is stuck with a sentimental storyline
  • People going from mean to nice in the space of twenty minutes
  • The swerving characterisation as the writers try and serve the bonkers plot

And here’s what I will miss:

  • Every time Glee gets a little cynical (doesn’t happen nearly often enough)
  • The way it incorporates disability and weight into its taboo-busting
  • Rachel’s singing when she gets a really decent song
  • Finn’s superb acting (well the actor who plays him, obviously)
  • Will’s dancing and rapping (bit left-field but I can’t help it, I like it)
  • Kurt’s Dad – one of the best ever telly dads
  • The whole let’s put the show on here now thing
  • Lauren’s grumpy dealings with Puck
  • Beardy piano man
  • Mercedes’ Aretha moments
  • Britney’s one-liners
  • Kurt’s smile
  • Artie’s voice
  • Puck’s legs
  • Santana’s face
  • As Sue ‘C’s it

Bye then Glee. You get a straight B. Could have been great, but settled for mostly good. Best of luck for the future – hope you make it to Broadway.

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4 responses to “Glee: Farewell to arms

  1. On the money as usual Qwerty. If Sky had nicked Glee at the end of the first series I’d have been worried I was going to miss it – as it is, much as I love Puck and Mr Schue (not enough of his rapping and dancing this year), I can barely raise a ‘meh’ to it getting a new home on satellite. But I’m bloody outraged that the BBC has lost Nurse Jackie to Sky!

    • Tabithaana

      Agree with you Jo about Nurse Jackie. A superb comedy import the Beeb placed either late on BBC 2 on a Saturday night or the backwaters of BBC 4. As for Glee, not too fussed about it going to Sky, I only watch because of Matthew Morrison.

  2. DrTrickCyclist

    What do you mean Burt Hummel is ONE of the best Telly dads?!? Who can hold a candle to him after Kurt’s coming out scene in Season 1? And he looks younger than several of the kids.

  3. Paul

    Yeah – kind of agree with this. It seemed to lose its way this year – and there was nothing in it this year to compare with the brilliance of Quinn’s pregnancy, Terri’s fake-pregnancy, and how much we wanted Emma and Mr Shue to get together last year. Though I have to admit that I did like the ending. Oh, it turns out we didn’t even qualify for the second round deflation, cutting immediately to “2 weeks later” conversations with Blaine is SO much better than having them actually win the contest.

    But for me too, while I would probably still watch Season 3 if it was still on E4, I won’t be wanting to get Sky channels just to carry on with this show.