Casualty: The question is, are you a real nurse?

(Series 25, Ep.38, 39) I just watched Saturday’s episode, and it’s sapped my blogging energy. But I shall stagger on to that in a minute. First a brisk stroll through last week’s episode, the one where Mads came face-to-face with the cabby who tried to rape her (I say “tried,” because it’s not clear whether he succeeded – the suggestion seemed to be that she fought him off).

Previously, I’ve liked Mads. She’s been a really original character – shy, conventional, but with an independent streak and a subversive sense of humour. There was a lovely episode where a patient from Pakistan reminded Mads of her culture, and particularly told her not to be led astray by the likes of that strumpet Dr Zoe Hanna, but Mads went to the pub after work anyway, with that wide-eyed expression on her face that looks like she’s just arrived on a time-and-culture machine but she thinks she’ll fit into this new world just fine.

Sadly I didn’t feel sorry for her as much as irritated by her in this episode. It wasn’t Hasina Haque’s fault – she was given little else to do but employ her trademark wide-eyed expression, only this time denoting fear. There were too many scenes where the screen was just filled with that rabbit-in-the-headlights visage. And I was irritated that you apparently can’t have a female Muslim character without at some point involving her in  a “bringing shame on the family”-type plot.

Last week also reintroduced Christine Tremarco as Linda Andrews, who previously pitched up as Jess’s free-spirited best friend. This time she looks set to stay a bit longer, because she’s now employed in the ED as a nurse.

This week saw her acting a bit like she’s the new Dr Zoe Hanna – sleeping with unsuitable men, coming into work with a hangover and a bag full of the unsuitable man’s clothing. A shame, this, as she was supposed to be in charge of the whole department. No-one wanted to take over Tess’s job – they all hope Tess will change her mind and do it herself – so Nick Jordan appointed Linda. ″With you at the wheel, we can expect the hospital to be on its knees by lunchtime,” was his vote of confidence, but the plan was to force a more competent pair of hands to take over when Linda messed up.

She wasn’t helped by locum doctor Simon turning out to be her former fiance. You could see why she jilted him if his bedside manner was anything to go by.

Anyway, the plot, such as it was, revolved around an injured boy and his dad, who was supposed to have died in a train crash but who’d used the opportunity to do a Reggie Perrin and disappear. Only now he was back. Only Linda believed him. Also lurking was the very annoying Dr Dylan Keogh, who hasn’t worked in the ED since Polly died.

Wherever Dylan goes there’s an accident (it was a car crash this time). The citizens of Harrogate, where he was due for a job interview, will be no doubt relieved to know that, with a little encouragement from Dr Zoe Hanna, it looks like he’ll be staying in Holby.

A pretty “meh” episode, then. Too much Dylan and Linda, not enough Nick Jordan. No Henrik Hanssen at all, and just the merest glimpse of Ruth. But never mind – episodes are like trains at Holby Station, which looked very small and rural for the seething metropolis that is Holby. There’ll be another one along next week.

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7 responses to “Casualty: The question is, are you a real nurse?

  1. Rudy Prorudy

    Mads, Jordan and Ruth? Are they your favourites?
    They’re like Kraft Cheese Slices, Dairylee triangles and Lemon Barley Water to me. I couldn’t agree with you less- think Linda in particular is adding some vitality to this moribund show. Ah well- vive la difference.
    Hanssen’s in Holby City anyway isn’t he? What makes you remark of his absence from this (different) programme? Or should he also present Panorama or John Craven’s Newsround? Isn’t he a bit eggy?

    • pauseliveaction

      Hanssen has been in Casualty quite often recently. I find he does enhance proceedings whenever he appears. Is John Craven’s Newsround still on?

      My favourite Casualty characters at the moment are Nick, Zoe, Jay and Ruth. Linda might grow on me, we’ll have to see how the character develops.

  2. Tillmaster500

    That’s really weird, my favourite characters are Nick,Ruth, Jay and I really like Dylan, Zoe and
    Mads! I actually thought that Hasina Haque did really well in that episode. I just hate the way Nick just drafted in Linda to fill Tess’s shoes; i’m sure that in reality, they can’t do that! There has to be interveiws and stuff right? ARGHH! I get way too annoyed at Casualty, cos i’m obsessed, lol!

    • pauseliveaction

      Not sure I like Dylan. He’s more annoying than anything else at the moment, but he may grow on me like Malick on Holby has.

  3. I was starting to warm to Dylan, then he did that: “Did I ever tell you about my son?” thing which seemed totally unnecessary. Particularly as Zoe had been helping him when she didn’t need to.

    • pauseliveaction

      That was weird, wasn’t it? I don’t mind men being spiky and difficult (yes, Nick Jordan, I mean you), but that was just a bit sick.

  4. Tabithaana

    Agree with your comments on this episode. Far too much of Linda and too little of other stronger characters (Nick, Jay, Zoe) who seem to have been side lined the last few episodes and for me make the programme worth watching.

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