Lustbox: David Essex

I’m making a bit of a habit of lustboxing about older men who were formerly young, pretty men and who are now in soaps. I’ve blogged about Coronation Street’s Anthony Valentine, Linus Roache (not so old, bless him) and Andrew Hall previously.

EastEnders has just gone and trumped the lot of them. David Essex! Cue girly scream and fond remembrance of teenage poster of him in a lovely cream suit which only made his teeth look whiter and his eyes look bluer. And he’s looking absolutely gorgeous. I’d remembered his twinkly eyes and lovely smile, obviously, but what I’d forgotten was his very sexy speaking voice. It’s kind of lazy and gentle, and it makes me come over quite peculiar.

He joins the Moon dynasty (doesn’t that sound exotic?) of Alfie, Michael, Kat and baby Tommy, and is poised to bring some new Moons along with him, so hopefully he’s set to stay in Albert Square for a good long time.

Now please excuse me while I go and fan myself with an old copy of Jackie magazine.

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4 responses to “Lustbox: David Essex

  1. Ooh yes very sexy – still can’t bring myself to watch EastEnders though… Will wait for someone to do a montage of him on YouTube I think.

  2. pauseliveaction

    A little glimpse:

  3. Ann Jones

    He’s still sexy and georgeous, even though he’s nearly 64! Have met him loads of times and he is very charming and has a great respect for all his fans. Ann

    • pauseliveaction

      It’s always really nice to hear that people are as lovely in “real life” as they come across in their public persona. I’m jealous that you’ve met him so often. I might have to start hanging round Borehamwood to try and catch a glimpse!

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