Holby City: Men. What are they like?

(Series 13, Ep.33) Apologies for the lateness of this post, but I’ve been on me holidays, where I discovered I tan about as well as Frieda Petrenko wearing a burkha. Money well spent, I’m sure you’ll agree. So it was home to a Sky+ box literally groaning with accumulated televisual goodness. Hurrah! So much drama, so little time, what with John Stape and Becky Macdonald going even madder than usual on Corrie, and Jim on The Apprentice zapping everyone with his invisible mind-beams.

And, in Holby City, the character we’ve previously enjoyed dubbing Dull Dan locking lips with The Malick. Say what? Who’d have guessed that the burly, rugby-playing, Chrissie-fondling, blokey bone surgeon could turn out to have an eye for the laddies? Well, if you watch the episode back with the benefit of hindsight (which I sort of did, as I already knew the kiss was going to happen), the clues were all there, but it took him feeling extremely cross and getting all violent and strangly to make his sexual feelings come out, which I don’t think bodes particularly well for Chrissie even if he does decide he errs more on the hetero side of life. My advice: run a mile. My second piece of advice: as a doctor, the man needs to be stopped. Every single week he makes bad decisions and mistakes, and he appears to be too arrogant to learn from them.

Away from all the testosterone being sprayed around Keller, a tragic love story was playing itself out on Darwin. Henrik Hanssen is quite clearly completely besotted with Sahira Shah the Registrah. I’ve finally dropped my cherished theory that they’re married, and I now think that he’s just in love with her and she’s not in love with him, and he’s jealous of Irish Dr Greg because of his easy Irish charm and the way he doesn’t actually frighten Sahira. The patient they were looking after was a boy who was having a relationship with his teacher. Hanssen told the teacher he’d be reporting it to her school because it was “an abuse of power.” Was he really talking about his relationship with Sahira? The mystery deepens.

Guy Henry has the most splendid and subtle range of facial expressions. Usually when actors are left, at the end of the scene, to do a facial expression to indicate how they’re feeling, you get something broad-brush like “regretful,” “elated” or “smug.” With Hanssen you get “Regretful with perhaps a tinge of optimism but only under the right circumstances,” with a side order of “Where did I leave my car keys?” It’s quite beautiful to watch.

And Goth Dr Frieda’s father died. Did she wail and cry? Not while we were looking. She finished her shift, because her dad had shown he loved her by working hard to put her through medical school, so she showed she loved him by being the doctor he’d wanted her to be. And she was nice to a little girl who’d been bullied. Bless.

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  1. Corumba Love

    Welcome back Pauseo

    Much said already over at your “PLA is away” post, as you know. Hope you enjoyed listening in “behind the bike sheds” as your chum, Inkface, put it so delicately.

    Couple of Things, which I am pleased to call One & Two.

    Thing One: I’m so pleased you mentioned Guy Henry’s subtle splendifery (we’ve talked before about the this) because me & Old Girl think he’s several cuts above the acting you see elsewhere in Holby and much of that across UK TV in general. That’s not to say the rest are of nativity play standard, just that he seems to add those extra brush-strokes and an attention to detail that is usually absent from sausage factory drama. Which raises a question: if he can be bothered, then why can’t the rest? Unless, after all, it is another question entirely: that of talent.

    Thing Two: concerning your comments on Henrik H & Shah the Rah – I need for reasons of ego and latent autism to re-hash my theory (which is mine, this theory of mine) first displayed behind the bike sheds: “I like Hanssen set to God-mode and it tilts my world when he’s anything less than omnipotent. I do think, however, that his background with Sahirah may be more complex than her being an old flame. A promise to someone to look out for her, perhaps? To a dead father to her child?”

    Can the blog run to a packet of wine gums if I’m right?

    • pauseliveaction

      “Pauseo”? It seems you feel I may have gone native during my sojourn on the beautiful Island of Fernando’s.

      Guy Henry more talented than most? Hell yes. Though I would put Rosie Marcel, Bob Barrett and Olga Fedori alongside him, talent-wise.

      And I’m sure you’re right about the situation with Sahira being complex. There’s nothing simple about the enigmatic Hanssen.

      As and when the story unfolds itself, if wine gums are merited I will bring up the issue at the next Pauseliveaction board meeting. We can’t just go doling out confectionery willy-nilly. It could set a precedent.

  2. inkface

    Ahem. Actually, I’ve been suggesting the idea of willy-nilly confectionery doling for quite some years now (admittedly to me). You’ve just been ignoring me.

    • Corumba Love

      Thank you for your kind support inkface,

      I’d never have realised that pauseliveaction would turn out to be such a corporate beast, or PLA such a stern keeper of its gates.

      Also, as a chap, I’m relieved that it’s only wine gums I’m after; a request for confections either willy or nilly would have seen my desk cleared and me booted off the premises before you could say: “Old Girl’s hen night.”

  3. Hi!
    Yes I agree with your readers, which is why I did Guy’s website as he is such a talented star he needed more recognition


    As you have said before he is brilliant with his expressions his face says it all… and he commands every scene he is in without having to ask :))))

    However though I do have to completely disagree with you over your interpretation of Henrik’s feelings, he has made it clear on several occasions that he merely sees Saharia as his trainee, she was his 1st F1 and now he realises she no longer needs him and chooses Greg has her new mentor. You could see in his face that hurt him as he had said ‘he had made her into the excellent surgeon she is today’ As she replied those glory days as he calls them was hell for her as he was nasty to her breathing down her neck, picking on everything she did, you dont do that if you have feelings for someone….maybe she did for him….but certainly not the other way round and also he has had plenty of time to do something about it.

    Apart from all that, once again another powerful performance from Guy as usual.

    • pauseliveaction

      I still reckon his feelings are a whole lot more than that, but we’ll see how it plays out!

      • Agreed! But I also think there is a fine line, between romance and other feelings and I think its a purely working one – he has had time to react on his feelings, but hasnt and yes I know he maybe doesnt know how too or thinks its wrong, but he gives me the vibes he really sees her as a pupil, Sahira said how he treat her in the early days.

    • Grace

      It’s perfectly obvious that Henrik is in love with Sahira, he’s not a one-dimensional robot who lacks any emotional feeling. The scene with the coffee was so cute because he acted like a teenage boy with a crush and she just walked off leaving him all bashful.
      I think you watched the episaode too literally, Guy Henry’s acting was amazing, full of yearning!!

  4. A promise “to a dead father to [sic] her child”, Carumba Love? What can you mean? And please make chocolate involved in the confectionary. Nothing else matters.

    • Corumba Love

      Oh gosh,

      I appear to have my prepostions [sic] in a twist and not for the first time.

      Or is it my possessive pronouns? I get confused. I so understand why the law is bound up in Latin – no room for ambiguity y’see – and I wish I’d studied that baby the better to turn a phrase offering zero room for manoeuvre.

      Sorry anyway. I guess I was trying to say: “to *the* [now] dead father *of* her [Shahira’s] child” which in Latin, as any fule kno (even me) translates as “etc.”

      I guess wine gums, dib-dabs and anything remotely willy-nilly are out of the question now. But you may have luck with the chocolate.

      • pauseliveaction

        No chocolate is ever allowed to leave Pauseliveaction Towers. Not if Inkface or I see it first.

  5. A strange interpretation of the episode, Ms Harvey, that renders Mr Hanssen possessed of no romantic feelings towards Sahira, but has her possibly possessed of them instead. Maybe I’m living in an alternate universe, but it seemed fairly clear, as PLA suggests, that he has yearnings in her direction and was expressing them in the way that seems most natural to him.

  6. .::Big.Bang::.

    *Registrar. Unless you intended it… 🙂

    And Guy Henry is God of Acting. And gorgeous, even though he’s old enough to be my father. And Hanssen’s dark history/love triangle with Sahira… 😦 I want them to be together. Actually thought you previous theory – Hanssen is Shah’s husband – was plausible. :/

  7. nikki

    Such an emotional episode. Lots going down. Anger. Fighting. Malick and Dangerous Dan snogging. See how Ive changed his name? That because I think he is. Dangerous Doctor. Dangerous Man. See how he handled Chrissie? Thankyou for admitting that it doesnt bode well for Chrissie. See? SEE!! SOMETHINGS GONNA GO WRONG!

    Anyway. I almost … almost felt sorry for Hanssen here. As much as he freaks me out in his lingering looks and skeletal fingers carrying cups of steaming coffee for his little pet Sahira. Dont get me wrong, I love Guy Henry. Hes an amazing actor. Amazing. Its just creepy!Hanssen I have an aversion to. Maybe its just cos hes a guy. I have aversions to guys in general. Ahem. But still, I almost felt sorry for him here, where he really does like her. Seems he always has. But hes not known how to express it. Instead hes mentored her and helped her career, kept her close. You know?

    Interesting revelations nonetheless. As long as Chrissies kept safe. *clings*

    I’m betting youre noticing a trend … a theme in my posts huh. My bad PLA. My bad.

  8. Hi Pandamoor, no I just watched the programme and spoke as I saw it….and Ive watched it again and again as I often see things a second and third time round.

    I did think it was Sahira who may have the unrequited love given the little looks and the ‘hanging on every sentence/word’ but then like she said at the end, he made her life miserable in the early days, you dont do that if you have feelings for one another – or feelings for someone.

    Guy is brilliant in his acting, which is why I think I summed it up well when I said, I think ive worked it out and then he throws something into the equasion to make me think ‘Oh well thats my theory out of the window.

  9. PS in addition to Nickki above : ‘(Quote) But still, I almost felt sorry for him here, where he really does like her. Seems he always has. But hes not known how to express it. Instead hes mentored her and helped her career, kept her close. You know?

    I found this interesting as I think (If I can say it right LOL!) it is saying what I am meaning, you can read 2 things I feel into this – the way Nikki has but also I think its plain that he is fond of her yes, she was his ‘special project’ ie his first trainee so that will special for him but her career and building her to what she is is what its been all about for him, nothing more. The cup of coffee in my eyes was to butter her up to do the op with him which he knew she couldnt do all those years ago and is trying to get her to do then.

  10. Well, Sharon, coffee in your eyes would cloud anyone’s judgement. We must make allowance.

    • LOL, I am unsure of your responce here pandamoor, but I will now give a slight apology as it appears I am slightly wrong – if you look on the website below:


      I blame Guy for this for his superb acting, but I hope you accept what I say, and also explain what you meant by your post 🙂

      • pauseliveaction

        Interesting article, Sharon. Guy is not giving much away, is he? Though he does admit to the unrequited love. I suppose that dashes my “married” theory completely, though – if they were married it would hardly be unrequited. Oh well, it was a good theory while it lasted.

      • Yes, Sharon, I accept what you say about being wrong. It seemed fairly clear, I think, that Hanssen had the hots for Sahira, not the other way around, and the article you include a link to confirms this, as you say. I was rather naughtily playing with your lack of punctuation when you wrote, “The cup of coffee in my eyes,” and using the lack of visual clarity which that would cause to account for your very individual personal view of the episode. I hope that clears that up 🙂

  11. Ok firstly, Pause – you do exxactly what I do, get convinced you know you have got it right, then Guy throws something into the equasion – this time it was Laila with Sahira – and I think oh ok, that throw THAT theory out of the window!

    Now, Pandamoor, thankyou for that, and I still say yes I was a little wrong, but while I still think it was a working relationship, which it is, as I said to someone on my facebook page of Guy, I did actually say that I thought he may be attracted to her, as I think any male would be, she is a very attractive lady, so in that sense could it be just attraction?
    I didnt see that, because I merely thought it was a working relationship as thats what it was portrayed as, and as I said to Pause, I saw the fact he was upset and went along with the theory it was a working relationship with fondness/attraction added, so in some ways i was right?
    It does say unrequited attraction, so without sounding ‘funny’ that doesn’t necessarily mean love, just attraction?
    Ok still not sure what you are getting at, be it my grammar or my intelligence – on either aspect, I guess I need to say sorry again, as I pride myself on my grammar and as for my lack of intelligence, well I am going to put that down to me being off colour today!

    And yes, each review is my own personal view of the episode hence the ‘My conclusion’ 😀