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Holby City: Manager of the year

(Series 13, Ep.32) Authority was not sitting comfortably on Sacha’s shoulders this week. He’s just too nice, and his efforts to appear managerial came across, to Chrissie at least, as “cute.” Well, he is cute, but when the machines start going beep, the floor’s awash in bodily fluids and tough decisions need to be made, “cute” is not really what you want.

If the patients were the biggest problem he’d be ok, but it’s always the staff who are hardest to control in Holby. Chrissie’s used to getting her own way with Sacha, what with him being besotted with her and being the father to her child and all, and him being her boss didn’t make any difference. This is the kind of thing that drives Goth Dr Frieda nuts, however, and she decided to give Chrissie a piece of her mind. And what a lovely sight it was. Frieda’s still annoyed that Chrissie previously got to keep her job mainly because her father, Jesus, was the CEO of the hospital at the time. “You manipulated him,” said Frieda, “And now you manipulate another weak man!” Weak man? Sacha must have been having thoughts along the lines of “with friends like Frieda, who needs enemies?’ But the fact remained that he can’t work with Chrissie, so she’s been ousted to Keller – currently the domain of Dull Dan and his little fixator (it’s for fixing pelvises. Pelvi? Whatever).  Continue reading


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