Casualty: Ruth’s back! Charlie’s back! Mads is in danger!

(Series 25, Ep.36) If and when Charlie Fairhead ever dies, it will be necessary to have him stuffed and mounted in a glass case in the reception area of Holby City A&E department. Yes, it might freak out the patients a little bit, but it’s unthinkable that the place could run without him.

Having been ousted to the sunny heights of the Psych Ward for the duration of Dr Ruth Winters’ psychiatric illness (handy, that), Nick Jordan decided that, now Ruth was back, Charlie really ought to be back as well. Thus everyone will get the benefit of his uncanny ability to be reassuring while not making eye contact with the person he’s talking to (his eyes always seem to be watching an imaginary cricket match in the distance), and he’ll also be on hand to restrain Ruth if she goes off on one again. It’s a win-win situation.

It was a hell of a shift for Ruth to make her reintroduction to medical life. Henry (what is his job title, please? He’s sort of in charge when Hanssen is unavailable) had signed up to some scheme whereby Holby would alternate GP referrals with mythical “other Holby hospital” St James’s, but this had gone wrong so the ED was full of people who should really be at the other side of Holby. Mayhem. Throw in a deaf boy who’d swallowed a particularly vicious weedkiller, Henry’s daughter who’d been run over by a motorbike because she’s going blind and she hadn’t seen it coming, Adam being angsty (is this “again” or “still”?) and Mads asking if she could avoid contact with youngish male patients because her fiance was a bit traditional that way (Tess’s answer: “No.”), and you have a recipe for stress.   

After an initial hiccup in which she almost put a chest drain in the wrong patient (an easy mistake to make, I’m sure we’ve all done it), Ruth recovered her mojo, and as Dr Zoe Hanna poetically put it, she’d soon “cleared CDU like a phosphate enema.”

Adam didn’t have such a great shift, though. Maverick Nurse Kirsty more-or-less dumped him, saying she needed to spend time with Little Miss Glum and recover from the whole Nasty Warren ordeal (over which no-one is being prosecuted). It would have been the second birthday of his little boy Harry. And then his deaf weedkiller patient died (mainly due to all of Henry’s administrative nonsense). So he ended up punching a mirror, which is obviously never a clever idea. And who pays for all these broken mirrors? We taxpayers, that’s who! (Sorry, I suddenly morphed into Jeremy Kyle. I am seeing someone about this).

The episode ended with Mads, who’s now engaged and thinking about becoming a good Muslim, having a “what the heck” moment and having a glass of bubbly in the pub with her colleagues. Was it the unaccustomed alcohol that let her true feelings for Lenny pop out, so that she almost kissed him? If so, she didn’t have quite enough of it, because the kiss didn’t happen and she got all flustered and upset and jumped into a passing taxi. And when the taxi driver drove off to a deserted, off-the-beaten track spot and got into the back of the taxi with her – well, you’ve got to be worried.

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3 responses to “Casualty: Ruth’s back! Charlie’s back! Mads is in danger!

  1. Tabithaana

    Good to see Charlie back in the fold, despite the wooden acting. Agree the place would not be the same without him (or Nick Jordan for that matter). I suspect that Tess will be made scapegoat for the death of the deaf boy following the bureaucratic foul up. Henry’s job title I believe, is Director of Critical Care Medicine and thus in charge of ITU/A&E,

    • lucy fan of kirsty!

      but wat do you think of kirsty! do you think she will come back! she is amayzing warre is so nasty i am happy he is out of the way! are you a big fan off casyalty then! i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO GO GO KIRSTY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lucy fan of kirsty!

    Is Kirsty coming back has she left casualty for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kirsty is the best character! I feel sorry for her with this warren stuff and I wanted to see her life back on track with her and Nita! But has she just LEFT casualty forever!!!!!!!!! The last episode is her funning of with Nita in a car with no leave!!!!!!! Just nothing! She practically ran away! People will worry! She MUST COME BACK AFTER ALL THAT YOU DO NOT RUN OFF! NO KIRSTY…………… come back!

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