Casualty: A fish called Jordan

(Series 25, Ep.35) The differences in management style between Nick Jordan and Miriam Turner were exemplified in their approach to the staff’s grief at the loss of Polly. Miriam, of the touchy-feely school of human resource management, declares an open-door policy. She wants the staff to pop in any time and unburden themselves, take a little time to mourn their loss. She doubtless has laid in several boxes of tissues just in case. There’s a book of condolence for them to sign.

“How is the open-door policy working for you?” Nick asks her, knowing full well that the door may be open but no-one is going through it. It’s not the Casualty way, which is to suck it up and get on with it, and Nick knows this.

However, it was Miriam who got the clinical lead job, so it’s Nick who had to pack up his bits and bobs and head for the exit. A nation of Casualty fans prepared to mourn yet another loss. Then a little miracle arrived in the form of a small boy with a self-inflicted banged-up thumb. He turned out to be Miriam’s step-grandson, who was there to try and reunite her with his father, her stepson, who has Parkinson’s and needs her support. Without consulting the stepson in question (whom she hadn’t seen for ten years), Miriam decided her family had greater need of her than her workplace, and she told Hanssen she was quitting.      

He didn’t look best pleased, because he’s not a fan of Nick Jordan (actually he seems to get genuine pleasure from winding Nick up, which is a hugely enjoyable thing to behold), but the lady was not for turning, so the job was Nick’s by default. Before she vacated the office, Miriam installed a pet for Nick – a fish called Jordan. “I know how you’ve always wanted something named after you,” she told him. He was probably hoping for a hospital wing, but a fish will do for now.

At the end of the episode, which had seen a very tragic and upsetting case with a dead baby, everyone went to the pub for a drink, except Jeff, who is working double shifts to try and take his mind off Polly. And what Dixie needed was a good cry and a cuddle from Tess. Dixie’s face as she tried and failed to control her emotions – oh, bless.

And who’s this we see getting into a taxi at the end of the episode? It’s Mads! And what’s that on her finger? Could it be an engagement ring? Lenny is not going to be a happy boy.

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  1. Tabithaana

    A subdued and somewhat low key episode this week after the Polly tragedy. Though I thought Nick was adorable in the handling of cute little boy Sam but not terribly sorry to see Miriam leave. Always like the interaction between Nick and Hanssen and hope we see more.

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