Coronation Street: Newcomer to be a lesbian?


Speculation is rife that a new character heading to Coronation Street will be a lesbian. According to reports, the daughter of new character Stella (who is rumoured to be the long lost mother of Leanne) will arrive in coming weeks and quickly be revealed as a lesbian.

Eve is due to make her first appearance on the Street alongside Stella in the summer, after Stella rescues Leanne from an armed robbery at the bookies.

The news comes amid an ongoing row that Coronation Street is relying too much on gay characters. Some representatives of the media (no prizes for guessing which ones!) have suggested that there are far too many gay characters in the show for it to be realistic. They argue that with Sian, Sophie, Sean, Marcus, James and the recent one-off appearance from Todd and his boyfriend, that Coronation Street is presenting an unrealisitc portrayal of a British street.

Personally, I tune into Corrie to get away from real life and would probably choose to look outside of my window if I wanted to see a realistic street. it’s very easy to attack the gay ‘issue’ with the realism card… but then how many streets house numerous murders and have seen two tram crashes in forty years?

Coronation Street may be based on everyday life, but of course it will never be an accurate representation of a street in any way, not just the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals.

What are your thoughts on the argument? Does the sudden influx of gay characters not ring true for you? Are you excited for the arrival of Stella and Eve?

Leave any thoughts you have in the comments box.

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2 responses to “Coronation Street: Newcomer to be a lesbian?

  1. pauseliveaction

    I bet the same media sources that are getting all worked up about the gay characters aren’t worried at all that Coronation Street has the only garment factory in the north west without any Asian workers.

    • BigBossyBoots

      I’ve never actually watched ‘Coronation Street’ apart from the first ever episode shown for the 50th anniversary, although amazingly I seemed to know who every character was! However, I am interested in the depiction of gay people in the media as my ‘Waterloo Road’ comments on PLA’s hilarious posts will testify. What I’d really like to see on primetime telly is something that reflects my lesbian real-life – making sure my teenage daughter has had a piece of Marmite toast before going to school, washing my baby boy’s nappies, arguing with my Civil Partner about whose turn it is to put out the recycling, marking piles of essays, and occasionally relaxing in front of – you’ve guessed it – ‘Waterloo Road’. On reflection, that would make really, really, really boring television…

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