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Lustbox: Matt Smith

My little crush on Matt Smith has snuck up on me to be honest.

I was smitten with his predecessor in the TARDIS, David Tennant, from the first time I saw him in Blackpool (that’s the excellent Peter Bowker drama, not the actual seaside resort), but it’s taken a little longer for me to start having impure thoughts about Mr Smith.

Clearly he has buckets of charisma. I was convinced I’d be mourning the loss of David Tennant from Doctor Who for months – but Matt Smith had won me over within minutes of his first episode. Still this new love was very much a platonic one.

What on earth has started me thinking much earthier thoughts about this young man? (I’m trying not to dwell on the nine-year age gap by the way). I suspect that press shot at the top of this page from Christopher and His Kind started the hormones going and from there onward it’s been all downhill (in a good way).

So now it’s his politeness, intelligence, posh-in-the-right-way-ness, talent, geekiness and charm (not to mention great hair, excellent cheekbones and a fabulous smile) that have me a wee bit hot under the collar. He can share that mysterious TARDIS swimming pool with me any day – Alex Kingston is a lucky lady (though not as lucky as his real girlfriend)!

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Coronation Street: Newcomer to be a lesbian?


Speculation is rife that a new character heading to Coronation Street will be a lesbian. According to reports, the daughter of new character Stella (who is rumoured to be the long lost mother of Leanne) will arrive in coming weeks and quickly be revealed as a lesbian.

Eve is due to make her first appearance on the Street alongside Stella in the summer, after Stella rescues Leanne from an armed robbery at the bookies.

The news comes amid an ongoing row that Coronation Street is relying too much on gay characters. Some representatives of the media (no prizes for guessing which ones!) have suggested that there are far too many gay characters in the show for it to be realistic. They argue that with Sian, Sophie, Sean, Marcus, James and the recent one-off appearance from Todd and his boyfriend, that Coronation Street is presenting an unrealisitc portrayal of a British street.

Personally, I tune into Corrie to get away from real life and would probably choose to look outside of my window if I wanted to see a realistic street. it’s very easy to attack the gay ‘issue’ with the realism card… but then how many streets house numerous murders and have seen two tram crashes in forty years?

Coronation Street may be based on everyday life, but of course it will never be an accurate representation of a street in any way, not just the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals.

What are your thoughts on the argument? Does the sudden influx of gay characters not ring true for you? Are you excited for the arrival of Stella and Eve?

Leave any thoughts you have in the comments box.

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Emmerdale: Another Departure


Kelsey-Beth Crossley has announced that she is to leave Emmerdale in coming weeks, adding to a recent spate of departures from the show.

Kelsey-Beth, who plays Scarlett Nicholls, made the announcement via Twitter, following a tweet regarding an unnamed audition.

It’s unknown how Scarlett will leave Emmerdale, but it is likely to be another low key exit which has seen out several cast members recently.

The news comes following the departures of characters including Viv Windsor, Terry Woods,Doug Potts, Ryan and Faye Lamb, Jackson Welsh and Eve Birch.

How do you feel about the recent trend of goodbyes from the show? Will you miss Scarlett or are you indifferent to her farewell?

Let us know in the comments box!

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