Casualty: The death of Polly the paramedic

(Series 25, Ep.34) Sorry I’m late with this review. Three words by way of explanation: Bank. Holiday. IKEA.

It was something of an unsatisfying episode anyway (Casualty, not the trip to IKEA). The problem is, when you’ve got a well-beloved regular cast member bleeding to death in the basement, all subplots become irrelevant and tedious. All you want is for someone – anyone – to take heed of the assorted clues and missed opportunities and get down to that basement and do a bit of rescuing.

After being stabbed by mad Hannah last week, Polly found herself locked in a store-room with only Dylan’s dog for company. It wasn’t even a useful dog as it didn’t understand the word “fetch,” as in “Fetch that first aid kit from off that table, would you please?” It did have a go at barking when Big Mac was in the vicinity, which was helpful, but Big Mac was listening to the racing with earphones, which wasn’t.     

Upstairs Dylan ignored repeated attempts from Hannah to tell him something was up (or down, as it turned out), and the other staff dealt with a man who’d taken a very nasty crack to the head from a rookie police officer; a young man who’d developed phantom pains rather than admit to his girlfriend that he was a virgin; and the ongoing debate as to whether Miriam or Nick would get the top job.

Eventually Dylan discovered that Hannah had Polly’s phone, put two and two together and sent Jay to the basement to have a look for her. After kicking a door in, Jay found his former girlfriend bleeding and not in a terribly healthy state at all. Ignoring the first aid kit on the table, and basic common sense which should have had him running off for some help when no-one answered his phone, he put pressure on her wound and attempted to keep her conscious by making her talk psychobabble, a topic she’s recently become interested in. This gave Polly the opportunity to remind Jay that Dr Ruth Winters was the love of his life.

Eventually he went off for some help and it was only then that Our Pol got the five star assistance of Dixie, Jeff, a trolley and a swift trip to resus. Nick Jordan tried his best, he really did, and he didn’t give up until Jay (the nearest thing to next of kin, what with having been her boyfriend for three weeks) told him enough was enough. He told Miriam later that he’d known his efforts weren’t going to succeed, but he had to do it to show Polly’s friends that everything had been done.

This is why they love Nick, and that’s why we love him, but Hanssen doesn’t love him, and informed Miriam that she’d got the job. “They won’t want me for a boss,” she told him accurately. “They’ll want Jordan.” Hanssen smiled a Hanssen smile and replied, “Oh well, thankfully they don’t get to choose, do they?”

Next time: Nick’s last shift as clinical lead isn’t an easy one.

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16 responses to “Casualty: The death of Polly the paramedic

  1. Tabithaana

    After last week’s debacle of the Kirsty story, I enjoyed this episode and the real time feel to it despite being rudely interrupted half way through by an old friend ringing me for a “chat”, obviously not a Casualty fan. I agree that Nick was at his best and felt sorry for the poor man at the end when Miriam was given the clinical lead post.

    • pauseliveaction

      I can’t help thinking (hoping?) there’ll be a further twist and Nick will get the job after all. Something I forgot to mention was how much I dislike Dylan Keogh. What an obnoxious man, even though he has a nice dog.

      • Tabithaana

        Not taken to the Dylan character either, suspect he has got Asperger’s elements to his personality and looks too scruffy to be taken seriously as a doctor. Hope Nick retains his old post, sure the machiaevellian Hanssen is jealous of his talent and good looks.

  2. Zoë

    There was a distinct lack of common sense from most of the characters really, although that didn’t stop me from enjoying the episode. I don’t watch Casualty enough to care much about Polly, but the acting from Ben Turner was brilliant.
    I was slightly distracted though; I couldn’t help but think that Hanssen reminds me of the Silence from Doctor Who.
    As always, really enjoyed the review.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thanks Zoë. Ben Turner was good, wasn’t he? He looked so lost and helpless at the end. I hope it gives him the spur he needs to sort things out with Ruth.

  3. inkface

    I was irked by the Polly-bleeding-to-death-whilst-no-one-found-her element of this episode, but you’ve expressed that perfectly.

  4. Velocity Girl

    As I don’t really watch Casualty, the most useful comment I can make about this blog is as follows:

    You went to IKEA on a BANK HOLIDAY?! *whistles, sharp intake of breath, shakes head at sheer reckless masochistic bravery of it*

    • pauseliveaction

      My handy IKEA tip: It’s possible to withstand the experience with an emergency intake of Dime cake half way through.

  5. tillmaster500

    Can’t belive Polly died… she always looked so happy and she always had on cute earrings and had these cute pigtails… also, when do we see jay cry? never. great acting by Ben Turner there.

  6. Abi

    Such a sad episode, I was so upset that Polly died. She, Alice, and Jay have been my favourite characters for ages.
    I hope they focus a little more on it in a forthcoming episode because the one I saw after this one didn’t really acknowledge her death as much as I would have liked. Jay didn’t seem as upset as I expected either. Reckon he’s going to have a breakdown at some point.
    Anyway, amazing acting from all cast members but particularly Sophia Di Martino, Ben Turner and Sunetra Sarker- her scene with Dylan at the end was very poignant.
    RIP Polly Emmerson =[

    • pauseliveaction

      It’s time Dr Zoe Hanna was given a nice, juicy storyline again. She’s one of my favourite Casualty characters, and Sunetra Sarker is brilliant.

  7. lauraa

    I thought from that episode was brilliant how they made it look so real,but also sad aswell&she was one of my favourite characters in it!:),but when ben turner was acting I thought it was brilliant&from sophia too,I reckon jay will break down at some point&to do with polly dying&when he found her was like kinda panicking proved he still liked her!&i thought brilliant acting from all the cast epecially Sophia di martino,Matt bardock,Jane hazelgrove,Ben turner&Sunetra sarker!:-),wish she never got killed off!:(,she could of returned to become a paramedic if she didn’t want to do the counciling job anymore!:(

  8. TheWeirdoInTheCorner

    *criesalittlebit* loved Polly so much. She always was my fave. 😦

  9. Marilyn

    Yes but where’s the photo of Polly??

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