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Holby City: Hearts trump scalpels

(Series 13, Ep.28) More basketball this week – Holby is turning into ER, isn’t it? Except on ER they shout for “CBC and Chem 7!” while Holby prefer the old FBCs, U’s and E’s and LFTs. And they get fewer gunshot wounds. And they’re much worse at basketball. Particularly Sacha, who played Michael for  theatre time. “Jews and balls don’t mix,” Sacha said as he admitted defeat.

Jac was most unimpressed by all this laddish behaviour. “Nothing like the smell of rancid testosterone in the morning,” she told Michael as they shared an elevator. “If you keep hitting on me I’m gonna have to report you,” he replied. Ah, that easy American charm. Totally lost on Jac. “Call in the fantasy police,” she said. “Maybe… if you were the last man on earth.”    Continue reading

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