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Casualty: You’re only angry when you’re scared

(Series 25, Ep.31) If Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren had been off work for a while with a broken arm sustained while playing rugby, he’d have marched back into Holby A&E with his held held high and his manly reputation very much intact. As it is, he doesn’t want to admit to anybody that he’s been away having a cancerous testicle removed. Doesn’t look good on the Bloke-o-meter. So he dons a sombrero and saunters back into work clutching a bag of “duty free” booze purchased from Lidl and a bag of never-worn holiday clothing.

This strategy would have worked on Noel and Big Mac, cheerfully accepting (of free booze) souls that they are. But when Jay’s Lovely Nana was brought in to A&E with a leg injury, apparently caused by a careless carer at her careless care home, Jay got all shouty and pushy, and shoved the poor kid (he was only a kid, really) into a trolley and bust his lip. Nana smelled a rat. “You’re only angry when you’re scared,” she told her favourite grandson, and got the truth out of him with a mixture of detective work, dogged persistence and grandmotherly kindness.

So at least Nana and Miriam know what’s going on with Jay, even if everyone else doesn’t. And Miriam has pulled some strings so hopefully we’ll have Jay’s biopsy results in our hands by the next episode.

Assaulting people is not acceptable behaviour for a nurse, of course, so it was all a bit career threatening until Jay performed a bit of ninja-level medicine (“I’ve seen Charlie do this!”) on the young carer, who was more badly hurt than at first thought (he wasn’t guilty of negligence re Nana either, as he’d been distracted by seeing his boss dealing drugs pilfered from the residents’ prescribed allocation).

Meanwhile, Paramedic Polly was worrying about her paramedic exams, as she’s currently only Trainee Paramedic Polly. A change of career presented itself when she went with Hannah Fleet (the woman with the facial injury from the bus crash a few weeks ago) to visit counsellor Dr Oppe (Helen Lederer). In a very odd counselling session, it was left to Polly to ask all the questions and get Hannah to open up. She was so good at it she decided then and there to retrain – once she gets those all-important qualifications, she, like Dr Oppe , can sit blinking at patients with big blue eyes while someone else does the counselling for her. But the training costs big money, so maybe she’ll be stuck with the nasty green uniforms and the banter of Dixie and Jeff for a while longer.

And you’re all invited to my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, as I’ve met the gypsy of my dreams. One of the patients in A&E was a lady who was also a Lady, who’d been electrocuted when she took issue with some gypsies who were camping on her land and using the leccy illegally. The patriarch of these gypsies (played by Jonathan Forbes) was such a darling man. He and his little daughter brought clothes and other necessities for the lady, sat by her bed till she woke up, and were on hand to give relationship advice to Mads and Lennie, who are circling ever closer. Adorable, all of it.

Next time: In a popularity contest between Miriam and Nick Jordan, who would win? I’d vote for Nick, but who will the staff go for?

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