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Casualty: Is it paranoia or is it just true?

(Series 25, Ep.30) I’d love to be able to report how Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren is feeling following his surgery, but I’m afraid I can’t. You know what hospitals are like – they won’t speak to you unless you’re a relative, and I’m just a very, very concerned friend.

It can be hard separating fact from fiction, and this was very much the theme of this week’s Faldren-free episode. It started with a glimpse of a hand, a knife, blood dripping on the floor. Then we were whizzed back in time to ten hours before this happened, and introduced to a number of people the blood could have belonged to.

Most likely candidate had to be Dr Ruth Winters. She’s still in a psych ward (which looks nicer than a lot of hotels I’ve stayed in) and is so bored she’s started watching Ainsley Harriott on daytime TV. Charlie sits her down for a little chat, and suggests that, quite possibly, she’s bipolar. “If that’s how you want to play it I don’t want your help or your labels,” she tells him. So Charlie enlists the help of Ruth’s former colleague, the Frosty Brain Surgeon Woman, who, it turns out, has OCD. A shame, really , because otherwise Charlie might have had to summon my very favourite surgeon-with-OCD, Joseph from Holby. Anyway, Frosty Brain Surgeon Woman assures Ruth that it’s quite possible to be a top surgeon and be on medication.

Of course this isn’t enough to convince Ruth, because she might be paranoid but she knows when Charlie is setting her up. What does help to put her on the road to recovery is a bit of the old Dr Ruth Winters Diagnostic Genius – a fellow patient who has been exhibiting all the signs of paranoia and also fainting a lot collapses in the toilets. Ruth diagnoses Lyme Disease, and Charlie can only marvel at her plucky medical skills. Continue reading


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