Waterloo Road: Cesca and Jonah – the secret is out!

(Series 6, Ep.19) The thing with Jonah Kirby is, one minute he looks like quite a plausible boyfriend for a 20-something year old teacher (saving her from scary dogs, being a lovely shoulder to cry on after a hard day, being ever so supportive generally and a bit of a hunk). Then the next minute he’s kicking a football against the wall, or scrapping with his mates, and he’s just a seventeen year-old schoolboy again.

The Jonah/Cesca romance has been interesting in that it’s seemed to be a perfectly mutual, completely genuine thing – no coercion, no power games, just a mature young man and an immature older woman getting together against the odds. Proper Romeo and Juliet stuff. Except that we knew it couldn’t last, and we knew that Cesca was very much in the wrong in letting her heart rule her head and take her into a taboo relationship with someone who was supposed to be in her care. “No-one was hurt!” she protested to Karen after everything unravelled this week. On the contrary, Karen told her, Jonah has been hurt.

He only started to understand the extent of this in this episode, as he realised that taking his girlfriend on cosy camping trips with his dad and his sister is never likely to be an option. That he may never have the glittering career that everyone predicted for Waterloo Road’s star pupil as he has to leave school early and get a McJob to support his imminent offspring. Ronan told him that Cesca looks like a woman who appreciates the finer things in life and wouldn’t find life on the dole with Jonah all that attractive. Though PLA Jr pointed out that Cesca’s mobile phone is rubbish so maybe she’s willing to settle for reduced circumstances after all.

So, considering they’ve been ever so discreet and only ever had sex in cupboards and the art room in broad daylight, how did the secret romance become public knowledge? Well, it was mainly due to that famous lack of discretion, and Chris Mead having a diploma in body language. He can spot the difference between people discussing Spanish homework and a lovers’ tiff even through a fire door. Add this to Jonah’s odd behaviour generally, and Cesca’s shock resignation (she told Karen her father had had a heart attack and she was going back to Spain, when in fact she was bound for Gretna Green and a quickie wedding with Rochdale’s most eligible schoolboy). Chris got the final proof he needed when Cesca fell off a ladder and went to hospital for a check-up, and Chris pulled back the cubicle curtain to find her in a clinch with Jonah, and after that it was a short step to Jonah’s father and the police being called and Karen wearing her very best “I’m so disappointed in you” expression (though she always seems to be smiling at the same time, which undermines it somewhat).

Meanwhile, Adanna had come up with this week’s New Initiative, which was a gender-bending pantomime called Cinderfella (see what she did there?). This was basically an excuse to showcase George Sampson’s running-up-the-wall-and flipping-over skills, as Kyle Stack auditioned for the lead role and got it, thanks to ninja level dancing skills and winning Britain’s Got Talent and everything. Will this be the making of the lad? Possibly. Will Fin “Pantos are for kids and divvies” Sharkey be very, very jealous because Kyle is playing opposite Fin’s girlfriend Sam Kelly? You betcha.

Sam should be worrying about her brother Denzil at the moment, though, as he’s taken up extreme sports. Not snowboarding and so on, as the opportunities for this in Rochdale are relatively rare, but he definitely has an appetite for adrenaline. Last week it was extreme fizzy pop drinking, and this week he was taking bets on how many volts of electricity he could withstand. It’s so nice to see pupils interested in science, isn’t it? But luckily for Denzil his friends were a bit concerned about the risk of death, and Tom Clarkson was informed.

Dealing with his former girlfriend’s recklessly daft son was a welcome respite for Tom, as he’d been called upon to decide whether Grantly Budgen’s rewrite of Ruby’s novel was better than her original. Grantly was confident: “You are looking at someone who studied writing while you baked pies,” he told his literary adversary. Ruby played to her strengths and baked one of her famous pies by way of a little bribe for Tom. But, pie or no pie (I’ll have pie, please), he eventually decided that the winner was… Ruby. And he’s an English teacher, so he should know. Though expertise in a subject area has never been a prerequisite of being on the Waterloo Road staff, witness Steph Haydock.

Next time: Cesca and Jonah head north, and Denzil heads downwards.

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16 responses to “Waterloo Road: Cesca and Jonah – the secret is out!

  1. christina

    I wrote a fairly feeble panto called Cinderfella when I was about 13. Can I claim some money please?

    • pauseliveaction

      Did it feature a backflipping hero? Maybe you should apply for a job on the writing team of Waterloo Road.

  2. Velocity Girl

    I watched the second half of this last night – though thanks to PLA’s most excellent blogs, I knew exactly what was going on. Agree that the Jonah/Cesca storyline has been interesting and I think rather well-handled – nice to see a storyline done to death elsewhere done from the simple perspective of 2 people falling in love, regardless of who they are. Also agree that Amanda Burton’s “smiling whilst bollocking” expression very strange and it made me think for a split second that everything might be ok. Which was perhaps the idea – the naive Cesca may have thought the same thing at that moment too. Clever, if this was the intention!

    Also a shout-out for the dreadful yet spectacular version of “Total Eclipse of The Heart” in the auditions. I do so enjoy deliberately bad (which rules out Cheryl Cole, who is undoubtedly trying, in many senses in fact) singing on telly and Waterloo Road has form in this area – I vaguely remeber Jo Lipsett once completely murdering a power ballad at a talent show (honestly, is that school actually the BRIT school?!) to hugely enjoyable effect, though I can’t for the life of me remember what.

    Also, hurrah for George Sampson’s “Donald O’Connor for the iPad generation” wall-scaling heroics!

    • remotecontrolled

      It was the Power of Love if I remember correctly. For the expose big baddy Max talent show.

  3. remotecontrolled

    I’m willing to accept the ridiculousness of the whole scenario other than I didn’t quite get what their plan was going to be after the big come out and everyone twigged that maybe Cesca’s dad hadn’t had a heart attack and that Karen and all the other staff may be slightly annoyed about her having lied about her extraordinary circumstances. Or was the plan really to never speak to anyone with any connection to the school ever again? Still, Waterloo Road wouldn’t be half as fun without the outrageous flaws.

    • pauseliveaction

      It wasn’t much of a plan, was it? The only logic to it really was for her to jump from her job before she was pushed, but other than that…

      • remotecontrolled

        Well, if they get married on Wednesday Marcus better turn up to the school with a bulldozer, otherwise I’ll be immensely disappointed!

  4. saffronatstudy

    I predicted it would all end in tears. Not that my moralizing has had any affect on my Teen.
    ‘They make such a beautiful couple – their skin tones match perfectly…’ she sighs.
    ‘But what about Jonah’s A-levels?’ both I and her Other Mum cry in unison. ‘She’s ruining his education!’ We are teachers, of course. Our Teen looks at us like we really, really don’t get it, and patiently explains that they are going to have a BEAUTIFUL baby.

    • pauseliveaction

      You can always rely on Teens to get their priorities right. PLA Jr is just the same, although she was somewhat distracted by worrying about Denzil and the electricity.

      As a side issue, isn’t it marvellous that Jonah and Cesca’s names can’t be shoved together to make one of those stupid “Brangelina”-type contractions? It would either come out as Jona or Cescah – in other words, not worth the bother. For this alone I commend the scriptwriters.

  5. katy clifford smith

    Jonah should not date his teacher because he is a pupil to her and he keeps saying that they are going to get married when criss meed comes to the hospital
    Cesca goes for a check up when she falls of a ladder and Jonah kissed Cesca on the lips and Chris meed came he draw back the curtain and saw them kiss and they went back to the school and Cesca told them what she had done and said that I have not harmed him but Karen said you have harmed the boy and the school now we have to call the police now for what you have done then Jonah came ran back and said to her lets go run away there going to take me away from you and then Jonah s dad came and said to him to get away from her and she said that she was so scared and was crying because of what his Jonah s dad did to him and Karen that it is over but the next time they are going to move away from the school and the rest of them

  6. amy hume

    yu sholdent arrest cesca be cause it can hear6t the bby and if she gets sent down the bby will get put into a home so it wont live a life …
    i was crying my eyes out with this happen because there no mead to arresed her i i was ypu i wold giv her a 2nd change i know she shouldent have done it but i would have told her to leave he school wterloo road for 6months then i would tell her to come bbkk iam really looking farwards to the nxt serios i ❤ waterloo road p.x s please get back AS soon as possablie thank yooou xxx

    • pauseliveaction

      I hope we’ll hear about what happened to Cesca. It’s a sad situation, but that’s what made it so interesting to watch.

  7. amy hume

    have you seen all these reply that people have sent you ?

    • pauseliveaction

      Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to see them, as we have other things to do as well, but we do see all the comments and try to reply to them.