Waterloo Road: The Ronan Burley collection

(Series 6, Ep.18) It was nice to see attention shift away from the Fisher family and on to one of my favourite Waterloo Road characters, the magnificent Ronan Burley. I love Ronan. He’s a cheeky chancer, always looking for a money-making opportunity (which quite often fails) and he’s a show-off, witness his marvellous striptease in the school uniform debate. But he also has a more serious side – facing up to his bullying criminal of a father, or being responsible about contraception.

This week Ronan showed a flair for makeup and fashion design, in a bid to capture the heart of Vicky McDonald. Ok, so she snogged him last week, but this week an apparently more tempting prize appeared in the form of Ronan’s work mentor Dan, played by hunky Will Mellor. A series of misunderstandings, mainly by Vicky and Adanna Lawal, who is turning out to be every bit as pious as Pious Kim Campbell, led to Dan being accused of taking advantage of a schoolgirl. Dan, however, said quite firmly that he “doesn’t date children,” which makes him quite rare among the adult population of Waterloo Road these days.

While Dan had been busy entertaining Vicky with an innocent pizza and a glass of wine (Wine? During a school day? Dan hadn’t wanted to appear “tight” when Vicky said she always liked a glass of wine with her lunch), Ronan was back at school fashioning a piece of haute couture out of a tartan picnic blanket. He wanted Vicky to have something to wear for the fashion show, little realising that she was already wearing a nasty-looking red halter-neck frock that Dan had given her. Ronan’s blanket dress was actually quite stylish, and I expect Stella McCartney was sitting at home with her sketchpad on her knee, scribbling away furtively.

Eventually, Vicky decided Ronan was much nicer than Dan – much nicer than anyone, really, particularly with a bit of mazzy on (he was also taking to the catwalk). So to show her love for him, she wore the blanket dress in the fashion show, and everyone loved it, and her team won.

No-one even much minded the big pool of puke in front of the stage. This wasn’t down to Cesca Montoya’s morning sickness, but down to Harry Fisher, Kyle Stack and Denzil Kelly having a fizzy pop-drinking contest beforehand. What goes in must come out, one way or the other.

Cesca went off to get a termination. It was the sensible thing to do, though “sensible” is not a word we’ve come to associate with Ms Montoya. Jonah would have gone with her but he had double maths. However, he did leave a message on her mobile phone, and she got the message in the nick of time to realise that, although he’s barely out of nappies himself, Jonah could actually make quite a nice father (he’ll be able to share his Lego with the little’un) and he makes a very splendid boyfriend. So she cancelled her appointment and headed back to school, where Jonah proposed and she accepted,  and they celebrated in their usual discreet way by taking their shirts off in the art room. Where they were – at last – discovered by Ronan Burley. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, encouraged by Grantly, Ruby Fry decided to have a go at writing a novel. She bashed out a few chapters and presented them to Grantly for his opinion. “Dear God, woman,” he told her. “You are depraved! This is filth!” That’s a thumbs-up, then.

Next time: Denzil Kelly takes up recreational electrocution, and it all goes tits-up for Cesca and Jonah.

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  1. Ellie

    I must say, I was very proud of Ronan’s cobblers skills, managing to make Vicki a matching pair of heels for her dress