Holby City: Just to make the day perfect, I kill an old lady

(Series 13, Ep.22) Young Dr Oliver Valentine, aka Boy Valentine, looked so promising when he first appeared in Holby. He was confident, keen, clever and had a winning way with the ladies (Chrissie, Daisha and even – and you’ve got to be confident for this – Jac Naylor). Permanently in his shadow was sister Penny (aka Girl Valentine, aka Pitstop). Apart from her luscious hair, Penny struggled to stand out. Elliott Hope, who sees more deeply into people’s souls than most, championed Penny, but to most people it was Boy Valentine who was the top sibling.

Recently, however, Oliver has been increasingly rubbish. He makes mistakes, he blunders, he lies and he hides behind Penny to cover up what he’s done. And now, we know why. Following yet another error-strewn shift on AAU, during which he thought his carelessness had cost the life of a patient (it hadn’t, as it turned out), Oliver ended up in the basement clutching a pack of sleeping pills. It took Penny a while to find him – I could have told her he’d be in the basement, because they always are (see footnote here). And he made a shocking confession: back in the early days of the Valentine siblings’ medical career, Olly had swapped their exam papers around. Penny had passed her exam, and he hadn’t, but he made it look like she was the one who had failed. Apart from being a blight on poor Pen’s confidence ever since, the fact that Oliver had never passed the original exam (no matter how many exams he might have passed since) means that he is practising medicine illegally.

It’s all too much for Penny, who has gone on a little holiday, and wants Oliver to have told Michael Spence all about his crime before she gets back – or she’ll tell him herself.

Meanwhile, my theory that Sahira and Hanssen are married has been bolstered somewhat by the fact that the writers are being so very cagey about mentioning her home life, and by the odd little looks that Hanssen gives whenever her children are mentioned. Irish Dr Greg thinks he’s in with a chance with her, but if I was him I wouldn’t be bothering with taking my best suit to the dry cleaners just yet.

The tedious Dan Hamilton, bone expert, has his eye on the lovely Chrissie Williams and spent the episode getting information from Sacha about her. Poor Sacha, he’s the loveliest man but Chrissie is, as we know from her previous sexual history, far more likely to go for a boring man with a firm jawline than a complete angel in human form whose look can best be described as “cuddly.”

Next time: Hanssen and Ric clash. Again. And Jac’s in bother – again.

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9 responses to “Holby City: Just to make the day perfect, I kill an old lady

  1. nikki

    Oh so much drama this week.

    Why does Chrissie have to have a man?? Why cant she be happy on her own?! I dont understand. Are things so bad she has to drink the bottle Sacha gave her for Daniels graduation with some orthopod shes just met? Why Chrissie, why? Be a hot single mum. Much more attractive.

    I hope Olli swallows a big piece of humble pie and does the right thing, I havent heard hes leaving the show, so either he doesnt say anything or they miraculously make it all better with a phonecall or something. When you know really, he could be sent to court. And like Penny said, she’ll be struck off if she doesnt say anything. Its negligence, really. *hugs Penny* That damn brother of hers is causing her so much trouble recently!

    Missed Jac this week. However if her not being there means Hanssen is creepy with Sahira and not mean to Jac, then I can deal with her absence for the week. Though, by the synopsis for next week on the bbc website, its gonna a be a hard week for ner next week. I think I’ll need a cushion to cry into. Oh, and to hit Hanssen with for being mean to her. Obviously.

    Loving the reviews as always, keep it up 🙂

  2. pauseliveaction

    Nikki, I think Chrissie is badly in need of you as a life coach (as opposed to the type of “mentoring” she’s getting from Desperate Dan). I hadn’t really thought about her man-dependency before, but you’re right. She needs to have a bit more dignity.

    It’s a shame Sacha is so besotted with her, because I always like the banter/flirting that goes on between him and Jac. His sunny outlook on life is the perfect foil for Jac’s bitter-and-twistedness. She’s going to need a bit of Sacha tlc next week by the sound of it, isn’t she?

    Thank you for your comments in general, and the nice comment at the end in particular!

  3. Rich

    Given the depths Oliver has already visited and the over heavy suicide hint of the sleeping tablets. I have concluded that he is going to murder Penny, it’s the only way he can carry on as a doctor.

    His choice is lose everything or lose a pesky sister. A no-brainer if you’re Oliver.

    • pauseliveaction

      No! While your idea makes good sense plot-wise, I like the lovely Penny and we’ve lost too many cast members recently, I couldn’t cope with another one. Also, if he murdered Penny, the unwritten soap law of criminals having to be punished would mean that Oliver wouldn’t be long for the Holby world, either.

      • Rich

        I know what you mean, I don’t like the idea of losing Penny, I can’t see any other resolution to this. Angry though she is I’m not sure if Penny will ruin her brothers life and can’t see Oliver handing himself in.

        Maybe she will let Oli just quit medicine and let it go at that. I don’t know, but I’m sure I read somewhere that Oli has recently renewed his contract at holby and would be there for another year or so.

      • pauseliveaction

        I’m pretty sure James Anderson isn’t leaving any time soon. Maybe what will happen is that Boy Valentine will do some brilliant piece of life-saving, and Penny will realise what a great loss to the medical profession he would be, and just quietly agree to let it go. Elliott gave her a chance over Scott James, so when she’s had a think about it she might relent.

        Is there any doctor at Holby who hasn’t done something career-threateningly unethical at one time or another? Maybe Sacha, but I can’t think of another one!

  4. Lauren

    Penny is my favourite character in Holby, Emma Catherwood is my favourite actress, and I thought the scenes were fab!! I am intrigued as to how the whole ‘tell all’ situation will pan out, especially now Frieda has persuaded him to retake his F2 year, as I can’t see Oliver telling Hanssen what he has done. I know Penny’s character is back on the 12th April, so I suppose we will have to wait and see!! I hope nobody is leaving, especially Emma!!!

    • pauseliveaction

      Pitstop can’t leave! We can’t have a Boy Valentine without a Girl Valentine, otherwise he’d just be a Valentine.

  5. Christopher Ayers

    To Emma Catherwood

    I am sorry about your character in Holbycity. I really like your chracter a lot I was Shocked when your character died.

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