Holby City: Irish Dr Greg, you’re in this blog

(Series 13, Ep.14) Ooh, Matron! I felt like I was watching Carry On Doctor/Nurse/Whatever at the start of this episode. Nurse with tops of black stockings and ample cleavage peeping out of uniform? Check. Randy doctor making his way to an assignation with the aforementioned in a side room? Check. His boss catching them at it? Check.

Irish Dr Greg it was, caught almost in flagrante with Irish Ginger Nurse Marie-Claire, by Lovely Bumbling Elliott Hope. As a punishment, Elliot assigned Dr Greg to work with a particularly tricky patient. He was a blogger, and you know how difficult they can be. Worse still, he was a blogger on medical issues, which meant that everyone who treated him was kind of on test. “The only thing that could make me interested in a blog is if I’m in it,” Irish Dr Greg told him, but regretted it a few minutes later when he was outed in cyberspace as being a bigheaded womaniser. I’m sure that if this blogger person had tried that stunt with Connie Beauchamp she’d have had a few choice words for him which would include “defamation” “sue” and “solicitor.”

It turned out that the self-styled “human guinea pig” was scared of having a general anaesthetic (he said he needed to be awake during surgery so he could blog properly about it afterwards. This is going far beyond the call of journalistic duty, IMO). So Dr Greg agreed to do a tricky heart procedure on him with only an epidural. Sadly it all went pear-shaped and last we heard of the human guinea pig, the “harvest team” were waiting to get their hands on his corneas.  But not before Dr Greg had convinced the patient that he was almost as good as Joseph Byrne (as if! Though I have noticed, now that I’m not dazzled by Joseph’s beauty, that Irish Dr Greg does have a gorgeous nose) and convinced Elliott that he wasn’t entirely a lost cause.

Meanwhile, Donna had to deal with an annoying Scottish nurse who’d rearranged her ward and convinced the staff, all the way up to Mark “Jesus” Williams, that he was the best thing since Florence Nightingale. Donna didn’t take well to his undermining ways, and occasionally she had a point, but what was really going on was that she was still upset about Kieran going to Afghanistan. On the subject of whom, Odd Little Nurse Elizabeth Tait has a photo of him, and was behaving oddly with a mug with his name on it.  Keep an eye on that one – she looks timid, but I reckon she could very easily go Kelly Yorke on us.

Chrissie told Sacha – yet again – that there will never, ever, ever be a chance for them as a couple.

And accident of the week has to be the woman who fell out of her loft and impaled herself on a tiny bridegroom – wedding cake variety, not an actual human, which would have been an altogether different type of accident. Ooh, Matron!

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5 responses to “Holby City: Irish Dr Greg, you’re in this blog

  1. inkface

    Indeed PLA. I try to remain conscious when watching telly in my role as blogger, but that’s as far as I’d be prepared to go. Where was the punk nurse? I missed her.

  2. Paul

    Just discovered on another site that the actor, Gerard Kelly, who played the annoying Scottish nurse who used to be mates with Nurse Jesus back in the day, had died towards the end of last year.


    So, I guess he won’t be a recurring character after all! I was hoping to maybe see more of him.

    • pauseliveaction

      Aww, that’s sad news. I recognised him from other things but wasn’t exactly sure where from – it must have been Brookside, I think.

  3. Nikki

    Ha! Just been linked back here (by you PLA) on the most recent holby post. And oh you are so right! Whatever happened to good old episodes like this, getting-up-to-no-good in side rooms with sexy ginger nurses and generally making a meal of their on-off love life. Why has holby got so political in recent days?

    More naughtiness in side-rooms needed I say.

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