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Coronation Street: How Corrie gets away with murder

The corpses are just piling up for John Stape, the latest one being the dear old mother of previous victim Colin Fishwick. Mrs Fishwick expired, presumably from a heart attack, following Stape’s revelations of his former crimes. These included disposing of the corpse of Colin in the foundations of the knicker factory.

To be fair to John, Colin also died of natural causes. The only fully healthy person that John has had a hand in doing in was Charlotte, his partner in the disposal of Colin Fishwick’s remains and clearly several pages short of a textbook as she thought John was the sexiest thing since Warren Beatty in Bonnie & Clyde. When Charlotte started to rather relish her Faye Dunaway role, she had to be disposed of, and there was a hammer handy.

So, three deaths and one affair with a schoolgirl (Rosie Webster) and kidnap (of Rosie Webster again) to his name. This should be the most hated man in Britain, surely?

Well, no. Because he’s not evil, you see. He’s extremely irritating, you want to slap him hard quite regularly, but he’s not evil. Most of the situations he finds himself in are because he’s trying to do the right thing, however totally misguided that might be. And it’s often very funny as well. Even as poor Mrs Fishwick was learning the truth about her darling son Colin last night (and he was a slimy piece of goods as well), John’s insistence on confessing all his crimes sounded so over-the-top that it was quite comical.

Then there’s Mrs Stape, the glorious Fiz, a woman so kind-hearted, loving and sincere that you really don’t want anything to upset her. Even though we know she’d be much better off without the hapless, lying waste of space.

And there’s their baby, Hope, born very prematurely during the pre-Chrismas tram crash and still in a neonatal unit. No sooner had John left the scene of his latest crime (without clearing away the two soup bowls that I fear may be his undoing) than he was at the hospital, where Fiz was allowed to hold her baby for the first time in a touching and tender scene.

You couldn’t make this up, could you? But the Corrie writers could. Ok, it’s ludicrous, far-fetched, possibly more than a bit tasteless, but it’s done with that lightness of touch and regard for character consistency that lets Corrie, quite literally, get away with murder.

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